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This sensational bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! Gorgeous private investigator Erika Jordan introduces herself and tells how she got her nickname of "The Thong Detective." While working undercover on an embezzlement case, she's taken captive by the perpetrator and compelled to strip down to her thigh high stockings and thong panties. Erika is silenced with a stuffed cleavegag and bound face-down and bottoms-up in a "calf-tie." She struggles in vain to free herself, but she's discovered in that undignified position and given her new nickname.

"The Thong Detective" Erika Jordan tells her story of the search for a mystical artifact known as "The Orb." She traces the theft of the elusive artifact from bound and gagged damsels Cameron Dee and Celeste Star. The plucky P.I. tracks down the coveted item for her mysterious client, but when they meet he pulls a double-cross on Erika. Our plucky damsel wins the day, but she still ends up ballgagged, frogtied and helplessly struggling in her thigh high stockings, high heels and (of course) thong panties.

"The Thong Detective" Erika Jordan concludes her tale of The Orb, thinking she's managed to come out on top. But in an unexpected twist, the gorgeous private investigator finds herself bit-gagged and tied in a jackknife position in her high heels and red lingerie, including her signature thong panties. Erika struggles to get loose, but soon falls over, unable to get up and allowing us an unobstructed view of her outstanding backside.

Gorgeous psychic Cameron Dee (in white blouse, black miniskirt, fishnet stockings and high heels) is taken captive by an irate customer. The busty blonde is ballgagged tied in a classic position, her breasts are exposed, she's roped to a chair and then bound again bent over a footstool with her skirt hiked up.

Captive psychic Cameron Dee is tied in a classic position in her blue bra and panties, fishnet stockings and mystic robe. The sexy blonde's protests are muffled with a stuffed cleavegag, then her bra and robe are taken away. Cameron is hogtied on the sofa, then further immobilized when she's secured to a bench. But her ordeal isn't over yet!

Sexy psychic Cameron Dee (in thigh high stockings and pink bra and panties) is frogtied with black rope and ballgagged. She struggles in vain on the bed, and soon more ropes (including a snug crotchrope and elbow ropes) are added to her bondage and her lovely breasts are bared. Our poor damsel is completely helpless -- will she finally give her captors in the information they crave?

Stunning brunette Celeste Star is "Another Pawn of The Orb." The leggy beauty is taken captive after her sleazy boyfriend obtains the mystical artifact, but poor Celeste has no idea where it is, or its value. The slender damsel is bound hand and foot while her home is ransacked, and she makes a vain attempt to get away. That earns her more rope, and before long the villains find their prize. Celeste is securely bound to a chair and her perfect, all natural breasts are exposed and she's left alone to struggle.

In "The Promotion," sexy secretary Casey Quinn indulges her boss's bondage fantasy to get a promotion. The busty blonde is frogtied on the bed when she has a change of heart and decides she can't go through with it. But instead of freeing her, Casey's lusty supervisor ballgags his tied-up damsel. As Ms. Quinn's captivity continues, more rope secures her, then her elbows are tightly tied together and her breasts are bared. But the end of scene comes as a surprise to both Casey and her wicked boss.