The Hotel Caper - Part Five - Gia Derza 0
The Hotel Caper - Part Five - Gia Derza 1
The Hotel Caper - Part Five - Gia Derza 2

The caper climaxes with more bad news for Gia Derza. She's nude, sitting frogtied and silenced with medical tape that shows the outline of her sensuous lips. There's also a powerful vibrator secured between her legs. The villains inform their naked captive that Gia's partners have absconded with all the loot from her scheme, leaving her with nothing. The bad guys have no choice but to write off the entire caper as a loss, and poor Gia is the only one left to pay the price. Before they make their exit, the bad guys activate the vibrator to keep her company until she's found. Gia desperately struggles to extricate herself from this terrible conclusion, but she can't escape. Nor can she resist the persistent song of the Hitachi. It's not long until she has no choice but helplessly surrender to a series of powerful orgasms.

The Hotel Caper - Part Four - Gia Derza 0
The Hotel Caper - Part Four - Gia Derza 1
The Hotel Caper - Part Four - Gia Derza 2

The story picks up again in Gia Derza's room. The adorable captive is now dressed in jeans shorts and a snug-fitting top. She's bound at her wrists and ankles on the bed, and the villains are unhappy to report that they've discovered she's not really a princess. But they are impressed with the ingenuity of her scam. Gia tries to negotiate with them, and promises them if they'll let her complete her scheme she'll cut them in for millions of dollars. Her captors have a different idea, and they gag Gia with microfoam tape and bind her into a ropey hogtie (that includes a toe-tie). The adorable captive rolls around on the bed, moaning as she struggles to free herself. Her taunting captors pull up her top to display her perky breasts, and she continues her writhing efforts to escape from this ill-fated scam.

The Hotel Caper - Part Three - Alexis Taylor 0
The Hotel Caper - Part Three - Alexis Taylor 1
The Hotel Caper - Part Three - Alexis Taylor 2

As the caper continues, Private Eye Alexis Taylor remains the helpless prisoner of the scheming villains. Her depraved captors have dressed her up in lacy pink lingerie (but let her keep her pantyhose on) and she's bandana-gagged, bound hand and foot in a classic position in the bathtub. The plucky detective tries to work free, but the knots all hold tight. Before long the lecherous thugs pull her lingerie aside and uncover her spectacular bosom. The trussed-up detective continues her futile struggles, wondering how long these criminals intend to hold her in bondage.

The Hotel Caper - Part Two - Gia Derza 0
The Hotel Caper - Part Two - Gia Derza 1
The Hotel Caper - Part Two - Gia Derza 2

The story continues in a different room of the hotel, as Princess Gia Derza hears a knock at her door. She thinks it's room service and opens up, but instead it's the villains, who immediately take the sexy princess hostage. The leggy royalty is next seen cleavegagged and roped to a chair. She whimpers softly as the evil men make a ransom video for the King of Sylvania. The stunning brunette frantically tries to free herself, and she struggles in vain to reach her phone which is left tantalizingly out of her reach. But her noisy efforts only bring the bad guys near again, and they decide they'd like to see what royal breasts look like. They unbutton Gia's white blouse and bare her pert, perfect breasts. Poor Gia continues her helpless struggles, fearful of how this situation might play out.

The Hotel Caper - Part One - Alexis Taylor 0
The Hotel Caper - Part One - Alexis Taylor 1
The Hotel Caper - Part One - Alexis Taylor 2

This bondage-filled fantasy begins with Private Investigator Alexis Taylor sneaking into a hotel room. The busty beauty snoops around, and begins checking a laptop when she's discovered by the room's occupant. She makes a weak excuse for breaking in, but the POV villain isn't buying it. The gorgeous gumshoe is then ballgagged and tied down to the coffee table in a separated wrist-to-ankle tie. The villains tell their sexy prisoner that they're going to keep her captive until they find out what their boss wants them to do with her. P.I. Alexis struggles against her bonds, but her valiant efforts do her no good. She can't work the huge ballgag out of her mouth, and her tight-fitting dress rides up to expose her pantyhose. Then the randy villains pull down her dress so they can leer at her enormous breasts. Ultimately they inform the detained detective they're going to keep her under wraps until they complete their caper.

Cali's Bondage Interview - The Complete Video 0
Cali's Bondage Interview - The Complete Video 1
Cali's Bondage Interview - The Complete Video 2

This spectacular bondage feature is now bargain priced! Bondage superstar Cali Logan begins her bondage interview bound hand and foot, and soon the gorgeous brunette is dressed up in a schoolgirl costume, ballgagged and tied in a lotus position. As the scene progresses she's attached to the table with more rope and her perky, all-natural breasts are exposed.

Bondage superstar Cali Logan continues her interview, and then all-natural beauty is dressed up in a sexy fishnet ensemble, panties and high heels, and she's tied down to the bed in an "Eiffel Tower" position. When she expresses some concern about her defenseless situation, she's silenced with a duct tape gag, and before long she's roped into a snug, elbows-together hogtie and helplessly struggling.

Gorgeous Cali Logan continues her tied-up interview, and then we see the bondage superstar outdoors, tapegagged, with her hands tied behind her and knees bound, trying to escape. But she's caught and post-tied by her captor, and soon her perfect breasts are revealed.

Fetish superstar Cali Logan concludes her tied-up interview with a few more little anecdotes, but when she's finished Cali is dismayed when she's not set free. Instead she's secured with more rope and cleavegagged. The sexy captive struggles against the bonds in her minidress, pantyhose and high heels, but she just can't get free.

As "Go Hostagettes! (Part 3)" begins, the newest member of the Hostagettes cheerleading team (Mia Vallis) is awakened by sexy burglar Brea Bennett for her initiation. The statuesque blonde is cuffed down to her bed, and Brea silences the novice with a stuffed cleave gag (shown on screen). Brea then cuts off Mia's T-shirt and panties and fondles her naked captive.

"Go Hostagettes! (Part 3)" continues with new squad member Mia Vallis' initiation to the cheerleading squad. Brea Bennet ballgags the statuesque blonde (shown on screen) and then Mia helplessly struggles in a suspension. But there may be more to this initiation than meets the eye...

"Go Hostagettes! (Part 3)" concludes with both Brea Bennet and Mia Vallis tied down to the bed and tapegagged by the evil coach. Each cheerleader has a vibrator roped to her thigh for a sinister little orgasm competition. Whomever wins gets to stay on the squad, but the loser will be in big trouble!

The Stephens Files 2 - The Complete Video 0
The Stephens Files 2 - The Complete Video 1
The Stephens Files 2 - The Complete Video 2

"The Stephens Files" saga continues, and Paul presses on with his dark mission. In the opening POV segment, the masked villain pays a call to his former business associate Agatha Delicious. Despite his ingenious disguise, she immediately recognizes him, and she suspects the worse. She feebly tries to negotiate with him, but the villain is resolute in the pursuit of his goal. The busty beauty is immediately hogtied and cleavegagged on a table, begging through her gag to be set free. But the bad guy has no mercy for his former colleague, nor does he have any intention of letting her go. The black-clad baddie can't resist taking advantage of his sexy captive's helplessness, and he pulls open her white blouse to get a look at her sheer black bra. Before long he pulls down her bra to bare her bodacious boobies. Next her removes her miniskirt to reveal all of her feminine charms. She struggles in vain, but there's no escape for Agatha now!

Special Agent Alexis Taylor has been assigned to look into the mysterious disappearances of all these women that Paul has nabbed. Shortly after she's checked into her hotel room, Paul makes an unexpected visit. The gorgeous agent thinks he's stopped by to sell her information about the case, and she's incredulous when the masked intruder confesses that he's behind them. But she has to take him seriously when the dark villain takes her captive. Yet Agent Alexis continues to be defiant. She taunts Paul until he silences her with a knotted cleavegag. She struggles in the crossed wrists, cross-legged tie while the evildoer checks her laptop for information on the case. Once he's verified that he's not a suspect, he bares Alexis' ample bosom and assures her that her career as a special agent is now over and a new one is beginning for her. Alexis is frogtied and cleavegagged on the bed. As she struggles, her short skirt rides up to allow an unobstructed view of her pantyhose. She struggles and moans, but despite all her efforts, the ropes hold tight. Then she's filled with despair when she learns the fate that Paul has planned for her!

Bound To Come 3 - The Complete Video 0
Bound To Come 3 - The Complete Video 1
Bound To Come 3 - The Complete Video 2

This pulse-pounding video is now bargain priced! As this collection of bondage orgasms begins, fetish maids Ashley Renee and Carissa Montgomery are in the kitchen, and Ashley's in distress. Carissa chastises the busty domestic for getting them in trouble again, then she handcuffs Ashley's breasts and adds nipple clips before relenting slightly. Then both the lusty maids are cuffed, gagged and enjoying a two-fer of restrained orgasm.

Dusky beauty Maxine X is barefoot, ballgagged and frogtied on the bed in her frilly lingerie. Soon her enormous breasts are bared and the Hitachi vibrator roped to her leg is switched on, compelling the gorgeous captive to have a helpless orgasm.

Sultry Whitney Morgan pays homage to an iconic Hollywood sex symbol and asks "Why don't you tie me up some and see me come?" The luscious blonde is cleavegagged and roped to the bed, a vibrator is secured in its proper place and Whitney soon surrenders to its one-note song with a series of helpless orgasms.

Gorgeous brunette Arielle Lane is gagged with duct tape and frogtied on the sofa in her bra, panties, stockings and garterbelt. The leather orgasm belt is buckled around her waist, and soon the vibrator is switched on and the all natural beauty struggles, squirms but ultimately submits to a restrained orgasm.

Sexy soldier Alexis Grace has been taken captive, and she's roped down on the bed, defiantly claiming she won't surrender any military secrets. Then she's tapegagged and the vibrator tied to her leg is turned on. She resists the low setting, but the higher speed puts her over the top. Will she be willing to talk now?

In a deleted scene from Carissa Montgomery's interview feature "That Lady In Rope" the busty blonde indulges in some self-bondage. She happily chats and giggles as she binds her shapely legs, exposes her huge breasts (and binds them) and gags herself with a cloth and ballgag layered gag. Then she implores you to finish the job and tie her hands, and she moans and luxuriates in her bondage.

Maid Krystal Shay is silenced with a microfoam tape gag and tied down the bed with cloth strips. The sexy domestic starts with her hands overhead and ankles crossed, then is secured in an "Eiffel Tower" position that allows a peek at her feminine charms through the fishnet stockings. Next she's bound in a spreadeagle, and her perky breasts are exposed.

Gorgeous Niki Lee Young is bandana-gagged and tied to the sofa with her legs wide apart. As the scene progresses her T-shirt is cut away, baring her perfect breasts. The scene concludes with the gorgeous blonde tied in a classic, crossed-ankle position with a snug crotch-rope biting into her lacy black panties.

Bondage Date Night - The Complete Video 0
Bondage Date Night - The Complete Video 1
Bondage Date Night - The Complete Video 2

This scintillating bondage-filled feature is now bargain priced! As our title story begins, busty beauty Priya Price is texting her boyfriend, telling him that she's got something special planned for their "Date Night." But the stunning brunette couldn't have ever guessed how different her night was about to get. No sooner does she set down her phone when she's confronted by a very determined burglar! The home invader binds and gags his luscious hostage, and informs Priya that her guy is involved with some shady people. Her escape attempts only earn her more ropes from the villain, and he takes advantage of her helplessness to expose her ample breasts.

Then he strips Priya down to her lingerie and binds her into a kneeling position on the bed. She's cleavegagged and a vibrator is tied in place. Before the bad guy escapes, he activates the device, and it's not long before she succumbs to a powerful orgasm. But what will happen when her boyfriend finds her in this predicament?

Next Alix Lynx stars in "Do Whatever They Say!" This the desperate plea the sexy secretary gives to the camera (and her boss) when she's the captivated guest of dangerous criminals. The leggy blonde is then roped up, gagged and struggling in vain while her captors wait for their scheme to play out. Finally, Ms. Lynx is bound to a bench with her elbows snugged together and a Hitachi is switched on so the depraved villains can enjoy her powerless orgasms.

In "Maxine's Ordeal," buxom Maxine X is working in the office when she's grabbed, bound and gagged by office invaders. The sexy secretary is chair-tied and bandana-gagged while the ruffians ransack the office (and the randy burglars can'tr resist exposing Maxine's voluminous breasts to improve the view while they seek their elusive prize). When they fail to find their objective, they take the dark-eyed beauty along with them to extort it from Ms. X's boss. At the hideaway, she begs her boss to cooperate with them for a ransom video. Stripped down to her lingerie, Maxine is tapegagged and hogtied on the bed, wondering what the evil men have planned for her next. She soon finds out when she's bound to the headboard, wearing only her high-heeled shoes. She's silenced with a microfoam tapegag, and a vibrator is carefully positioned for the greatest effect. Once it's turned on, it's not long before the captive secretary has a series of bondage orgasms.

Then "Lauren's Surrender" features anime-style super-lady Lauren Kiley in the clutches of an unseen enemy. The curly-haired cutie is tied kneeling on the bed in her school uniform and heels. The feisty babe warns the evildoers they can't succeed with their evil plot, and she swears revenge. But her angry words are answered with a tapegag, and the adorable crimebuster is then compelled to have a humiliating orgasm while she struggles in vain to escape.

Hostage hostess Tracy Jordan introduces "Tales From The Clips Part Three." In the first segment gorgeous Cameron Dee thinks she's been hired for a glamorous lingerie shoot, so she's quite surprised herself bound hand and foot before the cameras start rolling. When the sexy blonde asks for an explanation, she's cleavegagged, and as the scene progresses her lovely, ample breasts are exposed and more rope is added. Soon the busty beauty is hogtied and helplessly squirming on the bed.


This is followed by "The Wrong Woman, Part Three." Poor Alexis Taylor has been mistaken for a Hollywood star, and now hardened criminals have nabbed the busty babe and are holding her for ransom. They refuse to listen when she tries to tell them she's not the celebrity they think she is, and they tapegag the buxom damsel with microfoam tape. Later the lusty criminals re-tie their sexy hostage spreadeagled, and they expose her enormous breasts. How can she ever convince them she's not really a movie star?

The Further Adventures of Ms Mauser - The Complete Story - Candle Boxxx 0
The Further Adventures of Ms Mauser - The Complete Story - Candle Boxxx 1
The Further Adventures of Ms Mauser - The Complete Story - Candle Boxxx 2

 As this story by Nimzo begins, a nerdy fanboy has won a dinner with his favorite superlady, Ms. Mauser (Candle Boxxx). But he takes advantage when she has a little too much of his special juice (or is it all part of his nefarious plot?), and we see him tie up the helpless superlady.


Ms. Mauser is now the helpless captive of the nerd. He ballgags his gorgeous prisoner and soon hogties her (all tying and gagging is shown onscreen). Ms. Mauser struggles to escape her vile captor, causing him to further overpower his unenthusiastic guest.


Next the crazed nerd's removed Ms. Mauser's costume to sell online, and so to improve his status in the online nerd community he's decided to take some photos of the bound and gagged super-babe. The helpless champion of justice struggles and squirms, but her ordeal isn't nearly over yet!


He's decided to take a supervillain up on his offer to trade a priceless comic for the gorgeous superlady. The feisty damsel struggles to free herself, so the evil nerd starts using an diabolical plastic wrap on his ballgagged prisoner. Will Ms. Mauser ever be able to free herself from this horrible situation?


Then the next chapter of Ms. Mauser's story begins, and she faces off against her archenemy The Reaper. Unfortunately, the villain gets the upper hand, and the gorgeous champion of justice is frozen stiff, completely unable to move a muscle! Then the supervillain employs a diabolical device that takes over Ms. Mauser's mind! He compels the reluctant crimebuster to remove all her clothes, and humiliates her further by making her stand naked for hours! What will The Reaper do with his helpless captive next?


Then to humiliate the helpless superlady, the master villain binds his naked prisoner to the bed and gags her using barbed wire, then announces that her defeat is being streamed online! The fiend switches on a powerful vibrator fixed between her shapely legs. The defenseless adventuress struggles to free herself, but she ultimately surrenders to the insidious toy and has a squirting orgasm -- but her ultimate humiliation is yet to come!


As the story concludes, captive superlady Ms. Mauser is led out on a leash by her archenemy The Reaper. With a live online audience, the gorgeous crimebuster faces her final humiliation. She's cleavegagged and tied to a post, then she's hosed down with water so her white T-shirt clings to her curves. Next the wet T-shirt is cut away, exposing her body. And finally the vile villain hits the helpless beauty in the face with a pie!