Paging Dr. Kahn - The Complete Video 0
Paging Dr. Kahn - The Complete Video 1
Paging Dr. Kahn - The Complete Video 2

This thrilling bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! When Nurse Lauren Kiley learns too much about the mysterious Dr. Kahn she's buckled in to a straitjacket, gagged with a padded bitgag and roped to a chair in a cross-legged position. The stocking-footed damsel pleads to the camera with gagtalk but remains unable to move or escape her strict, unyielding restraints.

Nurse Addie Juniper confronts Dr. Kahn about his identity, and she's silenced with a layered gag and roped in a classic tie in her scrubs, white socks and sneakers. She struggles to free herself, then the evil doctor returns to cut open her clothes and cut off her panties. Addie continues her escape attempt, and she's bound into a secure hogtie. But Dr. Kahn isn't done with her yet!

Nurse Addie Juniper has been taken by the evil Dr. Kahn to his secret hideaway. The feisty lady is strapped into a straitjacket, a harness ballgag is buckled on her head, her ankles are bound with a leather strap and attached to her jacket with legirons. Her sinister host presents the damsel with an uncertain fate, and our poor damsel is left to struggle against her inescapable bonds.

The paranoid Dr. Kahn believes his girlfriend Keisha Grey is onto him, so her takes her to a trendy boutique where she's wrapped in a straitjacket back in the stock room. Keisha thinks it's all just a kinky game, but she's gagged with microfoam tape, her legs are restrained with legirons and she's left alone to struggle. Soon the gorgeous brunette will learn the sinister truth about the boutique!

Nurse Cameron Dee stumbles onto the truth about her missing co-workers, and she's taken captive by Dr. Kahn! The beautiful blonde is completely secured in a straitjacket, bound into a frogtie with bandages and gagged with microfoam tape. She struggles and moans, so the villain uses cloth strips to further restrain his gorgeous prisoner.

Detective Sofie Marie is assigned to investigate the rash of disappearances at the hospital, and Dr. Kahn lures the pretty cop-lady to his private office with the promise of information about the case. Next, the busty brunette has a ballgag strapped deep in her mouth and she's helplessly suspended in a straitjacket. She struggles in vain while the villain makes a clean getaway.

Arielle Anderssen portrays the 1920s era reporter "Scoops Anderssen, The Jazz-Age Newshound." As the story begins the statuesque blonde goes undercover as a flapper to investigate a story. But she's caught snooping by the villains and she's tied hands over head in a reclining position and cleavegagged. Our intrepid journalist gets loose and tries to hop away, but she's recaptured by the bad guys.

As the story of "Scoops Anderssen - The Jazz-Age Newshound" continues, Ariel Anderssen remains the prisoner of evil men. The blonde beauty is stripped naked, tied in a face-down spreadeagle on a bed and muffled with a cleavegag with tape. Before long, one leg is bent and tied in place to further humiliate the gorgeous reporter. Will our damsel be rescued in time?

Cali's Bondage Interview - The Complete Video 0
Cali's Bondage Interview - The Complete Video 1
Cali's Bondage Interview - The Complete Video 2

This spectacular bondage feature is now bargain priced! Bondage superstar Cali Logan begins her bondage interview bound hand and foot, and soon the gorgeous brunette is dressed up in a schoolgirl costume, ballgagged and tied in a lotus position. As the scene progresses she's attached to the table with more rope and her perky, all-natural breasts are exposed.

Bondage superstar Cali Logan continues her interview, and then all-natural beauty is dressed up in a sexy fishnet ensemble, panties and high heels, and she's tied down to the bed in an "Eiffel Tower" position. When she expresses some concern about her defenseless situation, she's silenced with a duct tape gag, and before long she's roped into a snug, elbows-together hogtie and helplessly struggling.

Gorgeous Cali Logan continues her tied-up interview, and then we see the bondage superstar outdoors, tapegagged, with her hands tied behind her and knees bound, trying to escape. But she's caught and post-tied by her captor, and soon her perfect breasts are revealed.

Fetish superstar Cali Logan concludes her tied-up interview with a few more little anecdotes, but when she's finished Cali is dismayed when she's not set free. Instead she's secured with more rope and cleavegagged. The sexy captive struggles against the bonds in her minidress, pantyhose and high heels, but she just can't get free.

As "Go Hostagettes! (Part 3)" begins, the newest member of the Hostagettes cheerleading team (Mia Vallis) is awakened by sexy burglar Brea Bennett for her initiation. The statuesque blonde is cuffed down to her bed, and Brea silences the novice with a stuffed cleave gag (shown on screen). Brea then cuts off Mia's T-shirt and panties and fondles her naked captive.

"Go Hostagettes! (Part 3)" continues with new squad member Mia Vallis' initiation to the cheerleading squad. Brea Bennet ballgags the statuesque blonde (shown on screen) and then Mia helplessly struggles in a suspension. But there may be more to this initiation than meets the eye...

"Go Hostagettes! (Part 3)" concludes with both Brea Bennet and Mia Vallis tied down to the bed and tapegagged by the evil coach. Each cheerleader has a vibrator roped to her thigh for a sinister little orgasm competition. Whomever wins gets to stay on the squad, but the loser will be in big trouble!

The Plot Thickens - The Complete Video 0
The Plot Thickens - The Complete Video 1
The Plot Thickens - The Complete Video 2

Now this steampunk-themed bondage fantasy is bargain priced! As our tale opens, Airship Pirate Captain Charity O'Malley (Lauren Kiley in corset, frilly panties, lacy fingerless gloves, stockings, and boots) has been taken captive by the scoundrel Bike. She's suspended and cleavegagged with a powerful vibrator tightly strapped between her legs. Her dastardly captor knows he must break her will so she'll surrender a rare and valuable element to him. The curly-haired damsel twists and jerks against the ropes when the vibrator is activated, but ultimately surrenders to a helpless, flying orgasm. Will the villain succeed with his fiendish scheme?


At a seedy tavern, the villain Bike is approached by a gorgeous lady (Kalina Ryu) who claims to be Empress Octavia. The mysterious lady takes him back to the Empress' mansion, where she instructs the wary villain to bind and gag her. Once she's helpless, the lady (in a satiny outfit, boots, lacy blouse and gloves) begins an other-worldly meditation, but it's soon interrupted by Bike. He uses unusual methods to interrogate the trussed-up beauty, and she reveals she's actually an extraterrestrial! When his questioning is completed, the skeptical villain regags his stunning captive and leaves her alone to futilely strain against her bindings while he ransacks her alien belongings.

Professor Blackstone Emerson Claw III is still holding temporal agent Rachel Adams captive at his mansion. Taken from her cell, the plucky damsel (dressed in a white blouse, a long skirt, corset, stockings and boots) is chairtied in his study. The criminal mastermind states his admiration for Agent Adams' fortitude after resisting his attempts to pry information from her for so long. But when Rachel again refuses to divulge her secrets, Professor Claw gags her and leaves. The luckless time-traveller struggles valiantly to free herself, but her efforts are all in vain. Then Bike appears, disguised as one of the Professor's monk servants. He stuffs the bound and gagged captive into a trunk and spirits her away.

Professor Claw mistakenly believes Agent Adams has freed herself and escaped, and decides he must hone his tying skills. He hires a woman of questionable virtue for practice; but "La Paloma" is waylaid by government operative Britney Amber, who takes her place for the job. Britney is taken aback when the Professor tells her he intends to bind and gag her, but she must play along. The busty beauty (stripped down to her corset, gloves, panties, stockings and boots) is cleavegagged and thoroughly bound (all shown completely on screen), but the sexy spy just can't wiggle out her bondage.

Agent Rachel Adams is spirited to one of Bike's secret hideaways, where our damsel is bound spreadeagle on the bed in a long corset with a skirt, stockings, boots and long gloves. Bike demands that the time-traveller tell him all she knows about extraterrestrials, but Rachel denies him any information. Bike gags Rachel and leaves her to struggle alone.

At Professor Claw's mansion, Britney is caught snooping around. She explains her actions as innocent curiosity, but as her host ties her up a second time, he questions whether or not Britney is actually "La Paloma." The Professor doesn't believe her explanation, and the busty spy (in a soft corset, panties gloves, stockings and boots) is securely hogtied and ballgagged (all shown completely on screen), desperately trying to escape her failed mission.

Rachel Adams remains Bike's captive. The temporal agent (still in a long corset with skirt, stockings and boots) is ballgagged and laced into a snug leather single-sleeve. Bike tells her he has other business to attend, and he leaves the helpless damsel alone. Rachel uses this opportunity and tries her best to free herself from the inescapable bondage, but it's clear she'll remain Bike's prisoner as long as her despicable host wants.

At Professor Claw's mansion, Britney Amber (in a soft corset, panties and frill-topped stockings) is interrogated by the dark master criminal. She tries to explain herself, but she's cleavegagged and the vibrator secured between her thighs is activated, compelling the secured spy to experience an inescapable orgasm.

Damsel Stories - The Complete Video 0
Damsel Stories - The Complete Video 1
Damsel Stories - The Complete Video 2

This bondage-packed collection of damsel in distress tales is now bargain priced! In the first 1940s era movie serial inspired scene, snoopy reporter Aidra Fox has been taken captive by the master criminal The Reaper. Our intrepid damsel is suspended by the masked menace, then she's detective-gagged and left in dire straits. Will she be rescued in time?

As the story continues, Agent Carissa Montgomery has gone undercover as "Roxy," a glamorous singer in the Reaper's nightclub. The busty blonde is discovered stealing her boss's secret decoder, and she's bound, gagged, exposed and used as bait in a dangerous trap set for the hero. How can she escape this terrible predicament?

Then Agent Anna Nolan (AKA Anna Lee) is working undercover at the Reaper's nightclub as "Bunny." Our brave damsel is caught trying to retrieve the master villain's stolen secret decoder, so she's cleavegagged, securely bound and left to helplessly struggle in a precarious predicament.

In the next 1940s movie serial inspired scene, undercover Nurse Celeste Star sneaks into the Reaper's laboratory to find out what his secret project is. She faints when she meets Heinz, his genetically modified gorilla. Then our plucky damsel is bound and gagged as a guinea pig for one of the Reaper's depraved experiments involving a powerful vibrator -- and bondage orgasms!

As the steampunk-inspired tale "Agent Montgomery's Secret Chronicles" begins, Carissa Montgomery is sent to investigate strange events at the old Coutts Theatre. She meets the mysterious Professor Blackstone Emerson Claw III, who takes her captive as soon as she realizes who he is. The gorgeous blonde is cleavegagged and tied into a seated strappado while the villain ransacks her belongings in search of secret documents that will aid his nefarious mission. What will he do with her next?

The story continues with Agent Carissa Montgomery as the helpless captive of the evil Professor Claw. He compels the busty blonde to wear an iconic slave princess costume and leaves her tapegagged, hogtied, chained down and helpless, with only a powerful vibrator to keep her company. Before long, the buxom barefoot beauty succumbs to its irresistible hum... but how can she ever escape it?

As the Western-inspired tale "Blackjack Claw Ties Again!" begins, government operative Aidra Fox is posing as a lady of easy virtue to entrap the notorious outlaw Blackjack Claw. But the villain discovers her deception, and Aidra is bandana-gagged and tied kneeling, hands-over-head and placed in great distress by the desperate criminal.

The story concludes with leggy beauty Celeste Star as the celebrated tracker and bounty hunter "Morning Star." But the dark outlaw gets the drop on her, and soon barefoot babe is cleavegagged, hogtied (including a toe-tie) and struggling in vain against the ropes when Blackjack leaves his gorgeous adversary to an uncertain fate.


Carissa The Spy - The Complete Video 0
Carissa The Spy - The Complete Video 1
Carissa The Spy - The Complete Video 2

In this sexy fantasy, Carissa Montgomery portrays an agent for the Bureau of National Defense and Governmental Espionage. In her first adventure, the busty blonde has been taken captive and stripped down to her bra and panties. She's cleavegagged and roped into a classic standing position (shown on-screen). Her elbows are roped together and her huge breasts are bared.

Then in a spa, secret agent Carissa is completely nude when she's attacked by an enemy agent who stuffs a cloth in her mouth. The gorgeous spy is secured with plastic wrap and roped down to the massage table. Her enormous breasts are exposed, and her captor humiliates her by compelling her to use a vibrator while he watches her (with a special cameo appearance by Leah J. as the overpowered masseuse).

That evening, Carissa is napping when she's attacked again. In a scene highlighted with on-screen trying and gagging, the sexy spy is napping in bed (wearing black lingerie) when she's pounced on by an enemy agent. The busty beauty is gagged with duct tape and bound into a classic position on the bed, with lots of rope on her bare legs. Her elbows are also snugly bound together and she struggles futilely against her bondage.

In another adventure, agent Carissa is taken captive once again. The busty spy is stripped naked, ballgagged and suspended in a hands-over-head position over a smoking vat of something horrible. The gorgeous blonde struggles and tries her best to escape, but she's really caught. Will our brave damsel surrender her secrets, or is she doomed?

The Carissa (in vinyl trenchcoat, turtleneck sweater, miniskirt and boots) is caught outside trying to infiltrate an enemy compound. The gorgeous blonde is strapped to post and silenced with a layered gag of cleavegag with tape (all shown on-screen). Soon her sweater is cut open to expose her huge breasts. Then our brave damsel is blindfolded and faces certain doom!

As the ending of the story is revealed, lingerie-clad beauty Carissa Montgomery is in bed, bandana gagged, handcuffed, and enjoying herself with a vibrator. No sooner is she finished when a masked man enters and consensually hogties her (shown on-screen). Then Carissa's enormous breasts are bared, she's blindfolded and happily squirms in her predicament.

The Adventures of Miss Boxworthy - The Complete Video 0
The Adventures of Miss Boxworthy - The Complete Video 1
The Adventures of Miss Boxworthy - The Complete Video 2

This sensational bondage-filled fantasy is now bargain priced! As this steampunk-inspired story begins, the titular damsel (Candle Boxxx) is lured to a strange location with the promise of thrilling intrigue. She's then delighted to be taken captive by a scruffy villain, who binds and gags the flighty heiress (all shown onscreen). Miss Boxworthy gets into the moment and struggles, then she's led away by her captor.

When we next see our damsel, she's being held in a small cage by her captor while they wait for the ransom to be delivered. To help pass the time, she convinces the villain to tie her up and gag her so she can pratice her escape artistry. He indulges her, and soon Miss Boxworthy is thoroughly bound up and silenced with a stuffed cleavegag. The scoundrel then leaves his helpless hostage alone to struggle while he goes to collect the money.

As the adventure continues, Miss Boxworthy's step-father asks Lady Fox (Aidra Fox) to deliver the money for his step-daughter's safe return. The villain Bike is quite surprised to encounter his foe, and he takes quickly her captive. Lady Fox is cleavegagged and tied kneeling with her hands overhead. Her captor has also fitted her with the "leather orgasm belt." Soon the device is activated, and before long the gorgeous brunette succumbs to a helpless orgasm.

Miss Kendall Boxworthy (Candle Boxxx) is still trying to free herself when she's unexpectedly grabbed by the sinister Dr. Caesar Beringei. The mad scientist has wicked plans for our damsel, and she's strapped down to a table, ballgagged with a vibrator buckled to her thigh. The device is switched on, and the heiress almost transforms before she surrenders to a helpless, squirting orgasm. The horrible experiment is nearly a success when it's brought to an abrupt halt with the emergence of a sinister new player in the story.

Miss Boxworthy has unexpectedly fallen into the clutches of Professor Blackstone Emerson Claw III! The criminal mastermind steals a family heirloom from her from his own nefarious purposes, then leaves the busty beauty cleavegagged and suspended over a smoking vat of something horrible. The helpless damsel squirms athletically to free herself, but all her efforts are for naught! Will Miss Boxworthy be able to escape this dire fate, or will her adventures come to a cataclysmic end?

The story is followed by "Pin-Up In A Haunted House." As the tale begins, the titular damsel (Jayden Cole) is snooping around in a hidden room when she's suddenly grabbed hand-over-mouth and pulled into a closet by a spooky villain. The statuesque redhead is next seen detective-gagged and securely bound to a chair. Her masked captor re-emerges to expose her perfect, all natural breasts. Despite her struggles, poor Jayden remains a helpless prisoner.

Her ordeal continues with leggy, lingerie-clad babe ballgagged, bound into a "classic position" and struggling in the dungeon. Soon the stocking-footed beauty is roped into a very secure hogtie. The gorgeous redhead moans, drools and squirms in a futile attempt to free herself.

In the conclusion of "Pin-Up In A Haunted House," stunning redhead Jayden Cole is tapegagged, tied to the bed spreadeagled in her lingerie, gloves, stockings and heels with a vibrator roped in place to insure an exciting climax to her story. The leggy beauty tries in vain to resist the relentless hum of the device, but ultimately she surrenders to an unavoidable orgasm.

Self-Bondage Prisoner - The Complete Feature 0
Self-Bondage Prisoner - The Complete Feature 1
Self-Bondage Prisoner - The Complete Feature 2

This thrilling video is now bargain priced! Sexy secretary Keisha Grey is alone and working late in the office when she decides to indulge in a self-bondage fantasy. She places a handcuff key frozen in ice before her and narrates her fantasy as she locks on legirons and handcuffs. Keisha then gags herself with a strip of duct tape before grabbing a vibrator and enjoying a restrained orgasm. But before the ice melts, a burglar enters and discovers her in this humiliating predicament!


The busty brunette is been taken captive by a burglar who found her alone in the office (and indulging in a self-bondage vibrator session). The ski-masked villain ropes up the curvy cutie, and despite her pleading he thoroughly gags her with several strips of duct tape. He hogties his captive and she helplessly struggles while he ransacks the office. He bares her ample, all natural breasts and then tells her he's going to bring the bondage-loving secretary along with him when he makes his getaway.

Next the barefoot babe is dressed in lingerie and post-tied legs apart in a hands over head position. Despite her protests, the villain cleavegags his pretty prisoner and watches her squirm. Soon he cuts away her lingerie to expose her ample breasts and snips off her panties, then adds more rope to secure Keisha to her post. This isn't what this bondage-loving lady was hoping for... or is it?

As "Wicked Whitney Returns" begins, super-lady Mia Vallis has been captured by the villainess Whitney Morgan. The Green Nemesis has been cleavegagged and suspended above Whitney's bed, where our damsel is helpless to resist the sexually charged taunting by her sultry captor. What does the depraved woman have planned for her trussed up captive?

As the story continues, The Green Nemesis (Mia Vallis) still in the clutches of evil Whitney Morgan. Mia has been dressed up in lingerie, ballgagged and tied down to the bed with her legs frogtied. Whitney ballgags herself, then uses two vibrators to bring both the helpless captive and herself to orgasm. Can our damsel ever escape from the evil blonde?

The video concludes with the steampunk-inspired scene "The Capture of Lady Fox." Gorgeous Aidra Fox portrays the titular damsel. International adventuress Lady Fox has been taken captive by dangerous foreign agents who hope to extract vital information from her. The busty brunette is tapegagged and tied down to the bed in a spreadeagle position in her corset, panties, gloves, stockings and boots. Soon more rope is added, and our damsel's nipples peek out over her corset as she helplessly struggles against the ropes. Will Lady Fox give in to her captors, or will she be rescued?

Always In Trouble - The Complete Video 0
Always In Trouble - The Complete Video 1
Always In Trouble - The Complete Video 2

This full feature of retro-style damsels in distress is now bargain priced! The American Damsels Network presents highlights from the classic sitcom "Always In Trouble." As the series begins, sexy '50s Hollywood starlet Cameron Dee is held for ransom by bad guys. The villains suspend the gorgeous blonde in her iconic white dress, stockings and high heels, and she's silenced with a "detective gag." The captive beauty struggles and moans, and soon her ample breasts are bared.
Then as highlights from the 1950s-era sitcom continues, busty '50s-era housewife Sofie Marie is caught in a classic comedy predicament while babysitting. She's tightly detective-gagged and bound hand and foot in her pedal pushers, white sneakers and a low-cut gingham crop top. She's caught when she tries to hop away, and she's progressively roped up to the chair for her efforts. She slips out of her shoes but not her bonds, and her breasts are exposed. When she's finally discovered, she has to make an embarrassing confession.

In the next scene, sultry Whitney Morgan is confronted by the mysterious burglar who's been terrorizing the neighborhood. The blonde bombshell is compelled to strip down to her black underwear, back-seamed stockings and red high heels. She's tied up in a classic position and tightly "detective-gagged." When she tries to escape, the sexy blonde is tied to a ladder and her all natural breasts are revealed.

When redheaded beauty Candle Boxxx is taken captive by the burglar, she's tied up in a classic position on the bed and silenced with a stuffed cleavegag. The intruder learns Candle's embarrassing secret, then he layers a tight detective gag over her cleavegag, fold-ties her in her '50s-era dress and the cruel burglar leaves the sexy redhead in that helpless and humiliating predicament.

Next, sexy blonde Brea Bennett is preparing for a picnic when she's taken hostage by the Phantom Burglar. She's cleavegagged and tied in a classic position when her friend Aubrielle Summer finds her, and the busty brunette is taken captive as well! The ladies are bound seated back-to-back and cleavegagged, and after they've been robbed the burglar exposes their considerable breasts before leaving them alone to helplessly struggle.

In this following segment, gorgeous beautician Niki Lee Young seems secretly thrilled when the Phantom Burglar confronts her at home. The stunning beauty is stripped down to her classic lingerie, garterbelt, stockings and high heels before she's "detective-gagged" and hogtied on the bed. Before the burglar leaves, Niki's bra is pulled aside and her perfect, all natural breasts are exposed.

The final highlight of the 1950s era sitcom "Always In Trouble" features a startling revelation about the burglar who had been terrorizing the neighborhood. Slender beauty Danielle Trixie is enjoying a quiet afternoon reading when she meets the real "Phantom Burglar" (Loren Chance). The intruder ties up the willowy blonde and silences her with a stuffed cleavegag (all shown onscreen) before ransacking her home. Soon the intruder has discovered Danielle's dark secret. The Phantom now has big plans for the slender beauty, but before she leaves her to be discovered, she bares her captive's all natural breasts and hikes up her dress to expose her stocking-tops, garters and panties.

Bedroom Damsels - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Melody Marks 0
Bedroom Damsels - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Melody Marks 1
Bedroom Damsels - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Melody Marks 2

Encore! Now you can savor this sexy story from a new perspective with the 2nd camera version! In "The Bondage Love Angel." Sweet Melody Marks introduces herself as the titular character, and she tells you she's here to grant you three fantasies. The first fantasy she grants is one of erotic tension and suspense. As it begins, cheerleader Melody enters her apartment after practice and is at first perplexed and then creeped out when she finds someone has left a doll on her bed. Specifically it's a cheerleader doll that bears some resemblance to her, and it's bound and gagged! She then turns and sees her POV stalker. Melody demands to know the meaning of all this, and she quickly finds out! The sexy cheerleader is next seen ballgagged and suspended from the ceiling! Melody energetically struggles and squirms in mid-air like a helpless, drooling marionette. As she fights against her bondage, her short skirt offers no privacy at all, and her most intimate area is easily visible to her depraved captor. Then Melody's top is pulled up, exposing her perfect, perky breasts.

Ask Joy - The Complete Story 0
Ask Joy - The Complete Story 1
Ask Joy - The Complete Story 2
Ask Joy - The Complete Story 3
Ask Joy - The Complete Story 4

Now this pulse-pounding feature is bargain priced! Alexis Taylor portrays the kinky titular advice columnist is this adaptation of the Bondagebabylon feature. "Joy" answers letters from an all-star cast, giving sage advice for their "knotty" problems. The bound and gagged beauties featured in this 13 minute show are (in alphabetical order) Claire Adams, Goldie Blair, Christina Carter, Melissa Jacobs, Jennifer Lee, Karina Santos, Angie Savage and Celeste Star.

The "Ask Joy" feature is followed by the complete scenes of the damsels in the show. We begin with Melissa Jacobs. The gorgeous blonde unknowingly opens her door for a home invasion robber. She's roped into a hogtie and silenced with a stuffed bandana gag. Her luscious breasts are bared and the villain leaves his beautiful captive alone to struggle.

In the next expanded scene, bikini babe Angie Savage walks in on a burglary and is grabbed (hand over mouth) by bad guy Devon Savage. She's cleavegagged with a necktie (shown onscreen) and roped into a fold-tie. The blonde cutie squirms to the floor and manages to escape from her shoes but not the ropes. She falls over onto her side but remains helpless to free herself. All she can do is wait for the humiliation of being found in her vulnerable position!

Thrift store owner Claire Adams and her employee Celeste Star are confronted by a robber at the store. The villain compels Claire to hogtie Celeste, and then he hogties the lady-boss (all tying is shown on-screen). Then the robber tapegags his pretty victims, and exposes their all-natural breasts before absconding with the cash and leaving the lovely ladies to helplessly struggle and squirm.

In the following segment, jogger Karina Santos is nabbed after her morning run. The slender beauty is bandana-gagged and tied up in the closet. Then sultry Asian babe Jennifer Lee is frogtied and scarf-gagged on the bed in a consensual scene.

In the next two-part segment, Joy herself (Alexis Taylor) is bandana-gagged and tied up at her desk in a classic position. Of course her huge breasts are bared. Then Joy's busty secretary Christina Carter is suspended and while doing her work. Despite her bondage, Christina manages to utilize her stockinged feet to use her laptop. (Christina's enormous breasts are exposed as well.)

In the final segment of "Ask Joy," we learn a little about where those letters to the kinky advice columnist come from. Also, Goldie Blair is frogtied on the floor in her bra, panties and high heels. The busty beauty is cleavegagged, and she struggles helplessly against the ropes. Soon her enormous breasts are bared.