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Freedom Woman Captured! - The Complete Video 1
Freedom Woman Captured! - The Complete Video 2

As the story opens, a desperate plea for help from a bound damsel (Agatha Delicious) is sent by way of a video message to the costumed crimebuster Freedom Woman (Riley Reyes). The champion of justice suits up in her pantyhose, leotard, boots, gloves, cape and mask, and then she tracks down the source of the video to a grungy hideout. She finds the gorgeous blonde (in short skirt, blouse, pantyhose and high heels) cleavegagged and chair-tied and she promptly frees her. But it's all a trap, and the masked adventuress is attacked by two thugs. Freedom Woman easily wins the brief battle, but then the unsuspecting crimebuster is overpowered by the treacherous damsel she just rescued! The statuesque vixen instructs her black-clad henchmen to bind and detective-gag the reeling and powerless Freedom Woman (shown on-screen). Once the malevolent underlings have her helplessly trussed up, the subdued demigoddess is loaded into a car trunk for transport to a sinister undisclosed location.

Now in their clutches, Freedom Woman is tied standing, still recovering from her stunning defeat. Agatha Delicious (in black lingerie and thigh-high boots) enters to taunt her spandex-clad prisoner. The incredulous crimebuster can't believe the evil woman would betray her in such a manner, but the booted babe assures her prisoner that it was all purely business. Agatha then gags poor Freedom Woman with silver duct tape and leaves her alone to struggle. The masked adventuress wriggles and writhes against her restraints, but all her efforts are useless against the tight ropes.

We next see Freedom Woman kneeling, securely bound and ballgagged. The defeated damsel drools helplessly down her chest, nervously waiting for the mysterious man who arranged for her to be taken. Soon the boss arrives, an influential criminal mastermind known only as "The Coach." He removes our sexy protagonist's belt, and then takes great pleasure as he relieves her of her mask -- and her secret identity! The Coach removes his lovely damsel's gag, and compels her to wrap her lips around a mounted dildo. The villain informs Freedom Woman that it's no ordinary phallic device in her mouth, and it will transform her into a submissive bondage slave. Influenced by the diabolical toy, she can't stop herself from sucking the dildo until the Coach ends the session. Will Freedom Woman ever be able to escape this dire fate? The story will be concluded soon!

As a bonus, damsel Agatha Delicious' scene is shown in it's entirety. The leggy beauty is chair-tied and she begs for our titular protagonist to save her, adding a sly warning that she suspects it may be a trap. Then the luscious bait is cleavegagged and struggling in anticipation of the aforementioned trap closing on the unwary Freedom Woman. Before long Agatha's blouse is opened up and her ample breasts are exposed, and we get some tantalizing views of her pantyhose when her short skirt rides up during her efforts. The feature is followed by a brief glimpse of scenes from the next chapter of the Freedom Woman story.

Detective In A Haunted House - The Complete Video 0
Detective In A Haunted House - The Complete Video 1
Detective In A Haunted House - The Complete Video 2

This thrilling bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! As the next entry in the "Haunted House" series begins, busty starlet Victoria June arrives at a location, thinking it's where she'll be playing the part of "Bimbo #2" for a low-budget horror movie. She's immediately confronted by a mad scientist who informs her that they're actually shooting the movie at the haunted house next door. But the sinister resident isn't going to let his unexpected visitor get away. The dark-haired beauty is bound in a kneeling position, and when they hear a knock at the door, Victoria's tormentor quickly tapegags his luscious hostage. When he returns, he tells the bound actress that to fund his evil experiments, he nabs unsuspecting lovelies like Ms. June for a very lucrative live cam-show. The depraved scientist then pulls open her top to expose Victoria's voluminous breasts, and he activates the powerful vibrator positioned between her thighs. The helpless starlet continues to cry out for help through the stuffed tapegag, but she can't resist the relentless hum of the vibrator, and she ultimately succumbs to a series of shuddering orgasms.

Private detective Chi Chi Medina is assigned to investigate all the mysterious disappearances linked to the haunted house. As she's looking for clues in the study, she opens a closet door and is shocked to find herself face-to-face with a werewolf! The gorgeous gumshoe (in a minidress and heels) immediately faints, and the furry creature takes advantage of Chi Chi's powerless condition to examine the supine intruder. The sexy shamus is next seen securely tied to a chair and cleavegagged. Her hairy tormentor comes in to check on the trussed-up detective, and he pulls open her dress for a better look at her considerable breasts. Left alone, Chi Chi energetically struggles against her bindings, but to no avail! Then she remembers she has a device on her that, with effort, aids in her liberation from the werewolf's clutches, and she frees herself.

But instead of fleeing the haunted house, the brave detective continues her search for the missing women. She finds the dungeon where Victoria June was held earlier, but the room is now deserted. Chi Chi is investigating for clues when she's suddenly grabbed by a lab-coat clad gorilla! Detective Medina is next seen barefoot and stripped down to some ragged clothes, tied standing with her hands overhead. The feisty damsel demands that the damned dirty ape release her, but instead he cleavegags the stunning brunette. Poor Chi Chi is left to ponder her fate, and she struggles to get free -- but without success this time! The nasty gorilla soon returns and rips open her top. Chi Chi continues her valiant efforts to get lose, but she realizes she's completely at their mercy now!

Chi Chi is then returned to the study. She's now wearing a silky slip, and she's barefoot, hogtied and tapegagged. She has no idea what these fiends have in store for her, but she knows she must escape! As she rolls on the floor, the delicate slip falls away and her huge chest is revealed again. Her nimble fingers search for the knots, and she manages to release the hogtie connector rope. The plucky detective gets up and hops to the door, but when she opens it she's startled by the sight of a giant worm! She falls back in horror, and the bizarre creature attacks the bound beauty. Despite her desperate attempts to evade the monster, the voracious worm begins to eat the helpless detective. Will Chi Chi be able to escape this dreadful fate, or is she truly doomed?

The story is followed by the first episode of "The Lost Bondage Scenes." The scene opens on the set of a 1960s-era TV sitcom. Ryan Ryans (dressed in a blouse, pleated skirt, pantyhose and high heels), the gorgeous star of the series, is detective-gagged and tied to a post. The director is giving her some last-minute instruction before they start filming when he's interrupted by a network executive. It seems that upper management feels this scene is too sexy for TV, and it must be cut! The director argues, but he knows it's a losing battle. Distraught, he calls for an early lunch while he works to settle the dispute. Everyone leaves the set -- except for the still bound and gagged star! The beautiful blonde calls for help through her gag, but no one hears her. She wiggles against her bonds, but the knots all hold tight! Eventually a woman from the crew finds the bound beauty, but instead of freeing Ms. Ryans, she exposes her breasts and fondles her to settle a wager. Now helpless and humiliated, poor Ryan wonders who will find her next.

Damsel Of The Week - The Complete Video  0
Damsel Of The Week - The Complete Video  1
Damsel Of The Week - The Complete Video  2

As this collection begins, buxom Kiki D'Aire tells us how she came out to Hollywood to be a serious actress. But she soon discovered that the roles she mostly frequently lands is that of the guest-starring eye candy for TV shows and movies who usually gets into trouble and needs to be rescued by the hero, or what she calls "The Damsel Of The Week." She presents one such example as she guest stars in an episode of "Yank Johnson, All American." As an imperiled heiress, Kiki (in pantyhose, heels and a pink skirt suit) is nabbed by her uncle when she discovers his evil intentions for the family fortune. As he binds the buxom beauty to a chair, she asks how he could do this to her, and the villain reveals he's not really her uncle. He scarf-gags Kiki and exposes her enormous breasts and leaves her in a dire situation. Will Yank Johnson be able to rescue her in time? Can you doubt it?

Struggling actress Kiki D'Aire continues with another chapter of her unexpected career as the frequently imperiled "Damsel Of The Week" in various TV shows and low-budget movies. In this segment, our busty thespian is thrilled to announce that she's finally landed the title role in a movie. Unfortunately for her, she spends the majority of the story bound and gagged, which is not too surprising since the title of the feature is "Captive Starlet." As the scene opens, Kiki is tied hands-over-head and she defiantly tells her tormentors that they've made a big mistake since she's a very important person... as he's tying her up (shown on-screen). The villains can only tolerate so much of that attitude, and they tapegag their luscious hostage. Ms. D'Aire is then left to struggle, and it's not long before the bad guys decide to expose her voluminous breasts. Will Kiki's big break have a happy ending?

Struggling actress Kiki D'Aire continues with yet another chapter of her ongoing career as the frequently imperiled "Damsel Of The Week" in assorted TV shows and low-budget movies. The busty babe has been cast as the leading damsel in the Z-grade science fiction thriller "Invasion Of The Tricotians." Our buxom protagonist is in bed when she's suddenly swarmed by the annoyingly cheerful extraterrestrials. Kiki tries to reason with the aliens, but the brightly-colored space invaders frogtie their luscious hostage, and cleavegag her as well. The Tricotians also cut two strategically-placed holes in her T-shirt, and they rope a powerful vibrator to her thigh. They activate the device, and though our well-endowed damsel tries her best to resist the Hitachi, it's not long before she surrenders to a series of helpless orgasms -- much to her tormentors' depraved delight!

Struggling actress Kiki D'Aire continues her journey with this next chapter of her adventures as the "Damsel Of The Week" for various Hollywood projects. In this episode, she shows us the titillating highlights of an unsold TV pilot as she portrays the buxom crimebuster "Lady Red" in the anthology series "Amazing Superheroine Stories." As the tale begins, the spandex-clad beauty is securely chair-tied and tapegagged. Soon she's unmasked and her luscious breasts are laid bare. The defeated champion of justice is stripped down to her sparkly boots, wrapped up in clear plastic and tape, and ballgagged to be delivered to the highest bidder. The sexy super-lady is then bound with tight rubber strips and silenced with microfoam tape with a powerful vibrator secured between her thighs. Once the device is activated Kiki struggles in vain to escape the relentless hum of the Hitachi, but she soon surrenders to a helpless orgasm.

Struggling actress Kiki D'Aire continues her adventures as the frequently-imperiled "Damsel Of the Week." In this final installment of her exploits, the busty beauty hooks a guest starring role on the American Damsels Network series "Damsel Of The Sea." As the episode begins, our buxom damsel portrays a mermaid who's been taken prisoner by the bad guys. She reluctantly admits that she really is a mermaid, but Kiki fails to convince her tormentors that she's actually a government agent, and she makes a feeble attempt to intimidate them with a mermaid curse. The villains don't believe her, and respond to her threats by applying a duct tape gag. The trussed-up mermaid struggles like a fish out of water, but she knows she's caught now. Before long the baddies expose Kiki's luscious breasts, and she pleads and flirts in an attempt to get them to release their catch -- but it's apparent she's going to remain their helpless prisoner.

The Action Ladies - The Complete Video 0
The Action Ladies - The Complete Video 1
The Action Ladies - The Complete Video 2

This spectacular bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! In the next thrilling installment of the Action Lady saga, we jump back to the beginning and find out how Carissa Montgomery became the titular adventuress. As the story opens, the original Action Lady, Amber Michaels, has been taken captive by a master criminal and she's being held post-tied and cleavegagged in his fortified compound. But fearless agents from the Federal Agency for Tactical Enforcement are coming to the rescue! Agent Montgomery has fought her way through guards and traps to find the trussed up defender of justice. But before Carissa can liberate Amber, she's overpowered by the villains. The next thing the agent knows, she's been stripped and she's gagged and bound back-to-back with Action Lady. Through her gag, Amber tells her co-prisoner that it'll all be over for them if they can't free themselves within ten minutes. The busty damsels then desperately struggle and squirm against their restraints. After Carissa finds a way for them to escape, Amber offers her rescuer the opportunity to become the new Action Lady, and the rest is legend.

Then we come back to the present with a new adventure as Action Lady faces the "Revenge of the Black Hoodie." As our scene opens Carissa (in minidress, boots and lacy panties) has fallen into the clutches of the dark supervillain. She's tapegagged and chair-tied, and her captor has secured a very special vibrator between her thighs. The Black Hoodie informs his gorgeous captive that it's no ordinary vibrator strapped against her nethers: this insidious device will permanently alter her molecule structure! The masked miscreant then activates the fiendish vibrator. Action Lady futilely struggles to get out of this trap, but she ultimately succumbs to the ineluctable hum of the demonic toy and surrenders to a helpless orgasm -- but that's not all that happens!

The Black Hoodie's evil high-tech vibrator has effectively transformed Action Lady into a mermaid! Our buxom damsel now has a fish-tail for legs and she's ballgagged, roped and cuffed down to a table. The villain gloats as he tells the vanquished crimebuster he intends to sell her to the highest bidder. He goes through a list of Action Lady's old enemies who have made bids on her, and their plans for her are increasingly terrifying. Left alone, the bound, topless mermaid tries her best to escape from this nightmarish dilemma -- but she seems doomed! Will The Black Hoodie have his ultimate revenge?

The story is followed by the next episode of the bondage-packed 1950s-era sitcom parody "Always In Trouble." "The Phantom of Morningwood Drive" opens in a secret dungeon, and luscious Indica James (dressed in white bra, girdle, stockings, garters, heels and gloves) is tied standing to a ladder by the black-robed villain. She asked her skull-faced captor if he grabbed her because he knows she knows she enjoys bondage, or if he'd seen the amateur photos she'd sent to Mr. Klaw in New York. The Phantom makes no reply but cleavegags Ms. James, and she struggles against her bonds. Later, he changes Indica's standing position and pulls aside her bra to expose her perky, all-natural breasts. What does he have planned for his sweet hostage next?

Then Mrs. Johnson (Terra Mizu, in a 1950s style dress, heels and short gloves) is confronted at home by the Phantom. At first she believes the intruder is just her husband, Dick, playing a joke on her. When she realizes it's not him she promptly faints. When she awakens she finds herself cleavegagged and thoroughly bound in a classic position. The sexy housewife energetically squirms against her restraints, but it's all to no avail! When she tries to wiggle to the phone to call for help, her attempt is thwarted by the reappearance of the Phantom!

Mrs. Johnson is then spirited to the Phantom's dungeon. The busty beauty is dressed only in a girdle, stockings and lacy panties, and she's tied with her hands overhead. Her legs are folded lotus-style, and there's a powerful vibrator fastened at her crotch. She begs for the villain to set her free, but he only straps a bright red ballgag between her lips. The Phantom then switches on the device and she struggles in vain to escape from the influence of the depraved device. But she can't get away, and the helpless housewife is compelled to have a shuddering orgasm, much to the Phantom's delight! But could this be what his stunning captive secretly craved as well?

The Trail Of Dr. Garth - The Complete Video 0
The Trail Of Dr. Garth - The Complete Video 1
The Trail Of Dr. Garth - The Complete Video 2

Now you can enjoy this bondage fantasy at a great bargain price! Dr. Wayne Garth, the enigmatic inventor and founder of Cerberus Research Industries, has gone missing. One of those looking for him is the supervillain "The Black Hoodie." As the tale opens, one of Dr. Garth's androids (Indica James) is seeking the inventor when she encounters the dark villain. The masked criminal overpowers the plastic-clad beauty and she's paralyzed, unable to resist him as he ballgags her with a device that prevents her from sending out a distress signal. She remains motionless, unable to do anything but whimper in her frozen state as the shadowy intruder fetches super-strong restraints to keep the luscious robot captive. The AI minion is then secured to a chair with the black straps, cleavegagged and powerless to stop her captor as he attaches a sinister humming device between her thighs that will download all her data. The android struggles to free herself and stop the unauthorized intrusion, but she finds this new sensation unusually titillating and she succumbs to a helpless technical orgasm.

Buxom government agent Tilly McReese has found Dr. Garth's secret study, and she's looking for clues to his whereabouts when she discovers she's not alone: The Black Hoodie is there! The villain employs one of the doctor's own inventions, the DeMoore Frequency, and the stunning brunette immediately succumbs to the ineluctable tone and she's begging the intruder to tie her up. By the time the effects have subsided, Agent McReese is tied standing hands-over-head. The Black Hoodie cleavegags her, then exposes her considerable breasts. Tilly squirms and moans, but she knows she can't escape him.

Then "The Leztina Burglar" (Vanessa Veracruz) is dispatched to a house in the suburbs on a mysterious mission. She's sneaking around when her intended target, Sextavia (Loren Chance) creeps up behind her and overpowers the booted babe. The lady of the house hogties Vanessa (shown on-screen) and bandana gags the miniskirted intruder. She also opens up Vanessa's blouse and exposes her breasts as she looks for any telltale clues as to who may have sent Ms. Veracruz. The captive Latina works desperately to free herself as Loren tries to contact the authorities, and the busty burglar's escape artist skills don't fail her.

Vanessa gets the upper hand with the aqua-haired lady, and the barefoot captive is cleavegagged and fold-tied on the floor. The Leztina Burglar believes her assignment is back on track, but her victory is short-lived. The Black Hoodie appears and he grabs Vanessa hand-over-mouth, and then Vanessa is ballgagged and sitting bound next to Sextavia. The villain tells Ms. Veracruz the truth about her boss, Dr. Garth. And he informs Sextavia that he intends to use her as bait for the missing inventor. Vanessa is tapegagged and sent on her way with her hands tied behind her back. The Black Hoodie then finds a way to transform Sextavia into a mermaid, and she's left tied and tapegagged in an empty pool, desperately struggling to liberate herself before she's spirited away.

Innocent Vixens - The Complete Video 0
Innocent Vixens - The Complete Video 1
Innocent Vixens - The Complete Video 2

This gorgeous bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! We present two tales of gorgeous ladies who have the bad luck of being in the wrong place at the right time to get themselves into trouble. In "Come Rescue Me!" sexy secretary Lucy Purr (in white blouse, a short, tight black skirt, stockings and high heels) sends that very text message to her boyfriend while she's working after hours. The long-haired beauty then reaches into her desk drawer and reveals some handcuffs, leg-irons and a bandana. Lucy begins by cleavegagging herself, then she attaches the leg-irons to her office chair. Next she clicks the cuffs onto her ankles and grabs the handcuffs to lock her hands behind her back. Ms. Purr enjoys her naughty self-restraint for a moment when she suddenly gets a reply from her boyfriend, saying he won't be able to stop by and he'll catch up with her later. Lucy immediately sends a desperate response to let him know she needs him right away, but then she drops her phone and it lands just out of reach. Our self-binding sweetie doesn't have a lot of time to make an escape plan when she's discovered by a rather surprised burglar. He certainly isn't going to set poor Lucy free, and it doesn't take long for him to figure out what's really going on with the kinky cutie.

The burglar noticed that Lucy had some bondage supplies conveniently hidden in her desk, and he puts them to good use. The hapless secretary is silenced with her own ballgag and roped into a classic position on top of her desk. Her short skirt has ridden up to expose her garters and stocking-tops, and her captor takes advantage of the situation and exposes Lucy's considerable breasts. The burglar leaves his luscious hostage alone while he ransacks the office, and once she sure he's not watching, Lucy tries her best to get loose, hop away, or get to the phone in her purse. But her hopes of escape are dashed when he discovers her, and Lucy is hogtied on her desk. She struggles and squirms against her restraints, but the knots hold fast and she realizes she's completely at his questionable mercies.

The burglar then strips his leggy hostage down to her panties, stockings, garters and heels and he binds her into a stretched-out horizontal position with her hands overhead. The helpless secretary is gagged with duct tape, and she wonders if the cruel intruder is done putting her through her bondage paces. While he's loading his ill-gotten goods into his car, Lucy does her best to liberate herself, but all her efforts are in vain! When the burglar returns he informs the busty babe that he's going to tie her up in a special way for her boyfriend to find her. He ties up Ms. Purr standing at her desk with her legs wide apart, secured in this position and with a tight crotchrope too. The villain makes his escape and poor Lucy is left alone again to struggle. Will she be rescued by her boyfriend, or discovered by someone else in this humiliating situation?

In "The Wrong Hostage," we have an amazing story of a movie production gone wrong. A documentary crew wanted to make a film about the dangers of celebrity. They devised a hypothetical hostage situation with supermodel Ryan Ryans and they hired her lookalike cousin to play her for the film. But a production assistant comes in to find director Lauren Kiley tied up, cleavegaged, toe-tied and frantically struggling. He removes her gag and she tells him that during the filming real criminals grabbed Ryan's stand-in, thinking they were getting the genuine celebrity. Back at their hideout, the captive cousin (in a tight-fitting minidress, stockings and strappy high heels) is chairtied and she tries her best to convince her captors that she's not really the famous supermodel. But the bad guys cleavegag the celebrity clone and make a ransom video with her. Then later the depraved villains decide to expose the helpless lady's delectable breasts, and they hike up her skirt to savor a gratuitous panty-peek. What will these miscreants do when they find out their captive is not who they think she is?

Meanwhile at the film production, the assistant tells the still trussed-up Lauren that in a bizarre twist, a completely different group of criminals has, indeed, nabbed the genuine Ryan Ryans. The glamorous supermodel is dressed in lacy red lingerie and thigh-high stockings... and tied hands-over-head to the headboard of the bed. Ms. Ryans angrily warns her captors that they've made a big mistake by taking her, but they don't pay any heed, and they use microfoam tape (wrapped all the way around her head, under her hair) to put an end to her admonition. The dazzling damsel tries her best to maintain a brave demeanor, but she gets nervous when the criminals pull her lingerie aside to get a better look at her "A-List" breasts. Will Ryan and her lookalike be rescued in time? And what about Lauren?

The Woman From S.E.C.Re.T. - The Complete Video 0
The Woman From S.E.C.Re.T. - The Complete Video 1
The Woman From S.E.C.Re.T. - The Complete Video 2

This sensational bondage-packed fantasy is now bargain priced! Somewhere in the suburbs, petite beauty Phoebe Queen is grabbed by a masked intruder. The gorgeous brunette is ballgagged and roped into a frogtie on her bed. Our damsel struggles in vain to free herself, and before long the villain returns to expose her perfect, perky breasts, and to strictly bind her elbows together. It's obvious Phoebe's captor isn't going to be letting her go anytime soon!

Because Phoebe is, in reality, extraterrestrial royalty, her disappearance is investigated by the Special Emergency Covert Response Team (S.E.C.Re.T.). Agent Ashley Lane is assigned to the case, and no sooner does she arrive at the crime scene when she's grabbed by another mysterious hooded villain. The lovely blonde is promptly cleavegagged and roped into a strict crossed-ankle hogtie. Despite her special training and a lot of energetic squirming, Agent Lane remains his helpless prisoner.

As part of her interrogation by the masked evil-doer, poor Ashley is silenced with a medwrap gag and tied standing and bent-over in a sort of posted strappado position. The leggy operative is completely unable to move or escape from her knotty predicament. She refuses to cooperate, but what will the dastardly fiend do with the vanquished agent next?

The Alliance of Superladies also conducts a search for Phoebe, and they assign Private Investigator Sara St. Clair to track down the royal alien. The busty blonde is confronted by yet another masked villain, and she decides to play along when he takes her captive. The petite sleuth determines that the villains are all clones, but she's not prepared when he tells her that they know of her secret identity. He informs Sara that she won't be able to break out of the handcuffs or special rope he's used to restrain her. The sexy P.I. is then powerless to stop him when he bandana-gags her and exposes her luscious breasts. Sara tries her best to escape from this embarrassing situation, but it's apparent she's stuck until someone comes to her rescue.

Meanwhile Agent Ashley is given a robe to wear yet she's totally exposed when she's securely bound to a low stool. The captive spy is ballgagged, and a vibrator is secured between her thighs. The villain comes in to gloat over his gorgeous hostage. She's maintained her secrets, but it's apparent she's lost this game of cat-and-mouse. The ski-masked baddie then activates the device and makes his escape. Ashley tries her best to resist the relentless hum of the vibrator, but it isn't long before she succumbs to a shuddering orgasm.

Elsewhere, Sara St. Clair has assumed her alter ego as Dynamic Damsel for a rematch with the clones. One of them exposes the super-lady to Upsilon radiation, thinking it would rob her of her unparalleled strength. But his error is costly and she quickly dispatches him. A second clone gets the upper hand with a paralyzing spray, and Dynamic Damsel falls into his clutches, and she's unmasked. He then uses a sinister device to alter her molecular structure and destroy her superhuman strength. The vanquished crimebuster is ballgagged and tied up with a powerful vibrator roped in place. Once it's turned on, the defeated champion of justice surrenders to the irresistable device.

The Bondage Trap - Part Three - Nikole Nash 0
The Bondage Trap - Part Three - Nikole Nash 1
The Bondage Trap - Part Three - Nikole Nash 2

As Nikole Nash's plight continues, her senator father has not complied with the villain's demands. Stripped down to a pair of thong panties and open-toed heels, Nikole is roped into a standing position to beg for her father's cooperation again. Once the second video is completed, the sweet damsel is cleavegagged with a bandana and left to struggle while the dark villain tends to his tasks. Nikole tries her best to wriggle out of her restraints, but it's apparent she's stuck there for as long as he wants. Later Nikole's gag is changed for a microfoam tapegag, and her captor returns to let her know that the senator is not going to yield to their demands. And so now he's decided to auction Nikole to the highest bidder!

Revenge of the Gray Man - the Complete Video 0
Revenge of the Gray Man - the Complete Video 1
Revenge of the Gray Man - the Complete Video 2

Now you can thrill to this bondage-packed fantasy at a reduced price! As the story begins, gorgeous Krystal Shay is taken captive by "The Gray Man." He binds the leggy blonde and silences her with a stuffed cleavegag. Poor Krystal is then roped into a hogtie and her perky, natural breasts are exposed. She squirms helplessly on the floor, and her miniskirt rides up to expose her pantyhose. All tying and gagging is shown on-screen.

Dressed only in a shirt and panties, Krystal Shay is frogtied and ballgagged by The Gray Man, and her bondage includes a snug, camel-toe producing crotchrope (completely shown on-screen). Once the blonde beauty is securely bound, her enigmatic captor reveals the purpose of his mission, and he makes a ransom video for Krystal's step-father: The director of the Intelligence agency!

As the story continues, novice agent Whitney Westgate is assigned to deliver Krystal Shay's ransom to The Gray Man. She hands him the elusive "Wotzop Document," but instead of letting her go he then thoroughly chairties the leggy spy, stuffs a cloth into her mouth and cleavegags her with a bandana (all tying shown on-screen). He also exposes Whitney's luscious breasts, then discovers the other items she was carrying in a failed attempt to get the upper hand. When her captor discovers the disk is a fake, Whitney is subjected to a strict elbows-together tie.

As agent Whitney Westgate's captivity by The Gray Man continues, she's dressed in a camisole top and denim shorts. The gorgeous brunette is bound in a hands-over-head standing tie and ballgagged by the evil man. The barefoot beauty's top is pulled aside to expose her lovely breasts, her hands are tied behind her back and the villain pulls down her shorts to reveal her lacy panties. Whitney struggles in vain, wondering what the evil man has planned for her next.

As The Gray Man makes his final visit to Krystal Shay, the sexy blonde has been stripped naked, seated and bound with her legs tied wide apart and gagged with microfoam tape. The cruel villain then binds his gorgeous captive into a seated strappado before leaving her to helplessly squirm while awaiting to be found later.

The Gray Man returns to Whitney Westgate to wrap up the story. The lingerie-clad lady is tapegagged and tied into an "Eiffel Tower" position on the bed. He sits her up for a less comfortable upright pose with an elbow-tie and ropes her into place. He exposes her luscious breasts and leaves her to languish in her defeat and helplessly await rescue. What does the Gray Man have planned next?

Hostagettes In Trouble! The Complete Video 0
Hostagettes In Trouble! The Complete Video 1
Hostagettes In Trouble! The Complete Video 2

Now this sensational bondage-packed video is bargain priced! As this tale of cheerleaders-in-bondage opens, Olivia Austin begs the viewer to call the authorities, desperately claiming that she's not acting and that she's really a government agent. She's then cleavegagged, and we see this buxom blonde chairtied in her school uniform, knee-high sock and white sneakers. As the scene progresses, Olivia's shapely legs are bound wide apart, her sneakers are removed and her voluminous breasts are exposed.

Statuesque blonde Savannah Snow applies for a position as the choreography director of the cheerleading squad. She gives her resumé to the Coach, but he states he knows it's a fake, and that she's really a government agent. He binds and gags the busty agent (all shown on-screen), explaining that he also knows Savannah's secret identity as a super-lady, as well as her weakness! He warns the helpless beauty that she'll have to cooperate if she ever wants to see Olivia Austin again. He bares Savannah's huge breasts, and she futilely struggles, wondering what the Coach will do to her next.

Sexy cheerleader Terra Mizu is roped into a classic position and cleavegagged on the bed. She struggles energetically, and then the pigtailed cutie is ballgagged and hogtied. She continues her futile struggles, and more ropes are added, binding her elbows together. Then her high heels are removed, and we get a good look at her pantyhosed feet as the helpless cheerleader continues her futile attempts to get free.

Gorgeous blonde Savannah Snow is tied standing in her "Lady Red" super-lady costume. She's also cleavegagged and blindfolded for the Coach's live show with her. He removes her blindfold to show Savannah is masked, then we see the Coach thoroughly bind the helpless beauty. By viewer request, the Coach then cuts Savannah's uniform to shreds. Her defeat is then completed when he removes her mask for the viewers and reveals her secret identity. Poor Savannah then squirms and struggles in vain, unable to get loose.

Gorgeous cheerleader Keira Nicole is caught snooping in the Coach's private files. She tries to explain that she's really an extraterrestrial, sent to Earth to study human mating rituals. But the Coach doesn't believe her ridiculous story, and the flexible alien beauty is cleavegagged with a scarf and progressively bound into a strict elbows-together chairtie. Her white sneakers are removed, and her uniform is unzipped to expose her perky, all natural breasts and her legs are tied apart. Will this helpless, sock-footed ET ever be able to go home?

For Savannah Snow's finale on the Coach's website, the busty blonde is ballgagged and bound in a frogtie in the bed in corset, gloves, fishnets and high heels. Her arms are crossed and bound in front of her to frame her huge, naked breasts. The disgraced damsel drools past her ballgag, moans and writhes helplessly on the bed, wondering what the evil Coach will do to her after the live show is finished.

The story concludes with the newest addition to the Hostagettes' cheerleading squad, Nikki Knightly. The sultry brunette is bound hand and foot in her school uniform, pantyhose and white heels. She begs the viewers for votes so the Coach won't sell her to overseas buyers. Nikki is then tapegagged and her lovely all natural breasts are revealed. She's progressively bound into a fold-tie, then she's further immobilized when she's roped into a ball-tie. Will this helpless babe get enough votes to stay on the squad?