The Hotel Caper - Part One - Alexis Taylor 1
The Hotel Caper - Part One - Alexis Taylor 2

This bondage-filled fantasy begins with Private Investigator Alexis Taylor sneaking into a hotel room. The busty beauty snoops around, and begins checking a laptop when she's discovered by the room's occupant. She makes a weak excuse for breaking in, but the POV villain isn't buying it. The gorgeous gumshoe is then ballgagged and tied down to the coffee table in a separated wrist-to-ankle tie. The villains tell their sexy prisoner that they're going to keep her captive until they find out what their boss wants them to do with her. P.I. Alexis struggles against her bonds, but her valiant efforts do her no good. She can't work the huge ballgag out of her mouth, and her tight-fitting dress rides up to expose her pantyhose. Then the randy villains pull down her dress so they can leer at her enormous breasts. Ultimately they inform the detained detective they're going to keep her under wraps until they complete their caper.

Office-Bound Ladies - Part One - Britney Amber 0
Office-Bound Ladies - Part One - Britney Amber 1
Office-Bound Ladies - Part One - Britney Amber 2

As our story opens, gorgeous Britney Amber (in pantyhose, heels and snug-fitting skirt and blouse) is applying for a secretarial position at a rather unusual office. Her new employer advises her that at times when clients come to the office, she'll have to be kept out of the way. Britney says she's fine with that, and she's hired on the spot. But no sooner is she left alone than the busty beauty begins thoroughly snooping through the office, and it's apparent there's more to her than meets the eye. Before long her boss returns and informs Ms. Amber that a client is on the way, and she'll have to be tied up during his meeting. She's taken aback, but has to play along with his unusual request, and the sexy secretary is promptly chair-tied, bandana-gagged and struggling to free herself.

To Trap A Spy - Mary Jane Green

2017-04-19Mary Jane Green8:45 minutesBondage
To Trap A Spy - Mary Jane Green 0
To Trap A Spy - Mary Jane Green 1
To Trap A Spy - Mary Jane Green 2

Gorgeous Mary Jane Green portrays the notorious spy "Mara Jana," and she's on a mission. She's assigned to retrieve a secret decoder hidden away in a piano, and she carefully searches the room the room to make sure she's not being observed. But no sooner does she retrieve the coveted item when she's caught! Our damsel feigns innocence, but the villains aren't buying her act. She's bound hand and foot, and secured to two stools to display her long, shapely legs. She refuses to cooperate with her captors, or tell them anything... so they decide to gag our brave damsel. Left alone, the beautiful brunette struggles for all she's worth, and she manages to slip out of her high-heeled shoes -- but the ropes hold fast! How will Mara Jana escape this time?

A Trap For The Phantom Mystique - Mary Jane Green 0
A Trap For The Phantom Mystique - Mary Jane Green 1
A Trap For The Phantom Mystique - Mary Jane Green 2

In this homage to the damsel-in-distress scenes of yesteryear, our story begins with the notorious foreign spy Karinya Antonovich (Mary Jane Green) snooping through an old mansion looking for secret information. She finds a curious music box, but when she plays the tune, she falls under its spell. Unable to move, our gorgeous damsel falls into the clutches of the villains who set the trap. They know that the captured spy is, in fact, their nemesis, "The Phantom Mystique." The leggy brunette is cleavegagged and tied bent over a table, and facing a dire fate! Will The Phantom Mystique be able to free herself from this dastardly predicament?