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Bondage By The Book - The Complete Story - Krissy Lynn 1
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Now you can enjoy the complete story, bargain priced! In this college-themed bondage fantasy, we present a kinky 1st person POV encounter. Gorgeous English Professor Krissy Lynn has asked the viewer to come to her office for a little conference. She's been able to determine from class assignments that you have special interests -- as does she! She then seductively opens up her collection of hollowed-out books to reveal a tantalizing selection of bondage toys. The busty academic then asks if you'd like to play. Professor Lynn is then seen bound hand and foot, and she smiles as she acknowledges your experience with the ropes, then she smiles and asks you to gag her. When we next see the buxom beauty she's ballgagged and secured to the chair with her legs tied wide apart. Her skirt is raised up, offering an inviting view of her pantyhose. As your encounter with Krissy continues, her luscious breasts are revealed, and the panel of her stockings are cut away to expose her most intimate area. When the session is finished, the sexy instructor is ungagged, but there's an unexpected conclusion for our damsel!

As this fantasy continues, Professor Krissy Lynn's consensual bondage session with one of her students takes an unexpected, dark turn when he leaves her alone, still bound and helpless. The busty instructor is then found by the sinister Coach, who does not free his gorgeous captive but instead spirits her to an undisclosed location. Our damsel is wearing only a tight-fitting leather harness and her high heels, and she's bound to the bed spreadeagle with leather cuffs. Professor Lynn is silenced with a snug med wrap gag, listening in terror as her captor explains the situation to her. The Coach tells Krissy that her earlier encounter was all part of a plan to get the stunning professor into his clutches. A foreign buyer wanted to possess an intelligent, kinky, large-breasted woman -- and Krissy certainly fit the bill! The Coach then attaches a humiliating "sold" tag to her harness and he informs the leather-bound beauty that her new master will be arriving soon to claim his luscious prize. Professor Lynn energetically struggles against her restraints and moans in frustration, but despite all her efforts it seems the stunning brunette's fate is sealed!