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Student Madi Meadows is blackmailed into submission after her work in the adult industry is discovered. In the final scene of the story, Madi is dressed up in festive red lingerie, socks, gloves and Santa hat, and she's securely tied down to the bed. There's also a powerful vibrator tied between her thighs and snugged up against her nether region. She indignantly asks her blackmailer what's happening, and the department head explains that for the department Christmas party Madi is going to be the entertainment. Then the stunning student is ballgagged, and she strains and pulls against the ropes, trying in vain to extricate herself from this horrible predicament. It's not long until the Hitachi is switched on and Madi renews her efforts to escape from this embarrassing scene. But her struggles do no good, and she quickly learns she can't hold out against the incessant drone of the vibrator. It soon becomes apparent to Madi that she has no choice but to give in to a helpless bondage orgasm.

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Bondage Blackmail - Part Two - Madi Meadows  1
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Student Madi Meadows is blackmailed into submission after her work in the adult industry is discovered. As her humiliating ordeal continues, Madi is allowed to wear only pink thong panties and she's cuffed wrist and ankle with pink handcuffs. The helpless student is gagged with microfoam tape tightly wrapped around her head under her hair. She struggles against the unrelenting restraints, but there's no relief for the blackmailed beauty. Then her gag is removed and Madi is kneeling for an unexpected oral exam. The handcuffed cutie is called on to display her skills with a mounted dildo, and she puts on quite a show!

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Bondage Blackmail - Part One - Madi Meadows 1
Bondage Blackmail - Part One - Madi Meadows 2

As "Blackmail at Coutts University" begins, student Madi Meadows is hoping to earn her master's degree. But she's called in for a meeting with the department head, and told he's found out about her work in the adult industry. Madi is then given an ultimatum: submit to his demands, or lose all of her work and be kicked out of the program. The leggy brunette realizes she has no choice but to comply with his perverted wishes. When we next see Ms. Meadows, she's dressed up in a purple maid outfit, bandana-gagged, tied up and dusting the department head's office. But once her cleaning duties are completed, Madi is bound up while bent over a stool, then she's chair-tied and her spectacular, all-natural breasts are exposed.

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The Lois Legacy - The Complete Video 1
The Lois Legacy - The Complete Video 2

This outstanding bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! This story begins with a brief introduction from the stars, Arielle Lane and Ashley Lane. Our plucky damsels explain that they're cousins and share a few genetic traits from their famous great-grandmother. For one thing they're both reporters, Arielle for "The Los Angeles Tribune" and Ashley for "The National Rumor." They both love snooping around, and they have a special affinity for getting into trouble. It almost goes without saying that the danger-prone journalists give this explanation while bound hand and foot.

Next Arielle Lane has gone undercover dressed as a French maid, investigating the story of a missing mermaid. The gorgeous brunette is caught snooping and consequently tied up. She's questioned by her captors, and while she's honest about her motives, she tries to minimize the ridiculous story. But the villains know how serious this is, and they ballgag poor Arielle. She struggles in vain against the snug ropes, helplessly drooling past her gag. They expose her pert, all natural breasts and Arielle wonders how she'll escape from this dilemma. It could only be more humiliating if her cousin Ashley was the one who came in to rescue her.
Then Ashley and Arielle (in dresses, stockings with garters and heels) have both been nabbed while investigating a story of international intrigue. The roped-up reporters are hogtied and cleavegagged on a bare mattress, and the villain explains that they're going to leave the stunning duo there to flounder while they make their escape. He also points out that whichever lady gets loose first will be able to file the story with her publisher before her rival. Arielle and Ashley moan and squirm as they fight against the ropes, each one desperately trying to be the one to scoop her cousin. But can either of them escape at all?

But it seems our damsels' captors weren't done toying with their luscious hostages just yet. Both damsels are stripped down to panties, stockings and garters and frogtied on the mattress. Ashley is bandana-gagged and Arielle has duct tape pressed on her lips, and both reporters have powerful vibrators roped to their thighs! The devices are turned on, and soon Arielle and Ashley are fighting against their restraints and trying hard to resist the relentless hum of the Hitachi. But the all natural beauties can't liberate themselves, nor can they escape the ineluctable one-note siren song of the vibrator and they succumb to shuddering bondage orgasms.

As "Women In Black - The Half-Bondarian" begins, Princess Septavia of Oceana (Loren Chance) has been recruited by the organization to investigate an interplanetary smuggling operation being run out of an innocent-looking thrift store. The store owner immediately ascertains why she's there and reveals himself to be a reptilian extraterrestrial! He quickly paralyzes the aqua-haired lovely and discovers her true identity. Septavia (in minidress, black tights and high heels) is then cleavegagged and hogtied, and she moans and squirms against her restraints. The reptilian villain then enters to inform his royal captive of his dire plans for the tied-up princess.

Meanwhile, the Women In Black's newest agent, Lola Pearl (in de rigueur pantyhose, white shirt, black tie, skirt, jacket and heels) is sent to get help from the mysterious Dr. Wolf. The unsuspecting agent is quite surprised to discover that the doctor is a werewolf, and he doesn't like visitors! The furry villain uses a paralyzing spray to subdue the statuesque beauty, and she's soon bound to a post. Dr. Wolf scans her DNA, and they're both shocked to learn that Lola is half-human and half-Bondarian -- the first one ever known! He ballgags the leggy brunette, exposes her perfect breasts and hikes up her skirt and then plans to sell her and make a tidy profit from his unexpected discovery. Poor Lola desperately tries to free herself from this perilous situation. Will she be able to access her Bondarian side in time to save her own life?

Princess Septavia is still being held captive by two reptilian aliens. The royal damsel has been stripped naked, silenced with a wraparound microfoam tape gag and securely bound to a chair. They've also strapped a vibrator in place between her thighs. The monstrous aliens have told the all-natural beauty that they intend to have her for dinner, and that by compelling her to orgasm, she'll taste better to them. They switch on the device, and before long Septavia begins loudly moaning through her gag and spasming in helpless orgasms as the creatures grope and paw at her helpless, bound form. Will the princess be saved, or will she be the main course?

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Innocent Vixens - The Complete Video 1
Innocent Vixens - The Complete Video 2

This gorgeous bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! We present two tales of gorgeous ladies who have the bad luck of being in the wrong place at the right time to get themselves into trouble. In "Come Rescue Me!" sexy secretary Lucy Purr (in white blouse, a short, tight black skirt, stockings and high heels) sends that very text message to her boyfriend while she's working after hours. The long-haired beauty then reaches into her desk drawer and reveals some handcuffs, leg-irons and a bandana. Lucy begins by cleavegagging herself, then she attaches the leg-irons to her office chair. Next she clicks the cuffs onto her ankles and grabs the handcuffs to lock her hands behind her back. Ms. Purr enjoys her naughty self-restraint for a moment when she suddenly gets a reply from her boyfriend, saying he won't be able to stop by and he'll catch up with her later. Lucy immediately sends a desperate response to let him know she needs him right away, but then she drops her phone and it lands just out of reach. Our self-binding sweetie doesn't have a lot of time to make an escape plan when she's discovered by a rather surprised burglar. He certainly isn't going to set poor Lucy free, and it doesn't take long for him to figure out what's really going on with the kinky cutie.

The burglar noticed that Lucy had some bondage supplies conveniently hidden in her desk, and he puts them to good use. The hapless secretary is silenced with her own ballgag and roped into a classic position on top of her desk. Her short skirt has ridden up to expose her garters and stocking-tops, and her captor takes advantage of the situation and exposes Lucy's considerable breasts. The burglar leaves his luscious hostage alone while he ransacks the office, and once she sure he's not watching, Lucy tries her best to get loose, hop away, or get to the phone in her purse. But her hopes of escape are dashed when he discovers her, and Lucy is hogtied on her desk. She struggles and squirms against her restraints, but the knots hold fast and she realizes she's completely at his questionable mercies.

The burglar then strips his leggy hostage down to her panties, stockings, garters and heels and he binds her into a stretched-out horizontal position with her hands overhead. The helpless secretary is gagged with duct tape, and she wonders if the cruel intruder is done putting her through her bondage paces. While he's loading his ill-gotten goods into his car, Lucy does her best to liberate herself, but all her efforts are in vain! When the burglar returns he informs the busty babe that he's going to tie her up in a special way for her boyfriend to find her. He ties up Ms. Purr standing at her desk with her legs wide apart, secured in this position and with a tight crotchrope too. The villain makes his escape and poor Lucy is left alone again to struggle. Will she be rescued by her boyfriend, or discovered by someone else in this humiliating situation?

In "The Wrong Hostage," we have an amazing story of a movie production gone wrong. A documentary crew wanted to make a film about the dangers of celebrity. They devised a hypothetical hostage situation with supermodel Ryan Ryans and they hired her lookalike cousin to play her for the film. But a production assistant comes in to find director Lauren Kiley tied up, cleavegaged, toe-tied and frantically struggling. He removes her gag and she tells him that during the filming real criminals grabbed Ryan's stand-in, thinking they were getting the genuine celebrity. Back at their hideout, the captive cousin (in a tight-fitting minidress, stockings and strappy high heels) is chairtied and she tries her best to convince her captors that she's not really the famous supermodel. But the bad guys cleavegag the celebrity clone and make a ransom video with her. Then later the depraved villains decide to expose the helpless lady's delectable breasts, and they hike up her skirt to savor a gratuitous panty-peek. What will these miscreants do when they find out their captive is not who they think she is?

Meanwhile at the film production, the assistant tells the still trussed-up Lauren that in a bizarre twist, a completely different group of criminals has, indeed, nabbed the genuine Ryan Ryans. The glamorous supermodel is dressed in lacy red lingerie and thigh-high stockings... and tied hands-over-head to the headboard of the bed. Ms. Ryans angrily warns her captors that they've made a big mistake by taking her, but they don't pay any heed, and they use microfoam tape (wrapped all the way around her head, under her hair) to put an end to her admonition. The dazzling damsel tries her best to maintain a brave demeanor, but she gets nervous when the criminals pull her lingerie aside to get a better look at her "A-List" breasts. Will Ryan and her lookalike be rescued in time? And what about Lauren?

Stop Alexis Taylor! - The Complete Video 0
Stop Alexis Taylor! - The Complete Video 1
Stop Alexis Taylor! - The Complete Video 2

This sensational bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! In another American Damsels Network production, we get highlights from an exciting adventure series starring bondage superstar Alexis Taylor. As the tale opens, our busty reporter is taken captive after hours in her office at The Los Angeles Tribune. The danger-prone journalist is chair-tied and ballgagged in her skirt-suit and heels. Then she loses her jacket and top and she's bound sitting on the floor mostly naked as the intruders continue ransacking her office.

Days later, Alexis receives a disturbing video. Her twin, Anita, has been nabbed by unknown captors. The bound babe begs her sister for help, but the video is short on clues to her whereabouts or who may have taken her. We then see the unknown villains have cleavegagged their luscious hostage (dressed in a snug-fitted pencil skirt, camisole top and high heels), and she struggles in vain against the cruel ropes binding her. Then Anita's considerable breasts are bared for her captor's depraved amusement. But never fear, Alexis now begins her worldwide search to rescue her missing sibling.

Meanwhile in the tiny country of Freedonia, movie star Mary Jane Green has been taken prisoner by the evil Colonel Jackman. The Hollywood hottie is clad in an iconic dress, stockings and heels, and she's post-tied with her feet held wide apart by a spreader-bar. The villain removes her cleavegag and briefly interrogates the adorable blonde (and reveals her to be the notorious international spy "Mara Jana"), but she refuses to cooperate and so the whimsical baddie recreates a classic scene from cinema with his helpless hostage. Still post-tied and cleavegagged, Mary Jane's breasts are exposed, her skirt is lifted and a fan blows her dress to expose her stocking-tops and garters.

Alexis receives an anonymous tip regarding her missing sister, and so she crashes a costume party to get more information. Dressed up in a boots and a star-spangled dirndl, she's snooping around when she encounters a partygoer dressed as a gorilla. She quickly ascertains that it's no costume, and she tries to escape from the clutches of the damned dirty ape. The gorilla then uses a fiendish spray to paralyze his busty prey. Poor Alexis calls out for help, but no one comes to her aid and she's powerless to resist when the sinister simian returns with an ample supply of rope! Alexis is ballgagged and bound seated to a table with her legs tied wide apart, helpless to stop the randy primate when he exposes (and briefly fondles) her considerable breasts. Our plucky damsel tries her best to struggle free of her restraints, but she can't get loose. What will happen to her next? The story is followed by a brief preview of scenes from the pulse-pounding continuation the tale.

The series highlights are followed by another thrilling episode of the American Damsels Network series "Damsel Of The Sea." In "We Know Your Secret," sexy mermaid Janira Wolfe has been grabbed and tied up by an evil organization that's been conducting illegal weapon tests in the oceans. The aquatic government agent assures the miscreants they won't succeed with their crimes, but the villains ballgag their defiant damsel and she wiggles and squirms against her bonds. But despite her efforts, Janira realizes that she's really caught now. The feature concludes with some amusing production outtakes from "Stop Alexis Taylor!"

Damsels In A Haunted House - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Six - Madi Meadows 0
Damsels In A Haunted House - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Six - Madi Meadows 1
Damsels In A Haunted House - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Six - Madi Meadows 2

Encore! Now you can thrill to this exciting bondage fantasy from a different perspective with the 2nd camera version! In the conclusion of the story, captive heiress Madi Meadows has been dressed up in red lingerie and stockings. The evil dark phantom has roped her up on a chaise, her hands tied behind her back and her ankles crossed. The sexy captive has been tapegagged, and she has a powerful vibrator bound snugly against her crotch. Madi continues her writhing against her restraints, and it's not long before her nipples are revealed. The dark phantom enters and turns on the vibrator, causing his lovely prisoner to jolt in surprise. Madi continues to fight against the ropes, and she tries her best to resist the fierce buzz of the device. She doesn't want to give her debased captor the satisfaction of her humiliating surrender to the vibrator. But her will quickly melts away, her eyes roll up and she's can't help herself from submitting to an unstoppable bondage orgasm. Will Madi continue to fight, or will she surrender and become the Spook's slave forever?

Damsels In A Haunted House - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Five - Madi Meadows 0
Damsels In A Haunted House - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Five - Madi Meadows 1
Damsels In A Haunted House - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Five - Madi Meadows 2

Encore! Now you can thrill to this exciting bondage fantasy from a different perspective with the 2nd camera version! The story continues and it seems the degenerate dark phantom has his own wicked plans for the hot heiress Madi Meadows. The leggy beauty finds herself dressed up in a scanty cow costume and lashed to an upended bed frame in a standing spreadeagle position. The adorable captive is bit-gagged, and her creepy captor wordlessly taunts her with a bony finger before stepping away to relish her humiliating plight. Poor Madi pulls and struggles against the ropes, moaning and begging for an end to this torment. But before long Ms. Meadows' breasts are magically bared, and she's helpless to stop herself from drooling past the bit-gag and down her naked chest. Then suction devices are taped to her breasts, over her nipples. The tied-up heiress struggles and frets, wondering what her deviant keeper has in store for her now.

Damsels In A Haunted House - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Madi Meadows 0
Damsels In A Haunted House - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Madi Meadows 1
Damsels In A Haunted House - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Madi Meadows 2

Encore! Now you can thrill to this exciting bondage fantasy from a different perspective with the 2nd camera version! As the next chapter of the story begins, heiress Madi Meadows is snatched from a costume party and taken to a haunted house where she's to be held captive until her billionaire father comes up with the money to pay for her freedom. Madi (in a cute country-gal outfit) is brought in cleavegagged with her hands tied behind her back. Her masked captor frogties her long legs (shown on-screen) and tells her not to try anything while he goes to make the ransom demand. Madi struggles on the mattress, but her active endeavor is all in vain. It's not long until the ski-masked villain returns with some good news: Madi's daddy has agreed to pay the ransom. The bound and gagged heiress is helpless to stop the wicked villain as he pulls down her top to expose her perfect breasts. He tells the bewitching brunette he's going to get his payment, and he warns her that the house is haunted and that many pretty ladies have disappeared from there. He exits and the terrified beauty frantically tries to escape from this dire situation. She struggles and tries to call for help through the stuffed bandana-gag, and it looks like she's destined to remain a helpless prisoner when suddenly a pair of scissors magically appears in her hands! No sooner does she get herself loose then she hears the hair-raising scream of her captor. Madi quickly sees he's met a horrible fate, then she suddenly finds herself face-to-face with a black-robed, skull-faced Spook! The distressed heiress can't stand the shock and she immediately faints to the floor.

Damsels In A Haunted House - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Three - Keely Rose 0
Damsels In A Haunted House - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Three - Keely Rose 1
Damsels In A Haunted House - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Three - Keely Rose 2

Encore! Now you can thrill to this exciting bondage fantasy from a different perspective with the 2nd camera version! Ghost-catcher KeelyRose has been sent back in time to a 1950s-era sitcom. The voluptuous redhead is stripped down to her vintage lingerie and held down by leather straps to a table. She's also silenced with a microfoam tape gag, and helpless to resist her insane captor. The gorgeous damsel has no choice but listen to his loony ranting, and she's frightened of what strange experiments he has planned for her. He leaves her alone to make preparations, and Keely struggles and squirms as much as the tight straps allow. But there's no escape for Ms. Rose, and no one to respond her plaintive moans for help. Before long the deranged scientist returns, and he tells the strapped up damsel he plans to send her to the future! The ominous machinery springs to life... What will happen to the helpless ghost-catcher next?