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At a small clinic, Nurse Nyssa Nevers is called into the office of the dubious Dr. Kahn. He tells her that he's heard she's been suspicious of all the prescriptions he's been issuing, and she admits she believes his methods have been questionable. She refuses to answer when he demands to know if she's contacted the authorities, but he believes he knows the answer anyway. He then overpowers the dark-haired beauty and locks her hands behind her back with military-grade zip-ties. Dr. Kahn stuff's Nyssa's mouth and tapegags her with medical tape. He uses more zip-ties on her ankles, and two more to secure her to the office chair (all shown on-screen). The villain then takes advantage of Nurse Nyssa's helplessness and exposes her huge breasts and he makes his getaway. The luscious angel of mercy struggles against the unyielding restraints and pitifully moans, trapped until someone comes to find and rescue her.