The Detective's Casefiles - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Five - Sabina Rouge 1
The Detective's Casefiles - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Five - Sabina Rouge 2

Encore! Now you can thrill to this bondage fantasy from a different perspective with the 2nd camera version! "Rescue Gone Wrong" continues and Sabina Rouge's failed mission continues to get worse. The disgraced private investigator is taken to a house in the suburbs where she has no choice but to serve her new master while wearing a sexy pink maid outfit and heels. She's doing some dusting as the scene begins, but her complaining earns her some time in the ropes. A further display of a bratty attitude incurs a tight detective gag, and Sabina seductively struggles and moans in her bondage. Yet despite her charming display, her keeper decides to increase her helplessness and she's hogtied on the floor. She squirms and moans, but the delicious captive is getting no sympathy or relief from her cruel master.

The Detective's Casefiles - Part Five - Sabina Rouge 0
The Detective's Casefiles - Part Five - Sabina Rouge 1
The Detective's Casefiles - Part Five - Sabina Rouge 2

"Rescue Gone Wrong" continues and Sabina Rouge's failed mission continues to get worse. The disgraced private investigator is taken to a house in the suburbs where she has no choice but to serve her new master while wearing a sexy pink maid outfit and heels. She's doing some dusting as the scene begins, but her complaining earns her some time in the ropes. A further display of a bratty attitude incurs a tight detective gag, and Sabina seductively struggles and moans in her bondage. Yet despite her charming display, her keeper decides to increase her helplessness and she's hogtied on the floor. She squirms and moans, but the delicious captive is getting no sympathy or relief from her cruel master.

Bikini Bondage Party! - The Complete Video 0
Bikini Bondage Party! - The Complete Video 1
Bikini Bondage Party! - The Complete Video 2

Now you can enjoy this bondage fantasy at a bargain price! Blonde beauties Ashley Lane and Gia Love are hopefuls in a beauty contest, but the bikini-clad babes suspect something's wrong when they notice their dressing room is far away from everything, including any other contestants. Just as they realize this, they're confronted by a masked intruder. He compels the stunning ladies to cleavegag and handcuff themselves (shown on-screen), and he leads them both away. When we next see the scantily-clad duo they're still cuffed and gagged in the back of an SUV, nervously wondering what will happen to them next. The villain then connects his leggy, high-heeled captives together with collars and leashes, and he takes them for a walk down the drive toward a decidedly uncertain fate.

The long-legged beauty contestants are next seen seated back-to-back, bound and ballgagged. Their ominous host informs Ashley and Gia that they're going to be auctioned to the highest online bidder, and that this is the swimsuit part of their show. Before long, the villain notes that the potential buyers would like to see a bit more of the bikini'd babes, and he pulls aside their swimsuit tops to expose their luscious breasts. The helpless beauties moan and squirm, but they can't escape!
For the talent portion of the show, both Ashley and Gia have been divested of their bikini tops, and they're buckled into leather single-sleeves, barefoot, kneeling and instructed to display their oral skills with dildo sucking. Realizing they have no choice and their future depends on their performance, the bound blondes both do their best to show off their prowess. Ashley performs with a more submissive acquiesence to her plight, while Gia displays more copious saliva and a tendency to gag on the phallus. When the competition concludes, their black-clad host returns to divulge the fate of the captive contestants. What's next for Gia and Ashley?

The story is followed with "Office Hostages." In this continuation of the "Escape Class" tale, the lovely employees of Sly Private Investigations have been systematically overpowered by a masked burglar in search of some mysterious information. As the scene opens, sexy secretary Lauren Phillips has been taken captive by the dark intruder. The busty redhead is cleavegagged and chair-tied at her desk. She struggles against her bonds, but all her escape efforts are in vain. Before long, the villain returns and exposes Lauren's considerable breasts and layers a detective gag over her bandana gag. Ms. Phillips tries her best to escape this knotty situation, but the auburn-haired beauty only manages to knock her chair over, making for a more embarrassing dilemma (including a panty-peek) when she's discovered later.

Meanwhile in the office waiting room, Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) is anticipating a meeting with one of the investigators. When she's confronted by the masked miscreant, she recognizes him and tells him he's way out of his depth with this caper. The villain scoffs at her assessment, and promptly binds and ballgags the busty champion of justice (all shown on-screen). He takes advantage of Action Lady's defenseless position and unbuttons her blouse to bare her huge breasts. The burglar then leaves the gorgeous blonde alone to struggle, but all her efforts to free herself are in vain!

The burglar then returns to his professional rival, Skylar Snow, whom he'd left tied and tapegagged back in the storage room. He informs the buxom agent that he'd found his mysterious objective, and he has time for a little gratuitous pay-back for the helpless mole. When we next see Skylar she's thoroughly tied down to a bare mattress, silenced with a microfoam tapegag and her skirt and panties have been removed and are placed nearby. Not only that, there's a powerful vibrator snugged up against her most private area. The villain tells Ms. Snow she should be discovered before too long, and he'll leave it to her to explain why she received special treatment. He then activates the vibrator and makes his escape. Skylar tries her best to resist the one-note siren song of the device, but she soon surrenders to a helpless orgasm.

Detective In A Haunted House - The Complete Video 0
Detective In A Haunted House - The Complete Video 1
Detective In A Haunted House - The Complete Video 2

This thrilling bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! As the next entry in the "Haunted House" series begins, busty starlet Victoria June arrives at a location, thinking it's where she'll be playing the part of "Bimbo #2" for a low-budget horror movie. She's immediately confronted by a mad scientist who informs her that they're actually shooting the movie at the haunted house next door. But the sinister resident isn't going to let his unexpected visitor get away. The dark-haired beauty is bound in a kneeling position, and when they hear a knock at the door, Victoria's tormentor quickly tapegags his luscious hostage. When he returns, he tells the bound actress that to fund his evil experiments, he nabs unsuspecting lovelies like Ms. June for a very lucrative live cam-show. The depraved scientist then pulls open her top to expose Victoria's voluminous breasts, and he activates the powerful vibrator positioned between her thighs. The helpless starlet continues to cry out for help through the stuffed tapegag, but she can't resist the relentless hum of the vibrator, and she ultimately succumbs to a series of shuddering orgasms.

Private detective Chi Chi Medina is assigned to investigate all the mysterious disappearances linked to the haunted house. As she's looking for clues in the study, she opens a closet door and is shocked to find herself face-to-face with a werewolf! The gorgeous gumshoe (in a minidress and heels) immediately faints, and the furry creature takes advantage of Chi Chi's powerless condition to examine the supine intruder. The sexy shamus is next seen securely tied to a chair and cleavegagged. Her hairy tormentor comes in to check on the trussed-up detective, and he pulls open her dress for a better look at her considerable breasts. Left alone, Chi Chi energetically struggles against her bindings, but to no avail! Then she remembers she has a device on her that, with effort, aids in her liberation from the werewolf's clutches, and she frees herself.

But instead of fleeing the haunted house, the brave detective continues her search for the missing women. She finds the dungeon where Victoria June was held earlier, but the room is now deserted. Chi Chi is investigating for clues when she's suddenly grabbed by a lab-coat clad gorilla! Detective Medina is next seen barefoot and stripped down to some ragged clothes, tied standing with her hands overhead. The feisty damsel demands that the damned dirty ape release her, but instead he cleavegags the stunning brunette. Poor Chi Chi is left to ponder her fate, and she struggles to get free -- but without success this time! The nasty gorilla soon returns and rips open her top. Chi Chi continues her valiant efforts to get lose, but she realizes she's completely at their mercy now!

Chi Chi is then returned to the study. She's now wearing a silky slip, and she's barefoot, hogtied and tapegagged. She has no idea what these fiends have in store for her, but she knows she must escape! As she rolls on the floor, the delicate slip falls away and her huge chest is revealed again. Her nimble fingers search for the knots, and she manages to release the hogtie connector rope. The plucky detective gets up and hops to the door, but when she opens it she's startled by the sight of a giant worm! She falls back in horror, and the bizarre creature attacks the bound beauty. Despite her desperate attempts to evade the monster, the voracious worm begins to eat the helpless detective. Will Chi Chi be able to escape this dreadful fate, or is she truly doomed?

The story is followed by the first episode of "The Lost Bondage Scenes." The scene opens on the set of a 1960s-era TV sitcom. Ryan Ryans (dressed in a blouse, pleated skirt, pantyhose and high heels), the gorgeous star of the series, is detective-gagged and tied to a post. The director is giving her some last-minute instruction before they start filming when he's interrupted by a network executive. It seems that upper management feels this scene is too sexy for TV, and it must be cut! The director argues, but he knows it's a losing battle. Distraught, he calls for an early lunch while he works to settle the dispute. Everyone leaves the set -- except for the still bound and gagged star! The beautiful blonde calls for help through her gag, but no one hears her. She wiggles against her bonds, but the knots all hold tight! Eventually a woman from the crew finds the bound beauty, but instead of freeing Ms. Ryans, she exposes her breasts and fondles her to settle a wager. Now helpless and humiliated, poor Ryan wonders who will find her next.

Burglar's Betrayal - The Complete Video 0
Burglar's Betrayal - The Complete Video 1
Burglar's Betrayal - The Complete Video 2

Treacherous beauty Alexis Taylor has a devious plan to rob a mansion, but her scheme doesn't quite go as expected. The busty babe is dressed only in a skimpy bikini when she gains illegal access to the house, and she lets her ski-masked confederate in to crack open the safe. Once the black-clad crook sees how much money is in there, his greed compels him to immediately dissolve their partnership. He grabs Alexis hand-over-mouth and proceeds to bind her in a classic tie (all tying is shown on-screen). The villain silences his former co-conspirator with a detective gag (also shown on-screen), and he takes advantage of her helplessness to indulge in some fondling of her enormous breasts and luscious backside, much to his buxom captive's indignation. The double-crossing crook then goes to collect more loot, and Alexis struggles in vain to extricate herself from this mortifying fiasco.

Before long the masked burglar returns to check on the hoodwinked hottie, and he removes her bikini top. He ties a secure crotch-rope on Alexis, then uses some string for a humiliating toe-tie on the vanquished villainess. The randy rogue can't resist indulging in some more fondling before leaving her to helplessly struggle while he continues to ransack the estate.

When the villain returns a final time to check on Alexis, he bends her over the sofa to engage in some playful if humbling spanking on the trussed up vixen, much to her chagrin! The creep then takes a bandana and ties a "bandit gag" over Alexis' detective gag, and he leaves her to be found by the owner of the mansion while he makes a clean getaway. The luckless lady fights against her restraints but it's obvious she can't get away.

Later Alexis is, indeed, discovered when the burglar's victim returns home. He allows her to get dressed (in a minidress and high heels), but instead of turning the wayward wench over to the authorities he ties Alexis up again on a stool in a cleaned-out room. She spins an unconvincing tale about how she's really the victim, and her new captor ends her lame excuses with a microfoam tape gag. Alexis struggles and moans, and tries to use her feminine wiles to make him reconsider his actions. But instead of letting her loose, the wronged homeowner exposes her luscious breasts. Poor Alexis is finding out the hard way that there's no honor among thieves and for her, crime really doesn't pay!

The story is followed by the steampunk-inspired scene, "Detective Cinn's Dilemma." Victorian-era Private Investigator Christiana Cinn is following a lead that takes her to the secret hideout of the notorious thug known only as "Bike." The gorgeous gumshoe thinks he's away so she's taken completely by surprise when the ruffian suddenly grabs her hand-over-mouth. The villain wrestles her down and demands to know why she's trespassing on his property. Bike immediately recognizes the detective and decides to take her captive. Christiana (in corset, skirt, tights and ankle-boots) is tied down to the bed and her perfect breasts are bared. Detective Cinn is muffled with a stuffed cleavegag and Bike has secured a powerful vibrator between her thighs. He activates the device and leaves the beautiful sleuth with a stern warning before fleeing. Christiana tries her best to resist the ineluctable siren-song of the vibrator, but escape is impossible and soon she succumbs to back-arching, eye-rolling orgasms.

Tying Up Loose Ends - The Complete Video 0
Tying Up Loose Ends - The Complete Video 1
Tying Up Loose Ends - The Complete Video 2

Now this amazing compilation of bondage fantasies is bargain priced! This collection begins with an introduction by handcuffed hostess Alexis Taylor, who presents an episode of the WWII-era serial "The Lady Agents," federal operator Samantha Grace has been overpowered and taken prisoner by Wicked Carlotta (Alexis Taylor). Samantha is cleavegagged and tied in a classic position on the floor. Left alone, Samantha energetically struggles to free herself. Her skirt rides up to expose her stocking-tops.

In this episode of the WWII-era serial "The Lady Agents," Tabitha is taken captive by Wicked Carlotta (Alexis Taylor). When she refuses to talk, the cute blonde is suspended by her wrists and briefly whipped by the villainess. Agent Samantha Grace comes to Tabitha's rescue, but she's captured as well. The damsels are stripped down, cleavegagged, tied back-to-back and left in a classic cliffhanger dilemma.

In this unusual offshoot episode of "The Lady Agents," Christina Carter portrays "Inga, She-Bitch of the Rich." Agent Goldie Blair is captured by the notorious villainess, chained up, cleavegagged and subjected to a bizarre interrogation.

As "Inga, She-Bitch of the Rich" continues, captive lady agent Goldie Blair is locked into stocks and threatened by Heinz, the gorilla man. Then Inga (Christina Carter) takes advantage of her busty captive, but the naughty villainess' superiors take a dim view of Inga's depraved actions, and both ladies are bound, gagged and left to an uncertain fate!

In the closing chapter of the WWII-era serial "The Lady Agents," the mysterious alien Nicole Oring has teleported herself and agent Samantha Grace to safety -- but then Nicole has mysterious men bind and gag them both (shown onscreen) for her own inscrutable reasons. And just to make the game interesting, the captives are both facing serious peril if they're not rescued in time!

Handcuffed hostess Alexis Taylor continues her MC duties as she introduces the next segment. In "The Untold Story" Melissa Jacobs indulges in some gagtalk as she tries to explain what's happening between segments of an unusual scene of the gorgeous blonde bound with rope, handcuffs and chains.

Roleplaying Ladycop Veronica Avluv is handcuffed and fondled by her husband Hans Avluv. The busty brunette is cleavegagged with a bandana and completely vulnerable to his advances with her hands cuffed and secured overhead.

In "How to Tie Up Loose Ends," Loren Chance helps Jon Woods with his unusual instructional endeavor. The aqua-haired lovely is securely bound in a classic position, including a toe-tie, and the bondage-loving babe struggles and moans.

In "Fanboy Favorite," Anna Nolan is the actress who played the elf-eared alien "T'Pooki" in a sci-fi TV series, and now she's the chair-tied captive of a crazed fan. When she tries to reason with her captor she gets a knotted cleavegag. But is she still just acting?

Having finished her duties as a handcuffed hostess, busty superstar Alexis Taylor is cleavegagged and roped into a progressive fold-tie on the sofa. Soon the gorgeous brunette's enormous breasts are bared, and she helplessly struggles and moans.

The Plot Thickens - The Complete Video 0
The Plot Thickens - The Complete Video 1
The Plot Thickens - The Complete Video 2

Now this steampunk-themed bondage fantasy is bargain priced! As our tale opens, Airship Pirate Captain Charity O'Malley (Lauren Kiley in corset, frilly panties, lacy fingerless gloves, stockings, and boots) has been taken captive by the scoundrel Bike. She's suspended and cleavegagged with a powerful vibrator tightly strapped between her legs. Her dastardly captor knows he must break her will so she'll surrender a rare and valuable element to him. The curly-haired damsel twists and jerks against the ropes when the vibrator is activated, but ultimately surrenders to a helpless, flying orgasm. Will the villain succeed with his fiendish scheme?


At a seedy tavern, the villain Bike is approached by a gorgeous lady (Kalina Ryu) who claims to be Empress Octavia. The mysterious lady takes him back to the Empress' mansion, where she instructs the wary villain to bind and gag her. Once she's helpless, the lady (in a satiny outfit, boots, lacy blouse and gloves) begins an other-worldly meditation, but it's soon interrupted by Bike. He uses unusual methods to interrogate the trussed-up beauty, and she reveals she's actually an extraterrestrial! When his questioning is completed, the skeptical villain regags his stunning captive and leaves her alone to futilely strain against her bindings while he ransacks her alien belongings.

Professor Blackstone Emerson Claw III is still holding temporal agent Rachel Adams captive at his mansion. Taken from her cell, the plucky damsel (dressed in a white blouse, a long skirt, corset, stockings and boots) is chairtied in his study. The criminal mastermind states his admiration for Agent Adams' fortitude after resisting his attempts to pry information from her for so long. But when Rachel again refuses to divulge her secrets, Professor Claw gags her and leaves. The luckless time-traveller struggles valiantly to free herself, but her efforts are all in vain. Then Bike appears, disguised as one of the Professor's monk servants. He stuffs the bound and gagged captive into a trunk and spirits her away.

Professor Claw mistakenly believes Agent Adams has freed herself and escaped, and decides he must hone his tying skills. He hires a woman of questionable virtue for practice; but "La Paloma" is waylaid by government operative Britney Amber, who takes her place for the job. Britney is taken aback when the Professor tells her he intends to bind and gag her, but she must play along. The busty beauty (stripped down to her corset, gloves, panties, stockings and boots) is cleavegagged and thoroughly bound (all shown completely on screen), but the sexy spy just can't wiggle out her bondage.

Agent Rachel Adams is spirited to one of Bike's secret hideaways, where our damsel is bound spreadeagle on the bed in a long corset with a skirt, stockings, boots and long gloves. Bike demands that the time-traveller tell him all she knows about extraterrestrials, but Rachel denies him any information. Bike gags Rachel and leaves her to struggle alone.

At Professor Claw's mansion, Britney is caught snooping around. She explains her actions as innocent curiosity, but as her host ties her up a second time, he questions whether or not Britney is actually "La Paloma." The Professor doesn't believe her explanation, and the busty spy (in a soft corset, panties gloves, stockings and boots) is securely hogtied and ballgagged (all shown completely on screen), desperately trying to escape her failed mission.

Rachel Adams remains Bike's captive. The temporal agent (still in a long corset with skirt, stockings and boots) is ballgagged and laced into a snug leather single-sleeve. Bike tells her he has other business to attend, and he leaves the helpless damsel alone. Rachel uses this opportunity and tries her best to free herself from the inescapable bondage, but it's clear she'll remain Bike's prisoner as long as her despicable host wants.

At Professor Claw's mansion, Britney Amber (in a soft corset, panties and frill-topped stockings) is interrogated by the dark master criminal. She tries to explain herself, but she's cleavegagged and the vibrator secured between her thighs is activated, compelling the secured spy to experience an inescapable orgasm.

The Chambermaid's Secret - The Complete Video 0
The Chambermaid's Secret - The Complete Video 1
The Chambermaid's Secret - The Complete Video 2

Now this thrilling bondage fantasy is bargain priced! As "The Chambermaid's Secret" begins, sexy domestic Maxine X sneaks into the bedroom with a bag full of secret goodies. The busty domestic reveals the contents as she carefully places them on the bed: handcuffs, leg-irons, gag material and a vibrator. She plugs in the Hitachi, silences herself with a stuffed cleavegag and then locks on the metal restraints. Maxine is just beginning the quality time with her buzzy friend when she hears a door slam -- She's not as alone as she thought! A burglar enters to find the gagged and cuffed chambermaid, and he quickly assesses the situation and grabs her handcuff keys. He knows the brunette beauty is only having fun, but he needs to make sure she won't make trouble for him. The evil intruder ballgags Maxine and hogties her on the bed, leaving her to helplessly struggle while he ransacks the house. He returns to tell her about some of the interesting things he found to take, and then the burglar exits.

After escaping from being hogtied and gagged by a burglar who interrupted her self-bondage scene, gorgeous maid Maxine X makes a frantic phone call, but not to the police. We learn she's really working undercover to collect incriminating evidence on her boss, and now the burglar has stolen it all! But no sooner does she hang up when she's grabbed by a mysterious masked man. It seems her boss suspected the undercover agent all along, and now she knows too much to let her go. Our buxom damsel is stripped down to her bra, panties, thigh-high stockings, high heels and gloves. She's securely chair-tied and silenced with a stuffed tapegag (shown onscreen). The masked villain then leaves poor Maxine in a dire situation. She energetically struggles against the secure bonds -- How can she ever escape in time?

Although Maxine X was left bound and gagged in a hopeless and helpless situation, it turns out maid Maxine was actually just indulging in a fantasy. In reality, she's still cleavegagged and handcuffed on the bed, using her vibrator as she was at the beginning of the story. The busty beauty enjoys a powerful orgasm before she's found in post-orgasmic bliss by her partner. He's amused that Maxine has chosen to roleplay as a naughty maid for the night, but since she started without him he must teach her a lesson. The curvaceous chambermaid is then cuffed to the bed seated with her arms held wide apart, then kneeling and facing the headboard as she flirts and rattles her restraints, trying to convince her guy to come to bed and have some more fun.

As "The Hidden Bondage Scenes" begins, Rahyndee James takes the role of the busty escort "La Paloma" from "The Plot Thickens." Government agent Britney Amber has waylaid this high-class so she can take her place to meet Professor Blackstone Emerson Claw III. The all-natural babe is cleavegagged and chairtied in her corset, gloves, stockings and heels. Her arms are secured to the sides of her chair and her legs are roped apart so we're allowed a panty-peek. Then the captive beauty has a detective gag layered over her cleavegag as Rahyndee continues to squirm in vain against the ropes.

In the next part of "The Hidden Bondage Scenes," sexy spy Bianca Breeze has been taken captive while working undercover as a secretary in an office. The leggy beauty is bound to a bar stool and bandana-gagged (on-screen) by corporate spy Vibert in a deleted scene from "The Security Specialist." The resourceful agent struggles energetically and nearly wiggles out of her bondage. But the statuesque brunette is caught in the nick of time and her efforts only earn her more ropes from her cruel captor.

"The Hidden Bondage Scenes" continues with another deleted scene from "The Security Specialist." Undercover agent Bianca Breeze still held captive by the corporate spy, Vibert. The all natural babe is stripped down to her panties, tapegagged and frogtied for some advanced interrogation with a powerful vibrator. The dark villain switches on the device, and Ms. Breeze has a helpless orgasm. But will she give up her secrets to the corporate spy now?

In another of "The Hidden Bondage Scenes," Rahyndee James returns with another deleted scene from "The Security Specialist." As the B & G Company's security guard, Ms. James is grabbed hand-over-mouth by Vibert. The pantyhose-clad beauty is stripped down to her uniform blouse, stockings and heels, ballgagged and frogtied with a vibrator roped to her thigh. Her captor turns on the device, and before long the roped-up guard surrenders to a bondage orgasm.

In the final chapter of "The Hidden Bondage Scenes," Rahyndee James is still the captive of the corporate spy Vibert in a deleted scene from "The Security Specialist." The hapless security guard is stripped down to her pantyhose, heels and uniform blouse. Our curvaceous damsel is gagged with duct tape and hogtied, struggling and moaning but unable to stop the rope-crazed villain from carrying out his evil plan.

Hollywood Damsel - The Complete Video 0
Hollywood Damsel - The Complete Video 1
Hollywood Damsel - The Complete Video 2

Now this sensational video is bargain priced! As our story begins, actress Niki Lee Young (in tank top, miniskirt and knee socks) is nabbed on the studio lot and spirited to a disused wardrobe warehouse. She's tied up in a classic position (in an homage to a famous Detective magazine cover), "detective-gagged" and her captor accuses the sexy blonde of carefully choosing roles where she's the bound and gagged damsel in distress... and he's got the proof to back up his allegations.

Captive actress Niki Lee Young is shown highlights and outtakes from her career as a frequent "damsel of the week." In the prime-time soap opera "California Empire," the gorgeous blonde portrays "Candy Lynn." The trailer-trash seductress is tricked into getting bound and gagged in her lingerie by her boyfriend as part of his plot. When she tries to hop after him, she's left hogtied and furious on the bed.

Then in the "Sergeant Honcho" episode "Besieged, " policewoman Niki is taken hostage, handcuffed, cleavegagged and her ankles are tied. When she tries to escape, she's tied with more rope and her perfect, natural breasts are exposed.

As sexy actress Niki Lee Young's captivity continues, her crazed fan captor shows another example of the gorgeous blonde playing the damsel in distress. In the "Sergeant Honcho" episode "Escort," undercover policewoman Niki is caught and taken to a warehouse. She's tied up and gagged (all shown on-screen), and menaced by her captors. When the captive cop squirms too much, more rope is added and the top of her pink minidress is pulled down to reveal her amazing breasts. Then the villains leave our damsel to the questionable mercies of terrifying reptile.

The main story is followed by "The Wrong Damsel." Alexis Taylor plays ordinary secretary Emma Clapsaddle. The unfortunate office worker has been nabbed and tied by villains who think she's a secret government operative. She tries to tell them they're mistaken, but she's soon cleavegagged by her captors. As her captivity continues, she's tied with more rope and her huge breasts are bared. But when she's finally rescued, Emma's story takes an interesting turn.

As "The Wrong Damsel" tale continues, Emma Clapsaddle (Alexis Taylor) has agreed to be a double for certain government operatives. Unfortunately, a lack of time and budget puts her in the field before she's adequately trained. While dressed as the dark super-lady "Phantom Mystique," she's taken captive by a mad scientist. The villain unmasks the buxom secretary and learns her identity, or so he thinks. He ballgags her (shown on-screen) and our damsel's considerable breasts are exposed. Dr. Dubious then promises his busty captive a horrible ending. How can poor Emma ever escape?

In the conclusion of "The Wrong Damsel," Emma Clapsaddle (Alexis Taylor) is acting as a double for one of the "women in black." She's taken prisoner by Felties, puppet-looking aliens who are bent on revenge. The busty brunette is securely roped down to a table and scarf-gagged by the sinister extraterrestrials. While they plot her fate, one of the aliens pulls down her top to reveal her enormous breasts. Will these evil creatures have their revenge on poor Emma? (The story is followed by some outtakes from the entire "Hollywood Damsel" feature.)

Damsel Stories - The Complete Video 0
Damsel Stories - The Complete Video 1
Damsel Stories - The Complete Video 2

This bondage-packed collection of damsel in distress tales is now bargain priced! In the first 1940s era movie serial inspired scene, snoopy reporter Aidra Fox has been taken captive by the master criminal The Reaper. Our intrepid damsel is suspended by the masked menace, then she's detective-gagged and left in dire straits. Will she be rescued in time?

As the story continues, Agent Carissa Montgomery has gone undercover as "Roxy," a glamorous singer in the Reaper's nightclub. The busty blonde is discovered stealing her boss's secret decoder, and she's bound, gagged, exposed and used as bait in a dangerous trap set for the hero. How can she escape this terrible predicament?

Then Agent Anna Nolan (AKA Anna Lee) is working undercover at the Reaper's nightclub as "Bunny." Our brave damsel is caught trying to retrieve the master villain's stolen secret decoder, so she's cleavegagged, securely bound and left to helplessly struggle in a precarious predicament.

In the next 1940s movie serial inspired scene, undercover Nurse Celeste Star sneaks into the Reaper's laboratory to find out what his secret project is. She faints when she meets Heinz, his genetically modified gorilla. Then our plucky damsel is bound and gagged as a guinea pig for one of the Reaper's depraved experiments involving a powerful vibrator -- and bondage orgasms!

As the steampunk-inspired tale "Agent Montgomery's Secret Chronicles" begins, Carissa Montgomery is sent to investigate strange events at the old Coutts Theatre. She meets the mysterious Professor Blackstone Emerson Claw III, who takes her captive as soon as she realizes who he is. The gorgeous blonde is cleavegagged and tied into a seated strappado while the villain ransacks her belongings in search of secret documents that will aid his nefarious mission. What will he do with her next?

The story continues with Agent Carissa Montgomery as the helpless captive of the evil Professor Claw. He compels the busty blonde to wear an iconic slave princess costume and leaves her tapegagged, hogtied, chained down and helpless, with only a powerful vibrator to keep her company. Before long, the buxom barefoot beauty succumbs to its irresistible hum... but how can she ever escape it?

As the Western-inspired tale "Blackjack Claw Ties Again!" begins, government operative Aidra Fox is posing as a lady of easy virtue to entrap the notorious outlaw Blackjack Claw. But the villain discovers her deception, and Aidra is bandana-gagged and tied kneeling, hands-over-head and placed in great distress by the desperate criminal.

The story concludes with leggy beauty Celeste Star as the celebrated tracker and bounty hunter "Morning Star." But the dark outlaw gets the drop on her, and soon barefoot babe is cleavegagged, hogtied (including a toe-tie) and struggling in vain against the ropes when Blackjack leaves his gorgeous adversary to an uncertain fate.