Bedroom Damsels - Part One - Bunny Colby 0
Bedroom Damsels - Part One - Bunny Colby 1
Bedroom Damsels - Part One - Bunny Colby 2

As this sizzling fantasy begins, busty beauty Bunny Colby (in lacy bra and panties) enters her bedroom for some some self-bondage fun. She crosses and ropes her ankles, locks a pair of handcuffs on her wrists, stuffs a sock into her mouth, switches on her vibrator and holds it on the magic spot. But long before her intimate moment can reach its climax, Bunny realizes she's not alone! She sees a POV intruder in her bedroom and she quickly pulls the gag out of her mouth to ask the invader's intentions. The long-haired damsel is both terrified and embarrassed at this breach of her privacy. It seems the burglar is curious about her behavior, and she explains that her interest in kinky things began long ago with whispered family stories of her grandmother. In a flashback, we see Bunny's grandmother in an office in the early 1960s. But it quickly becomes apparent that her responsibilities extend far beyond normal stenographer duties. An important client enters a secluded office and she knowingly explains that her boss has instructed the buxom secretary to extend every consideration to him. She quickly learns what the client has in his briefcase, and it's not contracts or presentations. The sexy secretary is next seen bound hand and foot in a relaxed kneeling position, and she talks to her consensual captor, undeniably fascinated by being tied up. Then our retro damsel is silenced with a stuffed rope-gag and bent over a desk, her legs tied apart and her skirt hiked up over her luscious backside. But even that's not enough to satisfy the lusty client, and his office bondage-toy is roped to an office chair in a hands-overhead frogtie, with all of her feminine charms exposed.