The Baron's Revenge! - Part Five - Chrissy Marie 0
The Baron's Revenge! - Part Five - Chrissy Marie 1
The Baron's Revenge! - Part Five - Chrissy Marie 2

The story continues back at the abandoned porn studio, where Chrissy Marie is dressed up in black bra and panties, garterbelt, fishnet stockings and thigh-high boots... and there's a vibrator tied snugly against her crotch! She's bound hand and foot and she begs for the henchman to let her go. But his response to her entreaties is to stuff a large handkerchief into her mouth and cleavegag the hapless heiress. He binds her wrists to her crotchrope and then hogties his stunning captive. The evil henchman informs Chrissy that he's set up a dire peril for her, one that will allow him time to escape and establish an alibi. A timer is set for the vibrator, but Chrissy's unknowing streaming audience has no idea this is intended to be her absolute final scene. The henchman leaves, and it's not long until the device springs to life. The helpless damsel struggles on the mattress, desperately trying to liberate herself and defy the influence of the vibrator. But Chrissy is powerless to do either, and despite her best efforts she ultimately succumbs to an ineluctable orgasm. But how will she escape from the henchman's hidden danger?