Sailor Bunny-Bun In Bondage - Lauren Phillips 1
Sailor Bunny-Bun In Bondage - Lauren Phillips 2

Adorable superlady Sailor Bunny-Bun (Lauren Phillips) has finally tracked down her nemesis, Evil Fox. She cautiously enters his hide-out, but he's nowhere to be seen. She does, however, find an innocent-looking Easter egg. She comments that she likes eggs, but when she opens it up, Sailor Bunny-Bun realizes too late that it's a trap! In an instant, she's overcome, and the next thing she knows, the brave champion of good is bound hand and foot, and she's ballgagged. She struggles and squirms against her bonds, but she can't budge the knots an inch! Before long her mysterious host appears, and Evil Fox hogties his luscious captive and exposes her voluminous breasts. Then to complete her humiliating defeat, Sailor Bunny-Bun is tapegagged and bound to the bed in a crossed-ankle tie, with a powerful vibrator placed against her nethers. The device is brought to life, and even though she tries to resist it's seductive hum, she ultimately succumbs to a helpless orgasm. What else does Evil Fox have in store for his busty captive next?

The Damsel Network - The Complete Video 0
The Damsel Network - The Complete Video 1
The Damsel Network - The Complete Video 2

The complete video is now bargain priced! Sexy Mary Jane Green is your tied-up hostess as she introduces sneak previews of the fantasy "Damsel Network." She begins with three scenes from "Amazing Superlady Stories." Anna Nolan (AKA Anna Lee) portrays the pointy-eared champion of justice The Silver Nemesis. But the spandex-clad crimebuster is taken by surprise and overpowered by the Pink Menace. Soon, our brave damsel is helpless, securely roped to a chair and cleavegagged with a bandana. Will she be able to triumph?

In the next segment of "Amazing Superlady Stories" The Purple Nemesis (Niki Lee Young) takes on Dr. Dubious. The masked crusader is taken captive by her archenemy, and he unmasks the gorgeous blonde. The helpless superbabe is bound and ballgagged, and then progressively hogtied, harness gagged and exposed by the depraved villain.

Bound hostess Mary Jane Green tells us that in the next segment of "Amazing Superlady Stories" the focus goes to the bad guys. Sexy villainess The Red Minx (Chrissy Daniels) runs afoul of her rival in crime, The Reaper. The dark villain takes advantage of her helplessness and removes her mask. Once he learns The Red Minx's true identity he decides to hold her for ransom. The naughty spandex-clad babe is silenced with a harness gag and her luscious, all natural breasts are bared.

Next our bound hostess Mary Jane Green presents a segment from the "Action Nurses" adventure series. Team member Ashley Renee thinks she's rescuing scantily-clad hostage Kristal Summers. But once the gorgeous blonde is freed, she overpowers Ashley so she can steal her uniform. Yet before Kristal can proceed with her scheme, she's grabbed by a henchman who thinks she really is one of the Action Nurses. Both ladies are securely chair-tied and cleavegagged, struggling helplessly to try to be the first one to free herself.

Next up, hostess Mary Jane green introduces two segments from the "Go Hostagettes!" series. Cheerleaders Randy Moore and Candle Boxxx have been taken captive by the coach from a rival college, and it's a pun-filled affair. After the busty duo endure some grueling pun-ishment, they're ballgagged, exposed and put on display for the depraved amusement of the alumni.

In a bonus episode of "Go Hostagettes!" private eye Laura Lee guest stars. The gorgeous detective is caught snooping by the Coach, and he wants to know what she was looking for and who hired her. But the feisty damsel refuses to cooperate, and so she's ballgagged and frogtied hands-over-head. Her enormous breasts are bared, and she struggles in vain to escape a horrible fate!

In "Miss Shay's Daring Wild West Adventures," the titular adventuress (Kristal Shay) finds "Trouble at the Lazy S Ranch" when she runs across her old enemy, Coyote Fred. The mean ol' sidewinder ropes up the pretty blonde and gags her with a bandana. The booted cutie helplessly struggles to free herself, and the ruthless outlaw takes advantage of her situation and exposes her perky, all natural breasts. Will Miss Shay be able to save both herself and the Lazy S Ranch?

Damsel Network hostess Mary Jane Green concludes her hostess duties and takes her turn as a damsel. The gorgeous brunette is ballgagged and roped into a classic position on the sofa. The leggy beauty struggles and slips out of her high heels, and her skirt rides up so we can get a nice peek at her pantyhose. Soon her little black dress is pulled down and her perky breasts are exposed.

Policewoman In Distress - Part Six - Melody Marks 0
Policewoman In Distress - Part Six - Melody Marks 1
Policewoman In Distress - Part Six - Melody Marks 2

As "Spring Break Bondage" continues, college student Melody Marks has been taken captive and she's spirited to a remote house where she's dressed up in a bunny outfit, black stockings, gloves and heels... and she's handcuffed and her knees and ankles are tied. When her captor enters, she recognizes him as the coach from the community college. She begs him to let her go, but instead he ballgags the adorable bound bunny. The Coach the informs his sweet captive that she'll have the opportunity to earn her freedom. He asks Melody to look at the Easter eggs placed around the room, and he tells her the keys to her handcuffs are hidden in one of them. If she can find the key and unlock her cuffs within the time limit, he'll let her go. The handcuffed cutie hops around the room (eventually losing her heels in the process) and opens each egg until she finally locates the one with the key. But she can't get the cuffs unlocked, and the Coach returns and tells her it wasn't the right key anyway. But he lets Melody know she's passed the first part of the test to be in the big Easter show. Next Ms. Marks is chairtied while preparations are made for the final part of her audition. Before long Melody's top is pulled down to reveal her ample breasts, and her elbows are tightly bound together. The helpless bunny whimpers and struggles against her bonds, but she knows escape is impossible.

Then Melody is dressed up in a pink bunny costume and white open-toed heels. The sexy captive is cleavegagged with a pink bandana and she's tied down to the bed in an "Eiffel Tower" position, a powerful vibrator secured against her most intimate area. The evil Coach assures Melody that if she does well with this test she'll be in the Easter show, and he activates the Hitachi. The bound and gagged babe tries her best to resist the relentless hum of the device, but she loses control and surrenders to three shuddering, squealing orgasms. She's earned her place in the show, but what will happen to Melody next?

Policewoman In Distress - Part 4 - Ashley Lane 0
Policewoman In Distress - Part 4 - Ashley Lane 1
Policewoman In Distress - Part 4 - Ashley Lane 2

Policewoman Ashley Jefferson (Ashley Lane) has been taken hostage by masked criminals, who have taken her along with them to be used as insurance for their next heist. After the robbery goes off without a hitch, Officer Ashley is returned to the hideout where one of the crooks carries her inside (over the shoulder), the bound beauty still tied hand and foot and cleavegagged. When we next see the sexy policewoman, she's cleavegagged and securely hogtied with cloth strips on the bed. Ashley's captors aren't completely sure, but they feel they may have been followed and have decided to flee their hideout, leaving their reluctant guest in a dire predicament! With only scant minutes to escape, the hogtied blonde twists and strains against her restraints, but will she be able to save herself?

Policewoman In Distress - Part 3 - Ashley Lane 0
Policewoman In Distress - Part 3 - Ashley Lane 1
Policewoman In Distress - Part 3 - Ashley Lane 2

Officer Ashley Jefferson (Ashley Lane) has been taken hostage by masked criminals when she tried to stop their robbery, and she's being held captive at their hideout. But the thugs plan to take her with them as insurance for their next robbery. The bound and cleavegagged policewoman is hustled back out to the SUV and roped into a hogtie in the back of the vehicle. She tries her best to get loose in the confined space, but all her struggles only make her skirt ride up and expose her pantyhose. Then one of the crooks returns to open up her blouse again for another lascivious look at officer Ashley's luscious breasts. The captive policewoman continues her futile struggles as the criminals take her along to their next daring heist.

Policewoman In Distress - Part 2 - Ashley Lane  0
Policewoman In Distress - Part 2 - Ashley Lane  1
Policewoman In Distress - Part 2 - Ashley Lane  2

Policewoman Ashley Jefferson (Ashley Lane) has been taken captive by robbers and has been spirited to the criminals' hideout.Ashley is cleavegagged and inescapably chairtied by her captors, and they tell her they're still trying to decide her fate. Left alone, the blonde beauty struggles and frets, but the knots all hold tight. Before long one of her depraved captors returns to humiliate the helpless law-enforcement agent by unbuttoning her blouse and exposing her perfect breasts. The gorgeous captive continues her efforts to free herself, but she just can't get away. Then one of the criminals informs Ashley that they're going to take her along as insurance for their next robbery!

Bondage: Code Red - The Complete Story 0
Bondage: Code Red - The Complete Story 1
Bondage: Code Red - The Complete Story 2

This complete feature is now bargain priced! As the main story begins, superlady the Purple Nemesis (Veronica Ricci) has been taken captive by her archenemy The Reaper. The gorgeous redhead is post-tied and ballgagged, and the vile villain takes advantage of her helplessness to unmask his foe -- and expose her breasts! Then for her ultimate defeat, The Reaper throws his gorgeous prisoner into an interdimensional portal machine. The Purple Nemesis will then be transported to alternate universes!

When the Purple Nemesis materializes in a parallel universe she's surprised to discover she's been transformed into an iconic redheaded detective. But before she realizes what's happening, the gorgeous sleuth is taken captive by none of than her nemesis, the Grim Reaper! She's gagged, chairtied and helpless at the hands of the fiend yet again!

In the next alternate universe, the Purple nemesis materializes as Red Veronica. After a brief confrontation the brave warrior princess is overpowered once more by the skull-faced villain. The scantily-clad damsel is cleavegagged, post-tied and helpless to stop him from completing his scheme for revenge!

In another parallel universe, the stunning crimebuster finds herself incarnated as Veronica Rabbit. The sultry seductress is imprisoned by The Reaper yet again. She's cleavegagged with a scarf, tied in a hands-over-head frogtie -- with only a vibrator to keep her company. But the sexy redhead is in big trouble if she can't escape. Will she ever be able to get back to her own universe?

As the second story, "Go Hostagettes!" begins, cheer squad leader Ashley Renee refuses to help the evil coach with his plan to trick a new member of the squad to perform for his kinky cam site. Consequently, the busty brunette is compelled to appear for the show although it's not her idea. She's ballgagged and roped into a strict hogtie (shown on-screen), unable to convince the viewers that this damsel is really distressed!

Cheer squad leader Ashley Renee is still in the clutches of the evil Coach, made to perform for his live web show. The busty babe is thoroughly tied down to the bed in a wide spreadeagle position and tapegagged. A powerful vibrator is secured between her legs, and the gorgeous brunette can't resist succumbing to a series of helpless orgasms.

The evil Coach tricks the newest member of the Hostagettes (Carissa Montgomery) into appearing on his kinky cam site by telling her she needs escape artist training in case she's ever grabbed by a rival team. In the training shack, squad leader Ashley Renee is already chairtied and securely gagged so she can't warn the unsuspecting novice. Carissa is then hogtied and silenced with a layered gag. The Coach turns on the vibrator roped between Ashley's legs and leaves the cheerleaders to helplessly struggle.

The feature concludes with a bonus vignette: sexy secretary Caroline Pierce is confronted after hours during an office invasion robbery. The buxom beauty is ballgagged and tied in a classic position. Our plucky captive keeps trying to escape (including hopping over to the phone to call for help) but she's caught, finally ending in the humiliating position of being hogtied on top of her desk with her large, all natural breasts exposed.

Women In Black - The Complete Story 0
Women In Black - The Complete Story 1
Women In Black - The Complete Story 2

Now bargain priced! A group of mysterious female agents strive to protect the Earth from evil extraterrestrials in this story-driven tale. As it begins, Agent Candle Boxxx is lured into a trap and her mind is taken over. She's compelled to strip off all her clothes (shown onscreen) so a shape-shifting alien can use them to impersonate her. She's been taken captive by a shapeshifting alien who intends to take her place, and needs her uniform. The gorgeous redhead is naked, bound in a standing spreadeagle, gagged and she struggles furiously but she's helpless to stop the Chameleoid from her mission.

As the story continues, Agent Niki Lee Young is awakened by a visit from Sal Amanda, a sinister lizard woman. The wicked alien uses an strange device to temporarily paralyze the gorgeous blonde for nefarious reasons. While the lingerie-clad agent is immobilized and unable to resist, the scaly alien uses extraterrestrial technology on the helpless beauty for her own mysterious purposes. The lizard woman then uses another device to insure Niki doesn't remember this encounter -- but Niki's troubles for the evening aren't over yet!
After recovering from her attack by a lizard woman, Agent Niki Lee young is besieged by a horde of Tricotians. The cheery, brightly-colored aliens overpower the struggling agent, and soon she's bound, toe-tied and cleavegagged on the bed. The lingerie-clad beauty tries her best to get free, but all she can do is attempt to squirm over to her communicator to call for help.

Then an unsuspecting Agent Randy Moore meets with a shape-shifting alien spy, thinking it's actually Agent Candle Boxxx. Agent Moore is promptly overpowered and chair-tied, and the Chameleoid uses an unusual ballgag and a vibrator-induced orgasm to extract information from her sexy prisoner.

As the story continues, the real Agent Candle Boxxx is set free by the alien puppet. But before the Candle impersonator can escape with the ill-gotten intelligence she's taken from the still chair-tied Agent Randy Moore, the shape-shifter is attacked by some tiny, evil aliens. The malevolent aliens leave her and Agent Moore tied up, gagged and in a desperate situation.

Woman In Black Niki Lee Young is lured into a trap where she's grabbed by invisible aliens. Despite her struggles, they use tape to frogtie and gag the sexy agent. Then the Shadowans apply a vibrator to bring the gorgeous blonde to orgasm so they can control her mind. With her mind under the influence of the aliens, Agent Niki Lee Young summons Agent Alexis Taylor, whom she promptly overpowers. The buxom agent is held bound by rope-like aliens while Agent Young probes her mind for hidden information. When the possessed agent fails in her mission, she leaves her busty colleague to be used by the ropey aliens for their own dark purposes. How will Alexis be able to escape this dire fate?

 The Further Adventures of Ms. Mauser - The Complete Story - Candle Boxxx 0
 The Further Adventures of Ms. Mauser - The Complete Story - Candle Boxxx 1
 The Further Adventures of Ms. Mauser - The Complete Story - Candle Boxxx 2

Part One: The Collectible - As this story by Nimzo begins, a nerdy fanboy has won a dinner with his favorite superlady, Ms. Mauser (Candle Boxxx). But he takes advantage when she has a little too much of his special juice (or is it all part of his nefarious plot?), and we see him tie up the helpless superlady.
Ms. Mauser is now the helpless captive of the nerd. He ballgags his gorgeous prisoner and soon hogties her (all tying and gagging is shown onscreen). Ms. Mauser struggles to escape her vile captor, causing him to further overpower his stunning guest.

Next the crazed nerd's removed Ms. Mauser's costume to sell online, and so to improve his status in the online nerd community he's decided to take some photos of the bound and gagged super-babe. The helpless champion of justice struggles and squirms, but her ordeal isn't nearly over yet!

He's decided to take a supervillain up on his offer to trade a priceless comic for the gorgeous superlady. The feisty damsel struggles to free herself, so the evil nerd starts using an diabolical plastic wrap on his ballgagged prisoner. Will Ms. Mauser ever be able to free herself from this horrible situation?

Then the next chapter of Ms. Mauser's story begins, and she faces off against her archenemy The Reaper. Unfortunately, the villain gets the upper hand, and the gorgeous champion of justice is frozen stiff, completely unable to move a muscle! Then the supervillain employs a diabolical device that takes over Ms. Mauser's mind! He compels the reluctant crimebuster to remove all her clothes, and humiliates her further by making her stand naked for hours! What will The Reaper do with his helpless captive next?

Then to humiliate the helpless superlady, the master villain binds his naked prisoner to the bed and gags her using barbed wire, then announces that her defeat is being streamed online! The fiend switches on a powerful vibrator fixed between her shapely legs. The defenseless adventuress struggles to free herself, but she ultimately surrenders to the insidious toy and has a squirting orgasm -- but her ultimate humiliation is yet to come!

As the story concludes, captive superlady Ms. Mauser is led out on a leash by her archenemy The Reaper. With a live online audience, the gorgeous crimebuster faces her final humiliation. She's cleavegagged and tied to a post, then she's hosed down with water so her white T-shirt clings to her curves. Next the wet T-shirt is cut away, exposing her body. And finally the vile villain hits the helpless beauty in the face with a pie!

Training Ms. Lane - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Alex Coal 0
Training Ms. Lane - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Alex Coal 1
Training Ms. Lane - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Alex Coal 2

Now you can savor this sexy fantasy from a new perspective with the second camera version! Alex Coal stars in a holiday-themed fantasy,"The Valentine Mission." In a secluded room away from a large Valentine's Day party, a mysterious lady dressed all in red has asked to speak with the POV host of the party in private. She tries to distract him, but he sees that she's holding an odd yet familiar device, and he makes her drop it. The host quickly sizes up the situation, and when we next see the crimson-clad lady, she's bound hand and foot! The host realizes the dark-haired beauty is one of the agents of Cupid, assigned to make him fall in love with someone at the party. She admits to the mission, but when he hears who he was intended to fall for, he's angered since this isn't the first time Cupid has meddled in his love-life — with disastrous results! He cleavegags the stunning agent and returns to the party, assuring her he'll deal with her later. The lady in red struggles to free herself, but the knots all hold tight. When one of the partygoers finds the helpless love-angel, she believes it's all a hilarious prank and she bares the brunette's perfect breasts.

After the party the host makes his captive change into a sexy Valentine's Day themed outfit, and she's tied hand and foot again. We find out the agent's angel name is "Vixen," and she demands to be set free. The host then ballgags his gorgeous captive and he uses her phone to make a call to her boss. He demands reparations for the earlier failed attempt to fix his love-life. He wants to get back the 2.3 years of his life from the previous horrible romance, or 2.3 million dollars! Several hours later Vixen's captor returns with some bad news: Cupid has rejected his demands and has completely abandoned the failed agent. Vixen is then angry and defiant when she sees her captor is intending to use the "love dart".... on her!