Storeroom Captive - Darla Crane

2018-03-11 Darla Crane 6:48 minutes Bondage, Redhead, Secretary
Storeroom Captive - Darla Crane 1
Storeroom Captive - Darla Crane 2

Superstar Darla Crane returns to American Damsels with a sensational scene, inspired by the detective magazine covers of yore and brought to life by the incredible Ms. Crane. As this pulse-pounding vignette opens, our busty redhead is silenced with a silver duct tape gag and securely roped up in a classic position in a grungy storeroom. Her blouse is unbuttoned, and her lacy bra can be seen. The bound and gagged beauty moans and struggles in vain, her miniskirt riding up to reveal a tantalizing panty-peek. Soon her bra is pulled down to expose her enormous breasts, a snug crotch-rope is added and an extra rope is tied to keep the luscious captive from fully extending her shapely legs. Darla falls onto her side and continues to fight against the ropes, but she remains a helpless prisoner!

  Office Bondage Orgasms - Ashley Renee 0
  Office Bondage Orgasms - Ashley Renee 1
  Office Bondage Orgasms - Ashley Renee 2

Sexy secretary Ashley Renee is being held captive in the office after hours, and her captors decide to have some fun with their busty hostage. Poor Ashley is cleavegagged and bound seated cross-ankle in her chair. They've also roped a powerful vibrator in her hands, and exposed her enormous breasts. Then the villains compel the brunette beauty to pleasure herself for their depraved amusement. The helpless beauty has no choice but to bring herself to orgasm again and again while they watch her shudder, squirm and moan. But will they ever let Ashley go?