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Celeste's Helpless Orgasms - Celeste Star  1
Celeste's Helpless Orgasms - Celeste Star  2

Gorgeous Celeste Star is being held captive in her own home, stripped down to her lacy panties, thigh-high stockings and high heeled shoes. The stunning brunette is chairtied with her hands bound overhead and her legs held wide apart both by the arms of the chair and a spreader-bar. Our damsel is gagged with microfoam tape, wrapped all the way around her head under her long, silky hair. The villain has also roped a powerful vibrator to his helpless captive, and soon the insidious device is switched on for his depraved amusement. Our brave damsel tries her best to resist, but she's powerless to escape or fight the incessant hum of the vibrator, and before long she surrenders to two earth-shaking bondage orgasms.

Helpless Secretary - Part Two -

2017-11-07Jenna Sativa7:46 minutesBondage
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  Helpless Secretary - Part Two -  1
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The captivity of sexy secretary Jenna Sativa continues with this exciting climax. The gorgeous brunette is ballgagged and bound to the bed with a powerful vibrator roped to her thigh. Our damsel moans and begs to be set free, but her depraved captors switch on the insidious device instead. Poor Jenna struggles in a vain attempt to resist the relentless hum of vibrator, and before long she succumbs to a series of helpless orgasms.

Blair's Helpless Orgasms - Blair Williams 0
Blair's Helpless Orgasms - Blair Williams 1
Blair's Helpless Orgasms - Blair Williams 2

Busty blonde Blair Williams has been taken captive by depraved villains. The heartless fiends have tightly tied her hands in front of her with hemp rope (but for a reason!) and frogtied her stocking-clad legs. Our sweet damsel has been silenced with a layered gag: a bandana gag secured with 3" microfoam tape pressed on her lips. Before long, Blair's captor's pull open up her white blouse to expose her full, luscious breasts. Then our damsel has a powerful vibrator bound in her hands. Though she resists, Blair knows she must use the evil toy for her captors' perverted pleasure. She ultimately succumbs to the relentless hum of the device and surrenders to her first bondage orgasm. But will they allow her to stop after just one?

Kelly Kept Captive - Part One - Kelly Kane

2017-11-02Kelly Kane7:02 minutesBondage
Kelly Kept Captive - Part One - Kelly Kane 0
Kelly Kept Captive - Part One - Kelly Kane 1
Kelly Kept Captive - Part One - Kelly Kane 2

Blonde babe Kelly Kane is tied up three times in her debut for American Damsels. In this first scene, Ms. Kane portrays a sexy secretary who's been taken hostage in a home invasion robbery. The all-natural cutie is bound hand and foot, and she tries her best to negotiate with the bad guys. But her pleas fall on unsympathetic ears, and soon Kelly is moaning through a stuffed bandana-gag. As her ordeal continues, more ropes are added to her bondage, Kelly is securely tied to a chair and her pert breasts are exposed.

Benchbound Piano Teacher - Anna Nolan

2017-10-31Anna Nolan6:14 minutesBondage
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Benchbound Piano Teacher - Anna Nolan 1
Benchbound Piano Teacher - Anna Nolan 2

Sexy piano teacher Anna Nolan (Anna Lee) is being held as a helpless captive by a sinister new student. The cruel villain decides to make certain his pretty package doesn't move too much. Anna is frogtied face down onto the piano bench and gagged with microfoam tape. The villain takes pleasure in watching the trussed-up damsel struggle in vain against the ropes, then he hikes up her miniskirt so he can get an unobstructed view of her pantyhose. Will poor Anna's lesson ever end?

Damsel Domina - Andrea Rosu

2017-10-26Andrea Rosu7:56 minutesBondage
Damsel Domina - Andrea Rosu 0
Damsel Domina - Andrea Rosu 1
Damsel Domina - Andrea Rosu 2

Gorgeous redheaded dominatrix Andrea Rosu is taken captive when her client unexpectedly turns the tables on her. The busty beauty is ballgagged and roped up into a classic position, and she struggles to free herself and get control of the situation again, but she can't get loose. Then Mistress Rosu is bound kneeling with her hands tied overhead. The curvy domina manages to slip out of her high heeled shoes, but not the ropes, and she helplessly drools past her bright red ballgag. Andrea's client then decides to take her captivity up a notch, and she's hogtied, blindfolded and silenced with a harness ballgag.

Captive Cavegirl - Andrea Rosu

2017-10-11Andrea Rosu9:05 minutesBondage
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Captive Cavegirl - Andrea Rosu 1
Captive Cavegirl - Andrea Rosu 2

A mad scientist has nabbed sexy cavegirl Andrea Rosu and taken her to his secret lair. The curvy redhead is cleavegagged and tied in a classic standing position, and soon her scanty clothing is pulled away by the lunatic's latest experiment: a genetically modified ape! Next our buxom damsel is bound in a strappado position that includes a hair-tie. Poor Andrea struggles and squirms as much as the ropes allow, but she remains a helpless prisoner of the evil scientist.

The Damsel Of The Year - Part Two - Ashley Lane 0
The Damsel Of The Year - Part Two - Ashley Lane 1
The Damsel Of The Year - Part Two - Ashley Lane 2

Adorable Ashley Lane was the top-selling model at American Damsels for 2016, and so she's righteously earned the title "Damsel Of The Year." To celebrate her achievement, we asked Ms. Lane to come to the studio for an interview and some bondage (of course). In the second part of Ashley's interview, the gorgeous blonde gets tied up with more and more rope by her interviewer Jon Woods. Once she's completely bound, the interview is over and Ashley is cleavegagged with a bandana. Dressed up in a silky blouse, short skirt, stockings and heels, Ashley struggles in a classic tie. Then her blouse is opened and her perfect breasts are revealed as she continues her escape attempts. Then our "Damsel Of The Year" is hogtied (her all-time favorite position!) and she revels in her delicious, trussed-up struggles.

Good Night, And Good Knot - Alternate Camera Edit - Part Five - Tilly McReese 0
Good Night, And Good Knot - Alternate Camera Edit - Part Five - Tilly McReese 1
Good Night, And Good Knot - Alternate Camera Edit - Part Five - Tilly McReese 2

Encore! This is the 2nd camera version of the sensational deleted scene from "The Trail Of Dr. Garth." Cut for running-time considerations from the original feature, this scene is a continuation of when the supervillain Black Hoodie took gorgeous government agent Tilly McReese captive in the missing doctor's secret study. As her ordeal continues, the stunning brunette is tightly roped to a chair with a vibrator fixed between her thighs and her considerable breasts bared. The Black Hoodie ballgags his luscious hostage and switches on the device. It's not long before Tilly has no choice but surrender to a helpless orgasm.