Valentine Betrayal - Lola Pearl

2019-02-09 Lola Pearl 11:01 minutes Bondage, Brunette, High heels
Valentine Betrayal - Lola Pearl 1
Valentine Betrayal - Lola Pearl 2

As this tale of "kinky love gone wrong" begins, gorgeous Lola Pearl prepares for a sexy Valentine's Day celebration with her guy. The lingerie-clad lovely has decorated their bed for the holiday, and next she's going to fix herself up to be the irresistable centerpiece. The stunning brunette lovingly pushes a ballgag between her lips and buckles it on, then playfully locks on festive red leg-irons and handcuffs to make herself the perfect prisoner of love for her valentine. The leggy bombshell luxuriates in her self-bondage in anticipation of her boyfriend's arrival and the beginning of a fun-filled Valentine's Day, then the lucky guy finally arrives home. He's duly impressed with all the effort Lola's put into making it a memorable night, but he tells her he'd like to make her a little more helpless before they start their lusty night together.

When we next see the dark-haired beauty she's still ballgagged but now she's tied down to the bed with red leather cuffs in a spread-eagle position. Once she's in this completely powerless state, her boyfriend informs Lola he's aware that she's been cheating on him, and that this is the big finale for their romance. He mockingly suggests that maybe her new lover will come in to rescue her, and he leaves the trussed-up vixen alone to contemplate her faithless ways. Lola calls out through her gag for him to come back, but she quickly realizes she's all alone and completely trapped. She struggles and moans, trying her best to escape from this Valentine's Day nightmare, but all her efforts are to no avail. It seems love doesn't always find a way!

Bikini Bondage Party! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part One - Ashley Lane - Gia Love 0
Bikini Bondage Party! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part One - Ashley Lane - Gia Love 1
Bikini Bondage Party! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part One - Ashley Lane - Gia Love 2

Encore! Now you can enjoy this bikini bondage story from a different perspective! Blonde beauties Ashley Lane and Gia Love are hopefuls in a beauty contest, but the bikini-clad babes suspect something's wrong when they notice their dressing room is far away from everything, including any other contestants. Just as they realize this, they're confronted by a masked intruder. He compels the stunning ladies to cleavegag and handcuff themselves (shown on-screen), and he leads them both away. When we next see the scantily-clad duo they're still cuffed and gagged in the back of an SUV, nervously wondering what will happen to them next. The villain then connects his leggy, high-heeled captives together with collars and leashes, and he takes them for a walk down the drive toward a decidedly uncertain fate.

Self-Bondage Dilemma - Daisy Elizabeth Fields  0
Self-Bondage Dilemma - Daisy Elizabeth Fields  1
Self-Bondage Dilemma - Daisy Elizabeth Fields  2

Curvy do-it-yourselfer Daisy Elizabeth Fields can't wait for her boyfriend to get home, so she decides to take matters into her own hands. The lingerie-clad vixen ballgags herself, restrains herself with legirons and handcuffs, then settles in for some quality time with her favorite vibrator. But when she's finished she discovers she can't unlock the hinged handcuffs! What will she do when her boyfriend comes home and finds her in bondage?