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The thrilling adventures of our silver-suited space-babe continue! After narrowly escaping being eaten by a space worm, Bunnyrella (Bunny Colby) continues her mission to track down the elusive (and dangerous) Burma Burma, unaware she's being stalked by a ruthless bounty hunter! The busty beauty is confronted by the terrifying lizard man, and he uses a strange beam to paralyze his prey. Poor Bunnyrella is frozen, completely powerless to fight back or escape!

Then Bunnyrella is securely bound to a chair, and the bounty hunter informs her he's been hired by the gangster Durext Durext. He wants revenge for what Bunnyrella did to his organization, and it looks like he's going to get it! The monster silences his stunning captive with a metal ballgag, and she helplessly moans and squirms against the ropes as he prepares for their departure. Before long the evil lizard man returns to taunt his luscious prize, and he opens opens up Bunnyrella's space suit to expose her voluptuous breasts. Then as the final step, her captor completes her defeat by adding a blindfold. Now she's completely in his power -- will she ever be able to prevail?

Women In Black - The Complete Story 0
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Women In Black - The Complete Story 2

Now bargain priced! A group of mysterious female agents strive to protect the Earth from evil extraterrestrials in this story-driven tale. As it begins, Agent Candle Boxxx is lured into a trap and her mind is taken over. She's compelled to strip off all her clothes (shown onscreen) so a shape-shifting alien can use them to impersonate her. She's been taken captive by a shapeshifting alien who intends to take her place, and needs her uniform. The gorgeous redhead is naked, bound in a standing spreadeagle, gagged and she struggles furiously but she's helpless to stop the Chameleoid from her mission.

As the story continues, Agent Niki Lee Young is awakened by a visit from Sal Amanda, a sinister lizard woman. The wicked alien uses an strange device to temporarily paralyze the gorgeous blonde for nefarious reasons. While the lingerie-clad agent is immobilized and unable to resist, the scaly alien uses extraterrestrial technology on the helpless beauty for her own mysterious purposes. The lizard woman then uses another device to insure Niki doesn't remember this encounter -- but Niki's troubles for the evening aren't over yet!
After recovering from her attack by a lizard woman, Agent Niki Lee young is besieged by a horde of Tricotians. The cheery, brightly-colored aliens overpower the struggling agent, and soon she's bound, toe-tied and cleavegagged on the bed. The lingerie-clad beauty tries her best to get free, but all she can do is attempt to squirm over to her communicator to call for help.

Then an unsuspecting Agent Randy Moore meets with a shape-shifting alien spy, thinking it's actually Agent Candle Boxxx. Agent Moore is promptly overpowered and chair-tied, and the Chameleoid uses an unusual ballgag and a vibrator-induced orgasm to extract information from her sexy prisoner.

As the story continues, the real Agent Candle Boxxx is set free by the alien puppet. But before the Candle impersonator can escape with the ill-gotten intelligence she's taken from the still chair-tied Agent Randy Moore, the shape-shifter is attacked by some tiny, evil aliens. The malevolent aliens leave her and Agent Moore tied up, gagged and in a desperate situation.

Woman In Black Niki Lee Young is lured into a trap where she's grabbed by invisible aliens. Despite her struggles, they use tape to frogtie and gag the sexy agent. Then the Shadowans apply a vibrator to bring the gorgeous blonde to orgasm so they can control her mind. With her mind under the influence of the aliens, Agent Niki Lee Young summons Agent Alexis Taylor, whom she promptly overpowers. The buxom agent is held bound by rope-like aliens while Agent Young probes her mind for hidden information. When the possessed agent fails in her mission, she leaves her busty colleague to be used by the ropey aliens for their own dark purposes. How will Alexis be able to escape this dire fate?

 The Further Adventures of Ms. Mauser - The Complete Story - Candle Boxxx 0
 The Further Adventures of Ms. Mauser - The Complete Story - Candle Boxxx 1
 The Further Adventures of Ms. Mauser - The Complete Story - Candle Boxxx 2

Part One: The Collectible - As this story by Nimzo begins, a nerdy fanboy has won a dinner with his favorite superlady, Ms. Mauser (Candle Boxxx). But he takes advantage when she has a little too much of his special juice (or is it all part of his nefarious plot?), and we see him tie up the helpless superlady.
Ms. Mauser is now the helpless captive of the nerd. He ballgags his gorgeous prisoner and soon hogties her (all tying and gagging is shown onscreen). Ms. Mauser struggles to escape her vile captor, causing him to further overpower his stunning guest.

Next the crazed nerd's removed Ms. Mauser's costume to sell online, and so to improve his status in the online nerd community he's decided to take some photos of the bound and gagged super-babe. The helpless champion of justice struggles and squirms, but her ordeal isn't nearly over yet!

He's decided to take a supervillain up on his offer to trade a priceless comic for the gorgeous superlady. The feisty damsel struggles to free herself, so the evil nerd starts using an diabolical plastic wrap on his ballgagged prisoner. Will Ms. Mauser ever be able to free herself from this horrible situation?

Then the next chapter of Ms. Mauser's story begins, and she faces off against her archenemy The Reaper. Unfortunately, the villain gets the upper hand, and the gorgeous champion of justice is frozen stiff, completely unable to move a muscle! Then the supervillain employs a diabolical device that takes over Ms. Mauser's mind! He compels the reluctant crimebuster to remove all her clothes, and humiliates her further by making her stand naked for hours! What will The Reaper do with his helpless captive next?

Then to humiliate the helpless superlady, the master villain binds his naked prisoner to the bed and gags her using barbed wire, then announces that her defeat is being streamed online! The fiend switches on a powerful vibrator fixed between her shapely legs. The defenseless adventuress struggles to free herself, but she ultimately surrenders to the insidious toy and has a squirting orgasm -- but her ultimate humiliation is yet to come!

As the story concludes, captive superlady Ms. Mauser is led out on a leash by her archenemy The Reaper. With a live online audience, the gorgeous crimebuster faces her final humiliation. She's cleavegagged and tied to a post, then she's hosed down with water so her white T-shirt clings to her curves. Next the wet T-shirt is cut away, exposing her body. And finally the vile villain hits the helpless beauty in the face with a pie!

The Lois Legacy - Part Five - Lola Pearl

2017-10-24 Jon Woods and Lola Pearl 9:23 minutes Bondage
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As "Women In Black - The Half-Bondarian" story continues, the Women In Black's newest agent, Lola Pearl (in de rigueur pantyhose, white shirt, black tie, skirt, jacket and heels) is sent to get help from the mysterious Dr. Wolf. The unsuspecting agent is quite surprised to discover that the doctor is a werewolf, and he doesn't like visitors! The furry villain uses a devious paralyzing spray to subdue the statuesque beauty, and she's soon bound to a post. Dr. Wolf scans her DNA, and they're both shocked to learn that Lola is half-human and half-Bondarian -- the first one ever known! He ballgags the leggy brunette, exposes her perfect breasts and hikes up her miniskirt and then plans to sell her and make a tidy profit from his unexpected discovery. Poor Lola desperately tries to free herself from this perilous situation. Will she be able to access her newly-revealed Bondarian side in time to save her own life?

The Lois Legacy - Part Four - Loren Chance 0
The Lois Legacy - Part Four - Loren Chance 1
The Lois Legacy - Part Four - Loren Chance 2

As "Women In Black - The Half-Bondarian" begins, Princess Septavia of Oceana (Loren Chance) has been recruited by the elite organization to investigate an interplanetary smuggling operation being run out of an innocent-looking thrift store. The store owner immediately ascertains why she's there and reveals himself to be a reptilian extraterrestrial! He quickly paralyzes the aqua-haired lovely with a strange device and discovers her true identity. Septavia (in minidress, black tights and high heels) is then cleavegagged and hogtied, and she moans and squirms against her restraints. The reptilian villain soon enters to inform his royal captive of his dire plans for the tied-up princess.

The Trail Of Dr. Garth - Part One - Indica James 0
The Trail Of Dr. Garth - Part One - Indica James 1
The Trail Of Dr. Garth - Part One - Indica James 2

Dr. Wayne Garth, the enigmatic inventor and founder of Cerberus Research Industries, has gone missing. One of those looking for him is the supervillain "The Black Hoodie." As the tale opens, one of Dr. Garth's androids (Indica James) is seeking the inventor when she encounters the dark villain. The masked criminal overpowers the plastic-clad beauty and she's paralyzed, unable to resist him as he ballgags her with a device that prevents her from sending out a distress signal. She remains motionless, unable to do anything but whimper in her frozen state as the shadowy intruder fetches super-strong restraints to keep the luscious robot captive. The AI minion is then secured to a chair with the black straps, cleavegagged and powerless to stop her captor as he attaches a sinister humming device between her thighs that will download all her data. The android struggles to free herself and stop the unauthorized intrusion, but she finds this new sensation unusually titillating and she succumbs to a helpless technical orgasm.

The Woman From SECReT - Part Six - Sara St. Clair  0
The Woman From SECReT - Part Six - Sara St. Clair  1
The Woman From SECReT - Part Six - Sara St. Clair  2

After her previous defeat, Sara St. Clair has assumed her alter ego as Dynamic Damsel for a rematch with the clones. One of them exposes the super-lady to Upsilon radiation, thinking it would rob her of her unparalleled strength. But his error is costly and she quickly takes care of him. A second clone gets the upper hand with a paralyzing spray, and Dynamic Damsel falls into his clutches and she's unmasked. He uses a sinister device to alter her molecular structure and destroy her superhuman strength. The vanquished damsel is ballgagged and tied up with a powerful vibrator roped in place. Once it's turned on, the defeated champion of justice surrenders to the irresistible device and submits to a helpless orgasm.