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The complete video is now bargain priced! Sexy Mary Jane Green is your tied-up hostess as she introduces sneak previews of the fantasy "Damsel Network." She begins with three scenes from "Amazing Superlady Stories." Anna Nolan (AKA Anna Lee) portrays the pointy-eared champion of justice The Silver Nemesis. But the spandex-clad crimebuster is taken by surprise and overpowered by the Pink Menace. Soon, our brave damsel is helpless, securely roped to a chair and cleavegagged with a bandana. Will she be able to triumph?

In the next segment of "Amazing Superlady Stories" The Purple Nemesis (Niki Lee Young) takes on Dr. Dubious. The masked crusader is taken captive by her archenemy, and he unmasks the gorgeous blonde. The helpless superbabe is bound and ballgagged, and then progressively hogtied, harness gagged and exposed by the depraved villain.

Bound hostess Mary Jane Green tells us that in the next segment of "Amazing Superlady Stories" the focus goes to the bad guys. Sexy villainess The Red Minx (Chrissy Daniels) runs afoul of her rival in crime, The Reaper. The dark villain takes advantage of her helplessness and removes her mask. Once he learns The Red Minx's true identity he decides to hold her for ransom. The naughty spandex-clad babe is silenced with a harness gag and her luscious, all natural breasts are bared.

Next our bound hostess Mary Jane Green presents a segment from the "Action Nurses" adventure series. Team member Ashley Renee thinks she's rescuing scantily-clad hostage Kristal Summers. But once the gorgeous blonde is freed, she overpowers Ashley so she can steal her uniform. Yet before Kristal can proceed with her scheme, she's grabbed by a henchman who thinks she really is one of the Action Nurses. Both ladies are securely chair-tied and cleavegagged, struggling helplessly to try to be the first one to free herself.

Next up, hostess Mary Jane green introduces two segments from the "Go Hostagettes!" series. Cheerleaders Randy Moore and Candle Boxxx have been taken captive by the coach from a rival college, and it's a pun-filled affair. After the busty duo endure some grueling pun-ishment, they're ballgagged, exposed and put on display for the depraved amusement of the alumni.

In a bonus episode of "Go Hostagettes!" private eye Laura Lee guest stars. The gorgeous detective is caught snooping by the Coach, and he wants to know what she was looking for and who hired her. But the feisty damsel refuses to cooperate, and so she's ballgagged and frogtied hands-over-head. Her enormous breasts are bared, and she struggles in vain to escape a horrible fate!

In "Miss Shay's Daring Wild West Adventures," the titular adventuress (Kristal Shay) finds "Trouble at the Lazy S Ranch" when she runs across her old enemy, Coyote Fred. The mean ol' sidewinder ropes up the pretty blonde and gags her with a bandana. The booted cutie helplessly struggles to free herself, and the ruthless outlaw takes advantage of her situation and exposes her perky, all natural breasts. Will Miss Shay be able to save both herself and the Lazy S Ranch?

Damsel Network hostess Mary Jane Green concludes her hostess duties and takes her turn as a damsel. The gorgeous brunette is ballgagged and roped into a classic position on the sofa. The leggy beauty struggles and slips out of her high heels, and her skirt rides up so we can get a nice peek at her pantyhose. Soon her little black dress is pulled down and her perky breasts are exposed.

The Christmas Slave - Part One - Cassidy Banks 0
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This Christmas fantasy is now presented in individual chapters for our selective customers! As this holiday-themed fantasy begins, buxom cat-burglar Cassidy Banks is caught plying her wicked trade on Christmas Eve night. But much to her surprise, the owner of the house she's robbing is none other than Santa Claus! Cassidy says she can explain, but the jolly one rings his magic bell and the busty babe is suddenly bound and ballgagged. Santa removes her mask and recognizes her, and he tells the cat-suited cutie that she's made the "naughty list" once too often, and it's time for some drastic action. Cassidy is then roped up in a classic position on his desk while, helplessly struggling and fretting about her uncertain fate as Saint Nick loads up his sleigh. Of course, at some point during her anxious wait the zipper on Ms. Banks's skintight cat suit is opened and her luscious breasts are exposed (perhaps it was Santa's gift to himself?). Then the bound burglar is dismayed when she learns that she'll be accompanying Santa on his trip!

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Freedom Woman (Riley Reyes) has been taken prisoner by unknown villains. As her captivity continues, we next see Freedom Woman (in pantyhose, leotard, boots, gloves and mask) kneeling, securely bound and ballgagged. The defeated damsel drools helplessly down her chest, nervously waiting for the mysterious man who arranged for her to be taken. Soon the boss arrives, an influential criminal mastermind known only as "The Coach." He removes our sexy protagonist's belt, and then takes great pleasure as he relieves her of her mask -- and her secret identity! The Coach removes his lovely captive's gag, and compels her to wrap her lips around a mounted dildo. The villain informs Freedom Woman that it's no ordinary phallic device in her mouth, and it will transform her into a submissive bondage slave. Influenced by the diabolical toy, she can't stop herself from sucking the dildo until the Coach ends the session. Will Freedom Woman ever be able to escape this dire fate? The story will be concluded soon!

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Superheroine Amazing Ashley (Ashley Renee) has been defeated by her arch-enemy Evil Alexis (Alexis Taylor). But a mysterious intruder has taken both of the rivals captive, and is holding the busty beauties bound and gagged in bed. The villain removes Amazing Ashley's mask (shown onscreen) and he watches his buxom hostages squirm. Soon he exposes their huge breasts to humiliate the helpless adversaries. What does he have planned for the trussed-up duo?

Corporate Espionage - Alternate Takes - Part Three - Jacky Fay-Lynn 0
Corporate Espionage - Alternate Takes - Part Three - Jacky Fay-Lynn 1
Corporate Espionage - Alternate Takes - Part Three - Jacky Fay-Lynn 2

In this second-camera encore, catsuited burglar Jacky Fay-Lynn is caught breaking into a safe by the janitor (in reality, corporate spy Vibert). The petite beauty is ballgagged and bound up with rope while seated on the safe she cracked, and the villain removes her mask before absconding with her loot. Vibert does return to complete poor Jacky's failure by unzipping her suit to expose her lovely breasts (with pierced nipples). Our captured thief struggles and protests, but she just can't get free!

Season Of Danger - Deleted Scene - Jennifer Thomas - Part Two 0
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"Season Of Danger" showcases previews from the new season of The American Damsels Television Network. In this story that was deleted from the feature, we get the conclusion of an episode of "Go Hostagettes!"  In the first part of the story, super-lady Jennifer Thomas fell into the clutches of the evil Coach.  The defeated damsel is then compelled to put on her costume, and she's tied down to a table for one of the Coach's special live cam shows.  She demands to be set free, but Jennifer knows she's in deep trouble.  The Coach explains to his online audience that every member of the Nemesis super-lady league has a weakness, and for The Golden Nemesis, her secret weakness is... tickling!  The trussed-up champion of justice fights against the ropes as he removes her boots, but she's unable to stop his tickling onslaught.  Shrieks of laughter pierce the air as her feet, legs, ribs and armpits are mercilessly stimulated.  The cruel Coach then uses an electric toothbrush to further torment the ticklish crimebuster to devastating effect!  After this humiliating display, Jennifer gets a ballgag strapped between her lips, and then the Coach removes her mask.  Since her superheroine career has now been ended, the heartless fiend cuts open her costume, completing her ultimate defeat.  What will become of poor Jennifer now?

Stolen Things - Part Four - Sarah Brooke  0
Stolen Things - Part Four - Sarah Brooke  1
Stolen Things - Part Four - Sarah Brooke  2

After her humiliating defeat, Sarah Brooke changes her into her super-lady alter ego as The Blue Nemesis to apprehend The Gray Man. But the enemy agent is prepared for her, and he uses an Upsilon Radiation emmitter to subdue the masked crimebuster. The defeated champion of justice is frogtied, ballgagged and unmasked by the enemy agent. He bares her breasts, then uses a Hitachi vibrator to compel his gorgeous prisoner to orgasm again and again for his depraved amusement.

Corporate Espionage - Part Six - Jacky Fay-Lynn 0
Corporate Espionage - Part Six - Jacky Fay-Lynn 1
Corporate Espionage - Part Six - Jacky Fay-Lynn 2

Captive corporate spy Mary Jane informs her captor,Vibert, that the burglar he caught was Jacky Fay-Lynn, better known as the superheroine "The Queen of Wands." Using her supernatural abilities, the slender crimebuster follows the trail to the Gray Man. But the masked enemy agent has anticipated her arrival. The Queen of Wands falls into his trap, and she's robbed of her powers. Using duct tape, the enemy agent binds his helpless prey, gags her and completes her defeat by cutting off her costume and unmasking her, then securing her into a hogtie.

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Hostagettes In Trouble! - Part Four - Savannah Snow  1
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Gorgeous blonde Savannah Snow is tied standing in her "Lady Red" super-lady costume. She's also cleavegagged and blindfolded for the Coach's live show with her. He removes her blindfold to show Savannah is masked, then we see the Coach thoroughly bind the helpless beauty. By viewer request, the Coach then cuts Savannah's uniform to shreds. Her defeat is then completed when he removes her mask for the viewers and reveals her secret identity. Poor Savannah then squirms and struggles in vain, unable to get loose.

Lady Red's Defeat - Kiki D'Aire

2016-07-16 Kiki D'aire 7:21 minutes Bondage
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The superheroine Lady Red (Kiki D'Aire) has been taken captive by the evil Draco, and she's being held captive in his mountain fortress. The busty crimebuster is chairtied and cleavegagged, and her sinister captor takes advantage of her helplessness to unmask Lady Red. Then Draco humiliates the ballgagged superbabe by baring her enormous breasts and cruelly groping her mammoth mammaries. But Lady Red's ordeal isn't over yet!