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Now you can thrill to this amazing bondage fantasy at a greatly reduced price! The pulse-pounding first season of "Stop Alexis Taylor!" continues with more highlights of busty journalist's bondage-filled adventures as she tries to locate her missing twin sister. As the story picks up, Alexis seeks the famous movie star and international spy Mary Jane Green (last seen in the clutches of the wicked Colonel Jackman). Instead, the plucky reporter is confronted by a mysterious ninja, and a battle ensues! Alexis (dressed in pantyhose, heels and a snug-fitting skirt and top) nearly escapes, but she's captured by the dark villain and tied standing with her arms held wide apart. He cleavegags the stunning brunette and exposes her considerable breasts, then leaves her to struggle and to be found by his shadowy master.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, mystery writer Ms. Purple has apprehended and handcuffed Chi Chi Medina, caught trespassing in Alexis' apartment. The stunning Latina (in a short, low-cut dress and open-toed heels) claims she's only looking after the place while the reporter is out of town, but the crimebusting writer isn't buying her story. The gorgeous brunette finally does confess she's working for someone else, and she's cleavegagged and thoroughly locked up in handcuffs and leg-irons while they wait for the authorities to collect the devious beauty.

At Colonel Jackman's estate, Mary Jane Green (in a silky retro-style gown and barefoot) is still being held hostage by the cheesy villain. When she stubbornly refuses to surrender the information he craves, the classic blonde beauty is chair-tied, detective-gagged and left in a dire dilemma. With a powerful variable-speed vibrator secured between her legs, the Colonel places a monstrous "Goliath Bee" on her thigh. He explains that if she finds the correct frequency it will destroy the mutant insect, but the wrong frequency will cause him to give her a potent sting she won't survive! The captive spy has no choice but to play his evil game, yet she can't resist the ineluctable hum of the device, and Mary Jane succumbs to a helpless orgasm. But will she be able to vanquish the dangerous bee?

The perils of Alexis continue as the buxom reporter has one too many and falls into another trap. Our brave damsel is ballgagged and post-tied in her black heels and short red dress, then Ms. Taylor's unknown captors strip her down to her panties and heels, and she's roped into a classic tie on the sofa. What do these bad guys wants from her? And will she ever be able to escape from their clutches?

Back at Alexis' apartment in Los Angeles, poor Chi Chi Medina has been taken captive again -- this time by Colonel Jackman! The master villain discovered the petite beauty was actually a double agent, leaking the details of his master plan to federal agents. Chi Chi is stripped down to her bra and panties, ballgagged, hogtied and left in a desperate predicament. Left alone, the barefoot babe energetically struggles against her bonds in a frantic attempt to free herself before it's too late. But the restraints all hold tight. Is this sexy operative doomed?

Alexis Taylor follows a lead to the Middle East. To go undercover, she must overpower a belly dancer (Hannah Perez) and steal her costume. The busty performer is stripped naked, bound hand and foot with duct tape, and tapegagged as well. Alexis locks her in a bathroom and takes the place of the waylaid dancer. Hannah hops all over the tiny room, trying to get loose or alert someone to her sticky situation. Someone does eventually find the trussed-up beauty, and Alexis is caught!

Alexis is still in her belly dancer costume and barefoot when she's bound and bandana-gagged by the villains. She begins bound in a classic seated position, then her hands are tied over her head. The busty reporter then finally comes face-to-face with her nemesis, Colonel Jackman, for the first time. He explains why they grabbed Alexis' twin sister, why he sent her on a world-wide chase, and then he demands she surrender secret files she discovered while investigating a story. When our valiant damsel refuses to comply, he tells her that both she and her twin will be sold into white slavery. He exposes Ms. Taylor's huge breasts in anticipation of the arrival of her new owner, and Alexis struggles and frets. How will she ever be able to escape this terrible plight?

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This spectacular bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! In the next thrilling installment of the Action Lady saga, we jump back to the beginning and find out how Carissa Montgomery became the titular adventuress. As the story opens, the original Action Lady, Amber Michaels, has been taken captive by a master criminal and she's being held post-tied and cleavegagged in his fortified compound. But fearless agents from the Federal Agency for Tactical Enforcement are coming to the rescue! Agent Montgomery has fought her way through guards and traps to find the trussed up defender of justice. But before Carissa can liberate Amber, she's overpowered by the villains. The next thing the agent knows, she's been stripped and she's gagged and bound back-to-back with Action Lady. Through her gag, Amber tells her co-prisoner that it'll all be over for them if they can't free themselves within ten minutes. The busty damsels then desperately struggle and squirm against their restraints. After Carissa finds a way for them to escape, Amber offers her rescuer the opportunity to become the new Action Lady, and the rest is legend.

Then we come back to the present with a new adventure as Action Lady faces the "Revenge of the Black Hoodie." As our scene opens Carissa (in minidress, boots and lacy panties) has fallen into the clutches of the dark supervillain. She's tapegagged and chair-tied, and her captor has secured a very special vibrator between her thighs. The Black Hoodie informs his gorgeous captive that it's no ordinary vibrator strapped against her nethers: this insidious device will permanently alter her molecule structure! The masked miscreant then activates the fiendish vibrator. Action Lady futilely struggles to get out of this trap, but she ultimately succumbs to the ineluctable hum of the demonic toy and surrenders to a helpless orgasm -- but that's not all that happens!

The Black Hoodie's evil high-tech vibrator has effectively transformed Action Lady into a mermaid! Our buxom damsel now has a fish-tail for legs and she's ballgagged, roped and cuffed down to a table. The villain gloats as he tells the vanquished crimebuster he intends to sell her to the highest bidder. He goes through a list of Action Lady's old enemies who have made bids on her, and their plans for her are increasingly terrifying. Left alone, the bound, topless mermaid tries her best to escape from this nightmarish dilemma -- but she seems doomed! Will The Black Hoodie have his ultimate revenge?

The story is followed by the next episode of the bondage-packed 1950s-era sitcom parody "Always In Trouble." "The Phantom of Morningwood Drive" opens in a secret dungeon, and luscious Indica James (dressed in white bra, girdle, stockings, garters, heels and gloves) is tied standing to a ladder by the black-robed villain. She asked her skull-faced captor if he grabbed her because he knows she knows she enjoys bondage, or if he'd seen the amateur photos she'd sent to Mr. Klaw in New York. The Phantom makes no reply but cleavegags Ms. James, and she struggles against her bonds. Later, he changes Indica's standing position and pulls aside her bra to expose her perky, all-natural breasts. What does he have planned for his sweet hostage next?

Then Mrs. Johnson (Terra Mizu, in a 1950s style dress, heels and short gloves) is confronted at home by the Phantom. At first she believes the intruder is just her husband, Dick, playing a joke on her. When she realizes it's not him she promptly faints. When she awakens she finds herself cleavegagged and thoroughly bound in a classic position. The sexy housewife energetically squirms against her restraints, but it's all to no avail! When she tries to wiggle to the phone to call for help, her attempt is thwarted by the reappearance of the Phantom!

Mrs. Johnson is then spirited to the Phantom's dungeon. The busty beauty is dressed only in a girdle, stockings and lacy panties, and she's tied with her hands overhead. Her legs are folded lotus-style, and there's a powerful vibrator fastened at her crotch. She begs for the villain to set her free, but he only straps a bright red ballgag between her lips. The Phantom then switches on the device and she struggles in vain to escape from the influence of the depraved device. But she can't get away, and the helpless housewife is compelled to have a shuddering orgasm, much to the Phantom's delight! But could this be what his stunning captive secretly craved as well?

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Bondage Betrayal - Part Six - Alana Cruise 1
Bondage Betrayal - Part Six - Alana Cruise 2

When Federal agent Alana Cruise learns her boyfriend is a mysterious operative known as "Paul," he takes her prisoner with the intention of selling her as a fetish model. In the conclusion of the tale, we see Alana has been stripped down to her panties, and she's tied down to the bed with her hands overhead. She's gagged with medical tape, and a vibrator is rigged in place against her nether region. Paul tells his helpless ex-girlfriend that a certain producer is interested in buying her for use as a fetish model, but the sale depends on how well she does with bondage orgasms. The double-crossing villain then switches on the device, and Alana must silently decide whether to further resist or finally surrender to this terrible predicament. But choice has been taken away from her, and it's not long until she succumbs to an inescapable orgasm. The buyer is satisfied by her outstanding performance, and Agent Cruise is headed for an unexpected new career. Paul has triumphed again!

Bondage Betrayal - Part Five - Alana Cruise 0
Bondage Betrayal - Part Five - Alana Cruise 1
Bondage Betrayal - Part Five - Alana Cruise 2

Federal agent Alana Cruise discovers her boyfriend is secretly a mysterious operative known as "Paul." She's taken prisoner by him and the betrayed beauty is taken away to Gia Derza's old apartment where she's buckled into a straitjacket and leg-irons are locked on her ankles. She tries to reason with her depraved ex-boyfriend, but he's unwavering in his plan: to sell Alana to a sleazy fetish producer! He informs his former lover that he's streaming her struggles to some interested buyers, and he encourages her to give them a good performance as the consequences will be dire if she goes unsold. The leggy damsel is then ballgagged, and she twists and pulls against the unyielding canvas jacket. But escape is impossible, and before long the villain adds a pair of handcuffs to her bondage to secure her into an open hogtie on the bed. Alana continues her hopeless bid for freedom, but it seems her fate is nearly sealed!

Bondage Betrayal - Part Four - Alana Cruise 0
Bondage Betrayal - Part Four - Alana Cruise 1
Bondage Betrayal - Part Four - Alana Cruise 2

In the next part of the story, Federal agent Alana Cruise decides to secretly snoop around in her boyfriend's study. She wonders aloud why he's never let her in there and she begins looking at the papers on his desk. She immediately finds his file on Gia Derza as well as his mask, and she immediately realizes that he's really the mysterious operative known as "Paul." But no sooner does she come this startling conclusion when her boyfriend enters to ask what she's doing in his office. She confronts him with her unexpected discovery, but his response is to securely bind the slender beauty. She asks her villainous boyfriend if their relationship had been genuine or if it had all been part of a larger plot, and Paul taunts her by saying she'll never know. He then compels his former girlfriend to tape a message for the agency telling them she's being held by Paul and not to pursue them. The willowy brunette is then bandana-gagged and left to squirm while Paul goes through her phone to find out what information her agency may have on him. Later as Agent Alana's ordeal continues, her (now) ex-boyfriend pulls open her blouse to expose her perfect breasts and he hikes up her skirt to get a better peek at her pantyhose. The betrayed babe struggles and moans, crushed that he could treat her this way.

Bondage Betrayal - Part Three - Gia Derza 0
Bondage Betrayal - Part Three - Gia Derza 1
Bondage Betrayal - Part Three - Gia Derza 2

At a secluded house, Gia is securely bound to a post outside and silenced with a stuffed cleavegag. Paul's scheme was worked perfectly, and the adorable damsel has been purchased by an unscrupulous fetish producer. Now the bound babe is wrapped like a neat package to be picked up by her new owner. Gia moans through her gag and tries to get loose from the ropes, but the snug tie doesn't allow for much movement, and the adorable damsel is completely stuck. Before the villain leaves her to her fate, he unbuttons her blouse and exposes her breasts, and he pulls up her short skirt to reveal her thigh-high stocking tops and panties. Left alone, Gia continues her futile escape attempt, but she's still bound, gagged and helpless when the buyer arrives to claim his prize!

Bondage Betrayal - Part Two - Gia Derza 0
Bondage Betrayal - Part Two - Gia Derza 1
Bondage Betrayal - Part Two - Gia Derza 2

Gia Derza has been nabbed by a mysterious operative known as"Paul." As the story continues, Gia is transported to the suburbs where her bondage ordeal continues. Dressed up in a short skirt, white blouse, stockings and high heels, she's ballgagged and tied up in the trunk of a car. She pleads through her gag to be let go, but Paul isn't listening to her. After watching her wriggle and twist against the ropes, Ms. Derza is closed in the trunk for a while. Then her masked keeper brings her out for more wicked fun when her hands are tied in front of her and she's compelled to follow when her hands are leashed to the back of a slow-moving car. Then Gia is bound in a classic position again and put in to the back seat of the car where she's driven through a suburban neighborhood and continuing on to her final destination: to be auctioned off to the highest bidder!

Bondage Betrayal - Part One - Gia Derza 0
Bondage Betrayal - Part One - Gia Derza 1
Bondage Betrayal - Part One - Gia Derza 2

As the story opens, a stranger is sneaking into Gia Derza's bedroom. She's rudely awakened when a gloved hand clamps over her mouth and she "mmphs" in vain... but then she recognizes the masked intruder: It's Paul! The villain from "The Stephens Files" has returned to recruit more unsuspecting ladies into the dark world of fetish modeling. Poor Gia (dressed up in lacy bra and panties) is next seen roped into an open, wrist-to-ankle frogtie position on the bed, and she's gagged with a wide strip of microfoam tape. There's also a powerful vibrator cleverly rigged into place between her thighs. The bound babe struggles and squirms against her restraints, but her efforts are all for naught. After watching her fight the ropes for a while, Gia's detainer activates the device and she tries her best to get away from the inexorable hum of the vibrator. But the knots all hold fast, and despite her efforts to resist the seductive influence of the vibrator, she ultimately surrenders to a powerful orgasm. But Paul is just beginning this encounter with his sweet prisoner!

Bondage Blackmail - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Six - Bella Rolland 0
Bondage Blackmail - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Six - Bella Rolland 1
Bondage Blackmail - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Six - Bella Rolland 2

Encore! Savor this thrilling bondage fantasy from a new angle with the 2nd camera version! Sexy administrative assistant Bella Rolland must submit to her office manager when he blackmails her. Bella is taken to the office manager's home where she's dressed up in lacy bra and panties, and she's roped down to the bed (including a toe-tie). He tells her he's found out that Bella is embezzling funds from the company. She offers him a cut if he'll let her go, but the manager doesn't want any part of her ill-gotten gains. He's happy just to keep her as his blackmailed slave! Then Bella's bra is opened to reveal her perfect breasts and she's silenced with sticky medical tape. He savors her predicament for a moment and then her captor turns on the subtle yet effective vibrator carefully positioned between her thighs. Poor Bella is now completely trapped, unable to free herself from the bondage or her terrible dilemma... and powerless to stop the seductive hum of the vibrator on her crotch. She squirms against the unforgiving restraints and tries to deny the manager the satisfaction of watching her submit to the influence of the vibrator, but it's a losing battle. Despite her efforts, Bella succumbs to a series of bondage orgasms. How much longer will the evil office manager keep her under his thumb?

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Bondage Blackmail - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Five - Bella Rolland 1
Bondage Blackmail - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Five - Bella Rolland 2

Encore! Savor this thrilling bondage fantasy from a new angle with the 2nd camera version! Sexy administrative assistant Bella Rolland must submit to her office manager when he blackmails her. The gorgeous brunette is stripped down to her lacy bra and panties on a mattress in a storage room of the office. Bella is ballgagged and restrained with nylon straps and leg-irons, and the blackmailing office manager has more bad news for her. He's discovered the naughty administrative assistant has been secretly working as an industrial spy for one of the competitors! Bella despairs when she's told he intends to look through her tablet to see what other information he can find, but she can only futilely struggle and drool down her chest. Later the manager pulls her bra down to reveal her luscious breasts, and he uses another set of leg-irons to hogtie her. Bella continues her struggles, but she can't get away. Then when things can't seem to get any worse, her blackmailer returns with more incriminating evidence and she falls deeper into the trap.