Bed-Bound Beauty - Alternate Camera Edit - Celeste Star 0
Bed-Bound Beauty - Alternate Camera Edit - Celeste Star 1
Bed-Bound Beauty - Alternate Camera Edit - Celeste Star 2

Slender damsel Celeste Star is being held a helpless captive in her bra and panties, roped up in a classic position on the bed. She begs with her cruel captor to let her go, but her pleas are answered with a snug cleavegag secured between her lips. Before long our damsel is tied down spread-eagle on the bed, and she's silenced with a tapegag. Her lacy bra is pulled down and her pert, perfect breasts are exposed. The barefoot babe moans, struggles and squirms against her restraints but she can't escape this knotty predicament. What does Celeste's captor have planned for his stunning prize next? 

Dominated Domina - Vivie Delmonico  0
Dominated Domina - Vivie Delmonico  1
Dominated Domina - Vivie Delmonico  2

Gorgeous dominatrix Vivie Delmonico made the mistake of letting her client get the upper hand. Now the statuesque beauty finds herself tied down to the bed and sternly informing the guy she thought was a sub that this is not how their session was supposed to go. But her attempts to get back on top only earns her a duct tape gag. Then a powerful vibrator is secured in place to further humiliate the booted babe. She struggles to resist and free herself, but her efforts are all for naught, and soon Vivie surrenders to a helpless orgasm.

Self-Bondage Captive (Part Four) - Sofie Marie 0
Self-Bondage Captive (Part Four) - Sofie Marie 1
Self-Bondage Captive (Part Four) - Sofie Marie 2
Sexy Sofie Marie is still being held captive by the burglar who discovered her self-bondage session at the office. The busty brunette has been dressed up in sexy lingerie and is cleavegagged and bound in a spread-eagled position on the bed for his depraved pleasure. The buxom MILF struggles and moans, and it apparent she'll remain his helpless prisoner as long as he wants her.