Bondage By The Book - Part Two - Krissy Lynn 0
Bondage By The Book - Part Two - Krissy Lynn 1
Bondage By The Book - Part Two - Krissy Lynn 2

As this fantasy continues, Professor Krissy Lynn's consensual bondage session with one of her students takes an unexpected, dark turn when he leaves her alone, still bound and helpless. The busty instructor is then found by the sinister Coach, who does not free his gorgeous captive but instead spirits her to an undisclosed location. Our damsel is wearing only a tight-fitting leather harness and her high heels, and she's bound to the bed spreadeagle with leather cuffs. Professor Lynn is silenced with a snug med wrap gag, listening in terror as her captor explains the situation to her. The Coach tells Krissy that her earlier encounter was all part of a plan to get the stunning professor into his clutches. A foreign buyer wanted to possess an intelligent, kinky, large-breasted woman -- and Krissy certainly fit the bill! The Coach then attaches a humiliating "sold" tag to her harness and he informs the leather-bound beauty that her new master will be arriving soon to claim his luscious prize. Professor Lynn energetically struggles against her restraints and moans in frustration, but despite all her efforts it seems the stunning brunette's fate is sealed!

Bikini Bondage Party! - Part Six - Skylar Snow 0
Bikini Bondage Party! - Part Six - Skylar Snow 1
Bikini Bondage Party! - Part Six - Skylar Snow 2

The "Office Hostages" story concludes when the burglar returns to his professional rival, Skylar Snow, whom he'd left tied and tapegagged back in the storage room. He informs the buxom agent that he'd found his mysterious objective, and he has time for a little gratuitous pay-back for the helpless mole. When we next see Skylar she's thoroughly tied down to a bare mattress, silenced with a microfoam tapegag and her skirt and panties have been removed and are placed nearby. Not only that, there's a powerful vibrator snugged up against her most private area. The villain tells Ms. Snow she should be discovered before too long, and he'll leave it to her to explain why she received special treatment. He then activates the vibrator and makes his escape. Skylar tries her best to resist the one-note siren song of the device, but she soon surrenders to a helpless orgasm.

Freedom Woman Defeated! - Part Six - Luci Lovett 0
Freedom Woman Defeated! - Part Six - Luci Lovett 1
Freedom Woman Defeated! - Part Six - Luci Lovett 2

"The Missing Movie Star" episode of "Always In Trouble" concludes as the bad guys spirit the helpless detective Luci Lovette to their hideout. The luckless damsel (in lacy lingerie, stockings and garters, gloves and high heels) is ballgagged and bound spreadeagled on the bed. A vibrator is tightly held in place against her naked womanhood, and soon it's activated by the taunting villains. Detective Lovett tries her best to fight the ropes and the overwhelming influence of the Hitachi, but she loses the battle and surrenders to a series of powerful orgasms. Will she ever be able to rescue the missing movie star, or herself?

Dominated Domina - Vivie Delmonico  0
Dominated Domina - Vivie Delmonico  1
Dominated Domina - Vivie Delmonico  2

Gorgeous dominatrix Vivie Delmonico made the mistake of letting her client get the upper hand. Now the statuesque beauty finds herself tied down to the bed and sternly informing the guy she thought was a sub that this is not how their session was supposed to go. But her attempts to get back on top only earns her a duct tape gag. Then a powerful vibrator is secured in place to further humiliate the booted babe. She struggles to resist and free herself, but her efforts are all for naught, and soon Vivie surrenders to a helpless orgasm.