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Tying Up Loose Ends - The Complete Video 2

Now this amazing compilation of bondage fantasies is bargain priced! This collection begins with an introduction by handcuffed hostess Alexis Taylor, who presents an episode of the WWII-era serial "The Lady Agents," federal operator Samantha Grace has been overpowered and taken prisoner by Wicked Carlotta (Alexis Taylor). Samantha is cleavegagged and tied in a classic position on the floor. Left alone, Samantha energetically struggles to free herself. Her skirt rides up to expose her stocking-tops.

In this episode of the WWII-era serial "The Lady Agents," Tabitha is taken captive by Wicked Carlotta (Alexis Taylor). When she refuses to talk, the cute blonde is suspended by her wrists and briefly whipped by the villainess. Agent Samantha Grace comes to Tabitha's rescue, but she's captured as well. The damsels are stripped down, cleavegagged, tied back-to-back and left in a classic cliffhanger dilemma.

In this unusual offshoot episode of "The Lady Agents," Christina Carter portrays "Inga, She-Bitch of the Rich." Agent Goldie Blair is captured by the notorious villainess, chained up, cleavegagged and subjected to a bizarre interrogation.

As "Inga, She-Bitch of the Rich" continues, captive lady agent Goldie Blair is locked into stocks and threatened by Heinz, the gorilla man. Then Inga (Christina Carter) takes advantage of her busty captive, but the naughty villainess' superiors take a dim view of Inga's depraved actions, and both ladies are bound, gagged and left to an uncertain fate!

In the closing chapter of the WWII-era serial "The Lady Agents," the mysterious alien Nicole Oring has teleported herself and agent Samantha Grace to safety -- but then Nicole has mysterious men bind and gag them both (shown onscreen) for her own inscrutable reasons. And just to make the game interesting, the captives are both facing serious peril if they're not rescued in time!

Handcuffed hostess Alexis Taylor continues her MC duties as she introduces the next segment. In "The Untold Story" Melissa Jacobs indulges in some gagtalk as she tries to explain what's happening between segments of an unusual scene of the gorgeous blonde bound with rope, handcuffs and chains.

Roleplaying Ladycop Veronica Avluv is handcuffed and fondled by her husband Hans Avluv. The busty brunette is cleavegagged with a bandana and completely vulnerable to his advances with her hands cuffed and secured overhead.

In "How to Tie Up Loose Ends," Loren Chance helps Jon Woods with his unusual instructional endeavor. The aqua-haired lovely is securely bound in a classic position, including a toe-tie, and the bondage-loving babe struggles and moans.

In "Fanboy Favorite," Anna Nolan is the actress who played the elf-eared alien "T'Pooki" in a sci-fi TV series, and now she's the chair-tied captive of a crazed fan. When she tries to reason with her captor she gets a knotted cleavegag. But is she still just acting?

Having finished her duties as a handcuffed hostess, busty superstar Alexis Taylor is cleavegagged and roped into a progressive fold-tie on the sofa. Soon the gorgeous brunette's enormous breasts are bared, and she helplessly struggles and moans.

Go Hostagettes! 2 - The Complete Video 0
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Go Hostagettes! 2 - The Complete Video 2

Now you can enjoy this thrilling bondage fantasy at a bargain price! Because of unusual reports from the Las Captivas Community College, federal agent Lana Violet has been assigned to investigate their coach regarding suspicious activities surrounding their cheerleading team, "The Hostagettes." The petite beauty sneaks into the coach's office and accesses his laptop, first pulling up information on missing cheerleader Angelica Saige (Vivie Delmonico). We then see the all natural, sock-clad cutie cleavegagged and tied up for the coach's kinky website!

As federal agent Lana Violet continues her investigation, she finds the file on Kristal Summers. We discover that the squad leader for the University of Southern Azusa was another unenthusiastic participant for the coach's live cam site. The gorgeous blonde is hogtied and bandana gagged, trying in vain to tell the online audience she's not a willing participant and begging for help. She helplessly struggles, and before long the coach bares her ample breasts. But he's got more planned for his beautiful prisoner.

Captive cheerleader Kristal Summers is still being held by the Coach. The helpless blonde is dressed up in lingerie, ballgagged and tied down spreadeagle on the bed. A vibrator is roped snugly into place and switched on, and Kristal is subjected to a long series of bondaged orgasms.

Federal agent Lana Violet is caught snooping in the Coach's office. She tells him she was just hoping to try out for the Hostagettes. The Coach wastes no time in initiating the petite beauty, and she's quickly tapegagged, chairtied and struggling in vain to free herself from his clutches.

Federal agent Lana Violet's cover has been blown, and she's fallen into the clutches of the evil Coach. The petite beauty is roped up in a classic tie and silenced with a stuffed bandana gag for the Coach's kinky cam site. The long-haired beauty struggles and squirms, trying to convey her genuine distress to the online audience. Soon Lana's captor exposes her perky, all-natural breasts. But the Coach has a lot more planned for his sexy prisoner!

Federal agent Lana Violet is still in the clutches of the evil Coach. As her non-consensual webcam appearance continues, the long-haired beauty has been dressed up in a Hostagettes uniform, ballgagged and roped into a "calf-tie" position. The petite damsel struggles valiantly but in vain, and she's helpless to stop her captor from his plans for her final humiliation!

Federal agent Lana Violet is still being held captive by the Coach and compelled to perform for his kinky cam site. The petite beauty is handcuffed to the bed with a powerful vibrator buckled between her thighs. Her captor turns it on, and soon the long haired babe is powerless to stop herself from experiencing a series of strong orgasms.


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Paging Dr. Kahn - The Complete Video 2

This thrilling bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! When Nurse Lauren Kiley learns too much about the mysterious Dr. Kahn she's buckled in to a straitjacket, gagged with a padded bitgag and roped to a chair in a cross-legged position. The stocking-footed damsel pleads to the camera with gagtalk but remains unable to move or escape her strict, unyielding restraints.

Nurse Addie Juniper confronts Dr. Kahn about his identity, and she's silenced with a layered gag and roped in a classic tie in her scrubs, white socks and sneakers. She struggles to free herself, then the evil doctor returns to cut open her clothes and cut off her panties. Addie continues her escape attempt, and she's bound into a secure hogtie. But Dr. Kahn isn't done with her yet!

Nurse Addie Juniper has been taken by the evil Dr. Kahn to his secret hideaway. The feisty lady is strapped into a straitjacket, a harness ballgag is buckled on her head, her ankles are bound with a leather strap and attached to her jacket with legirons. Her sinister host presents the damsel with an uncertain fate, and our poor damsel is left to struggle against her inescapable bonds.

The paranoid Dr. Kahn believes his girlfriend Keisha Grey is onto him, so her takes her to a trendy boutique where she's wrapped in a straitjacket back in the stock room. Keisha thinks it's all just a kinky game, but she's gagged with microfoam tape, her legs are restrained with legirons and she's left alone to struggle. Soon the gorgeous brunette will learn the sinister truth about the boutique!

Nurse Cameron Dee stumbles onto the truth about her missing co-workers, and she's taken captive by Dr. Kahn! The beautiful blonde is completely secured in a straitjacket, bound into a frogtie with bandages and gagged with microfoam tape. She struggles and moans, so the villain uses cloth strips to further restrain his gorgeous prisoner.

Detective Sofie Marie is assigned to investigate the rash of disappearances at the hospital, and Dr. Kahn lures the pretty cop-lady to his private office with the promise of information about the case. Next, the busty brunette has a ballgag strapped deep in her mouth and she's helplessly suspended in a straitjacket. She struggles in vain while the villain makes a clean getaway.

Arielle Anderssen portrays the 1920s era reporter "Scoops Anderssen, The Jazz-Age Newshound." As the story begins the statuesque blonde goes undercover as a flapper to investigate a story. But she's caught snooping by the villains and she's tied hands over head in a reclining position and cleavegagged. Our intrepid journalist gets loose and tries to hop away, but she's recaptured by the bad guys.

As the story of "Scoops Anderssen - The Jazz-Age Newshound" continues, Ariel Anderssen remains the prisoner of evil men. The blonde beauty is stripped naked, tied in a face-down spreadeagle on a bed and muffled with a cleavegag with tape. Before long, one leg is bent and tied in place to further humiliate the gorgeous reporter. Will our damsel be rescued in time?

The Baron's Revenge! - Part Six - Melody Marks 0
The Baron's Revenge! - Part Six - Melody Marks 1
The Baron's Revenge! - Part Six - Melody Marks 2

As the story concludes we see amateur detective Melody Marks, stripped down to a bikini and tied hand and foot in the water-filled hot tub. She asks the henchman what he has in store for her, and he tells her that The Baron has planned for this to be her final scene. The plucky damsel is still defiant, which earns her a ballgag. Next Melody's top is removed and she's roped into a fold-tie in the tub. The villain tells her to look up at the ceiling. In ten minutes, a timed device will drop a nasty tablet into the water, which will cause disastrous results! The villain flees, and Melody is left with only scant minutes to save herself. The blonde beauty valiantly struggles against her bondage, but it's impossible for her to get the knots loose, or get out of the hot tub, or reach the evil device on the ceiling. She moans and strains against the restraints. Will the Baron finally have his ultimate revenge? Is all truly lost, or will Melody be rescued?

The Baron's Revenge! - Part Five - Chrissy Marie 0
The Baron's Revenge! - Part Five - Chrissy Marie 1
The Baron's Revenge! - Part Five - Chrissy Marie 2

The story continues back at the abandoned porn studio, where Chrissy Marie is dressed up in black bra and panties, garterbelt, fishnet stockings and thigh-high boots... and there's a vibrator tied snugly against her crotch! She's bound hand and foot and she begs for the henchman to let her go. But his response to her entreaties is to stuff a large handkerchief into her mouth and cleavegag the hapless heiress. He binds her wrists to her crotchrope and then hogties his stunning captive. The evil henchman informs Chrissy that he's set up a dire peril for her, one that will allow him time to escape and establish an alibi. A timer is set for the vibrator, but Chrissy's unknowing streaming audience has no idea this is intended to be her absolute final scene. The henchman leaves, and it's not long until the device springs to life. The helpless damsel struggles on the mattress, desperately trying to liberate herself and defy the influence of the vibrator. But Chrissy is powerless to do either, and despite her best efforts she ultimately succumbs to an ineluctable orgasm. But how will she escape from the henchman's hidden danger?

The Baron's Revenge! - Part Four - Melody Marks 0
The Baron's Revenge! - Part Four - Melody Marks 1
The Baron's Revenge! - Part Four - Melody Marks 2

At the hotel room, Melody remains the bondaged prisoner of the Baron's henchman. As part of the Baron's plan to get more money from his devious scheme, the henchman compels her to change into a sexy school uniform (with knee-high socks and sneakers) for her next scene. The gorgeous blonde is roped down to the bed with her hands bound overhead. She's silenced with a duct tape gag, and there's a vibrator strategically positioned between her thighs. Her captor allows his damsel a moment to struggle and realize the inescapable nature of her dilemma. Then the ski-masked villain pulls down Melody's top to bare her breasts and he switches on the Hitachi. Melody is aware her powerless struggle is being streamed, and she fights both her restraints and the one-note siren song of the device. But it's a struggle she can't possibly win, and it's not long until she surrenders to the vibrator and treats her unseen audience to a bondaged orgasm. When her scene concludes, the henchman turns off the device and tells his sweet captive she still has to do a finale... one that the Baron has approved!

The Baron's Revenge! - Part Three - Chrissy Marie 0
The Baron's Revenge! - Part Three - Chrissy Marie 1
The Baron's Revenge! - Part Three - Chrissy Marie 2

Heiress Chrissy Marie's bizarre ordeal continues at the henchman's hand in an abandoned studio that had been used to shoot adult video. The distressed damsel is chair-tied and dressed up in thigh-high boots, a black cat-suit and a corset -- and there's a powerful vibrator roped between her thighs! Chrissy begs to be freed, as her father has already paid the ransom. But the wicked henchman informs his sexy captive that as part of the Baron's scheme, he wants to get more money by streaming Chrissy's predicament. She protests, but her objections are answered with a stuffed tape gag. The villain switches on the device as Chrissy's captive show begins. She pulls against her bonds and tries to resists the incessant drone of the vibrator, but she's completely trapped and before long she has no choice but to submit to a helpless orgasm. Then after she's spent, the henchman remarks that she looks so cute tied up to the chair, he's going to leave her like that overnight. Chrissy moans, but she knows she can't do anything to resist his perverted whims.

The Baron's Revenge! - Part Two - Melody Marks 0
The Baron's Revenge! - Part Two - Melody Marks 1
The Baron's Revenge! - Part Two - Melody Marks 2

Amateur sleuth Melody Marks is hot on the trail of missing heiress Chrissy Marie. She follows the clues to a run-down hotel, but while she's investigating a room she's grabbed from behind (hand over mouth) by the masked henchman. When he tells her that the Baron sends his greetings, Melody promptly faints. When she awakens, the blonde beauty has been dressed up in a sexy sailor outfit and bound to a column by the hot tub in the room. The villain tells the tapegagged damsel that the Baron plans to make extra money from her captivity by creating content for a costume bondage website. The booted babe tries to wiggle free, but her captor only adds to her humiliating defeat by exposing her shapely backside by tucking her skirt into her waist-rope. The perverted henchman ties a snug crotchrope that digs into her thong panties, and then exposes her perfect, all natural breasts. The trussed-up detective wriggles and pitifully moans, but she's not getting any sympathy or help from her captor, or from the unsuspecting on-line audience!

The Baron's Revenge! - Part One - Chrissy Marie 0
The Baron's Revenge! - Part One - Chrissy Marie 1
The Baron's Revenge! - Part One - Chrissy Marie 2

Not long ago, amateur detective Melody Marks escaped from the villain known as "The Baron." And now the Baron has begun a sinister plot for revenge. He's assigned his henchman to recoup the money from his failed scheme and set a trap for the unsuspecting Melody. As the story opens, the henchman is taking heiress Chrissy Marie from the back of his car. She wears a trench coat and a mask, and her ski-masked captor unties her ankles and leads her inside his hideout. Once inside, he removes the coat and we see the miniskirted damsel is securely bound from the waist up. The villain takes off her mask to reveal a tape gag. He peels it from her lips and takes out a large wad of stuffing from her mouth.

He brings her down to a mattress on the floor and begins frogtying her shapely legs (shown on-screen). It quickly becomes apparent that Chrissy had hired a specialty company to fulfill her roleplaying fantasy. But when he begins unbuttoning her white blouse to bare her breasts she uses her safe word, which the villain ignores. He tells her that even though she enlisted the company under an alias, he knows she's really a billionaire's daughter, and now she has the opportunity to live out her fantasy in real life -- whether she wants to or not! He makes a video of the duped heiress making an urgent plea to her father to comply with their demands. Then Chrissy is silenced with a layered gag: a ballgag held strictly in place with sticky medical tape. She energetically struggles on the mattress, and her tiny skirt rides up to expose her lacy black panties and thigh high stocking tops. But despite giving it her all, she can't escape from the unyielding ropes. And poor Chrissy only too aware her ordeal is just beginning!

Redhead In A Haunted House - Nala Brooks 0
Redhead In A Haunted House - Nala Brooks 1
Redhead In A Haunted House - Nala Brooks 2

Sexy showgirl Nala Brooks has been grabbed by a masked villain and taken to his hideout, which happens to be in a haunted house! He brings the leggy redhead in with her hands tied behind her back and she's ballgagged. As Nala's captor ropes her into a snug hogtie (all show on-screen) he tells his curvy captive that he knows she's not just another dancer in the chorus line, but secretly the mistress of the wealthy casino owner. Once the redheaded sailor-lady is completely helpless, the ski-masked meanie goes to collect the ransom. But before he exits, he warns his luscious guest that the house is haunted, and gorgeous women have a tendency to mysteriously disappear from this spooky place. The busty babe makes an energetic attempt to free herself, and her short dress hikes up to reveal her pantyhose top in her struggles. Poor Nala can't free herself from the unforgiving nylon ropes, though she does manage to get her stocking-clad feet out of her high-heeled shoes. Our hogtied damsel is about to completely surrender when she suddenly hears a terrifying scream... Has some horrible fate befallen her captor? What will happen to Nala now?