Hotel Intrigue - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Melody Marks 1
Hotel Intrigue - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Melody Marks 2

Encore! Now you can enjoy this fantasy from a new perspective with the 2nd camera version! The story picks up back in the other hotel room, where Melody Marks has been turned over to another unscrupulous fetish producer. The darling blonde has been dressed up in high-heeled boots and a shiny catsuit, and she's hogtied on the bed. She tries to negotiate with her captor, but her attempts to reason with the producer are answered with strips of sticky medical tape that clearly show the outline of her sensuous lips. Melody valiantly struggles and squirms against the snug ropes, and it's not long until the wicked producer unzips her outfit and frees her captive's perfect, all-natural breasts. The imprisoned sleuth continues her struggle for freedom, but her ordeal isn't over yet!

Hotel Intrigue - Part Four - Melody Marks 0
Hotel Intrigue - Part Four - Melody Marks 1
Hotel Intrigue - Part Four - Melody Marks 2

The story picks up back in the other hotel room, where Melody Marks has been turned over to another unscrupulous fetish producer. The darling blonde has been dressed up in high-heeled boots and a shiny catsuit, and she's hogtied on the bed. She tries to negotiate with her captor, but her attempts to reason with the producer are answered with strips of sticky medical tape that clearly show the outline of her sensuous lips. Melody valiantly struggles and squirms against the snug ropes, and it's not long until the wicked producer unzips her outfit and frees her captive's perfect, all-natural breasts. The imprisoned sleuth continues her struggle for freedom, but her ordeal isn't over yet!

Missing Secretaries - The Complete Video 0
Missing Secretaries - The Complete Video 1
Missing Secretaries - The Complete Video 2

Now this amazing video is bargain priced! In this follow-up to "The Secretary Scheme," we get a brief glimpse or two into the aftermath following Ms. Purple's resolution of the celebrated case. We begin as the author/detective's leg-woman Phoebe Queen phones in a report to her boss. She tells the famous sleuth that her niece, Blair Williams, was investigating at the B & G Company, looking for any clues that might lead to the mastermind of the plot. But Phoebe hadn't heard from Blair in hours, and we soon find out why. Ms. Williams (in secretarial blouse, short skirt, belt, pantyhose and heels) is caught snooping by a mysterious ski-masked villain. The busty blonde is tied hand and foot, cleavegagged with a bandana and secured to a chair (all shown on-screen) and her captor starts to make a video of his sexy hostage. But the plucky damsel tells him why that's a bad idea and demands to be set free. Next Blair is ballgagged and the bad guys bares her considerable breasts (which she can't stop herself from drooling on). The buxom beauty energetically struggles to free herself while the masked intruder completes his mission, but her efforts are all for naught. What does he have planned for her next?

Next Phoebe informs Ms. Purple that Ashley Lane was actually a government agent, and a video from her earlier captivity showed up on an adult tube site. In that video, the flawless blonde is seen being silenced with cloth stuffing and a bondage tape wrap gag. Wearing only pantyhose (with the crotch cut away) and an unbuttoned shirt, the captured agent is bound kneeling with her hands tied overhead to the ceiling. She's perched on top of a special pillow that holds a powerful vibrator to her intimate area. Once Ms. Lane is secured in place, the device is activated. The captured spy tries to evade the relentless hum of the magic wand, but she soon surrenders to a helpless, eye-rolling orgasm.

As Ms. Queen continues her report, she tells her boss that Britney Amber was finally located. The stunning security specialist was still being compelled to employ her professional skills for her captors by day, but at night the gorgeous lady was used as a dungeon slave at the mysterious "Studio X." Britney is seen dressed up in classic lacy black bra and panties, garters, stockings and open-toed heels. The doe-eyed darling is ballgagged and bound in an "Eiffel Tower" position to a metal frame. Soon her enormous breasts are exposed, she loses her shoes and her ankles are tied together. As Britney drools, struggles and squirms, she lifts her feet off the ground, treating us to a momentary stocking-footed suspension.

For the final part of Phoebe's update, she tells Ms. Purple that a video of Chrissy Marie had surfaced. The wicked office manager was a conspirator in "The Secretary Scheme," but with this depiction of Chrissy as another helpless victim of the criminal organization, they wonder if she may be able to raise doubts to her willingness as a participant in the evil plot. For the video that was discovered, Chrissy is stripped down to thigh high stockings, bra and panties and throroughly frogtied on the bare mattress. The sexy damsel is silenced with a microfoam tapegag wrapped all around her head, under her hair. Her captor lets her know that right now interested parties are watching her scene, and they're about to determine if she'll continue working as an office manager or begin a new career as a bondage slave. Chrissy struggles enthusiastically to escape, but the ropes hold tight. Then her captor re-enters to pull down her bra and reveal her lovely, natural breasts, and Chrissy continues her vain attempts to liberate herself, knowing her fate is already sealed.

Her work completed, Phoebe is expecting a fun night ahead with her boyfriend (whose shirt she's wearing, in addition to her panties and thigh high stockings). She thinks it's him when she hears the door, but it's actually one of the criminals! The petite beauty is promptly grabbed, cleavegagged and tied up in a classic position on the bed and leashed to the headboard. The intruder tells her he's going to find all the evidence she's collected for Ms. Purple to delete it. Left alone, the sexy brunette manages to stretch her shapely legs down and reach her phone. She brings it up to her bound hands and is just about to call for help when she's caught! Ms. Queen's captor then unbuttons the shirt and exposes her perfect breasts and adds a layer of microfoam tape to her gag before leaving her alone to struggle in vain.

Cali's Bondage Interview - The Complete Video 0
Cali's Bondage Interview - The Complete Video 1
Cali's Bondage Interview - The Complete Video 2

This spectacular bondage feature is now bargain priced! Bondage superstar Cali Logan begins her bondage interview bound hand and foot, and soon the gorgeous brunette is dressed up in a schoolgirl costume, ballgagged and tied in a lotus position. As the scene progresses she's attached to the table with more rope and her perky, all-natural breasts are exposed.

Bondage superstar Cali Logan continues her interview, and then all-natural beauty is dressed up in a sexy fishnet ensemble, panties and high heels, and she's tied down to the bed in an "Eiffel Tower" position. When she expresses some concern about her defenseless situation, she's silenced with a duct tape gag, and before long she's roped into a snug, elbows-together hogtie and helplessly struggling.

Gorgeous Cali Logan continues her tied-up interview, and then we see the bondage superstar outdoors, tapegagged, with her hands tied behind her and knees bound, trying to escape. But she's caught and post-tied by her captor, and soon her perfect breasts are revealed.

Fetish superstar Cali Logan concludes her tied-up interview with a few more little anecdotes, but when she's finished Cali is dismayed when she's not set free. Instead she's secured with more rope and cleavegagged. The sexy captive struggles against the bonds in her minidress, pantyhose and high heels, but she just can't get free.

As "Go Hostagettes! (Part 3)" begins, the newest member of the Hostagettes cheerleading team (Mia Vallis) is awakened by sexy burglar Brea Bennett for her initiation. The statuesque blonde is cuffed down to her bed, and Brea silences the novice with a stuffed cleave gag (shown on screen). Brea then cuts off Mia's T-shirt and panties and fondles her naked captive.

"Go Hostagettes! (Part 3)" continues with new squad member Mia Vallis' initiation to the cheerleading squad. Brea Bennet ballgags the statuesque blonde (shown on screen) and then Mia helplessly struggles in a suspension. But there may be more to this initiation than meets the eye...

"Go Hostagettes! (Part 3)" concludes with both Brea Bennet and Mia Vallis tied down to the bed and tapegagged by the evil coach. Each cheerleader has a vibrator roped to her thigh for a sinister little orgasm competition. Whomever wins gets to stay on the squad, but the loser will be in big trouble!

Empress Octavia's Misfortune - The Complete Video 0
Empress Octavia's Misfortune - The Complete Video 1
Empress Octavia's Misfortune - The Complete Video 2

Now this bondage-filled fantasy is bargain priced! As this steampunk-inspired story begins, a mysterious woman (Rachel Adams) takes Empress Octavia of Oceana (Loren Chance) captive, and she's paralyzed, completely unable to move. Octavia, in a long gown, gloves and tiara, is then cleavegagged and tied in a standing position with her arms extended horizontally and tied to a bar. Octavia's captor intends to pass a final sentence on the royal captive -- will she be saved in time?

Agent Rachel Adams has been taken captive by Empress Octavia of Oceana (Loren Chance) and her henchman, Bike. Rachel is interrogated, and she's compelled to reveal that she's actually an operative sent from the future to prevent Octavia from taking over the world in 300 years. The booted brunette also tells them she intended to return to the future via a recently invented time machine. Octavia is thrilled by this news and decides she must have this device for herself. Rachel is then cleavegagged and later her breasts are exposed by the villainous Bike. What will become of her now?

Agent Rachel Adams is bound into a frogtie, her arms strictly tied into a hammerlock position. Bike tapegags her shortly before Empress Octavia (Loren Chance) enters to hear his report on their mission. Octavia taunts her captive, still angry at Agent Adams' attempt to end her empire. She then leaves Rachel alone to helplessly struggle in her inescapable restraint.

At Professor Lovebound's laboratory, Octavia and Bike lure Professor Whitney Morgan into their clutches so they can learn more about Lovebound's time machine. Bike is taken aback when Whitney asks him to tie her up, but after she's bound, Whitney realizes he's an impostor. Octavia enters and interrogates Whitney, and then the rope-friendly blonde is cleavegagged and left alone to struggle while her captors search the laboratory.

Professor Whitney Morgan is stripped down, chairtied and cleavegagged in the laboratory. Soon Bike betrays Empress Octavia (Loren Chance), and she too is cleavegagged and chairtied along with Whitney. The turncoat henchman then leaves the ladies to a dire fate. The damsels struggle furiously to free themselves, but will they be able to escape in time?

Empress Octavia of Oceana (Loren Chance) is taken captive by Professor Claw. Octavia is ballgagged and bound to a bed, with a powerful vibrator tied in place. Professor Claw tells her that he saved Agent Adams and convinced her to reveal Octavia's plans, and he warns her to stop. Octavia is then compelled to orgasm while Professor Claw hogties his willing partner, the ballgagged Professor Whitney Morgan.

Back at Lovebound's laboratory, Professor Claw has a roleplaying game with his lover, Professor Whitney Morgan. The sexy blonde is chairtied, and Claw uses microfoam tape to silence his willing partner. The dark criminal then turns on the powerful vibrator position between her legs, and he watches as the booted beauty enjoys a series of helpless orgasms.

Revenge of the Gray Man - the Complete Video 0
Revenge of the Gray Man - the Complete Video 1
Revenge of the Gray Man - the Complete Video 2

Now you can thrill to this bondage-packed fantasy at a reduced price! As the story begins, gorgeous Krystal Shay is taken captive by "The Gray Man." He binds the leggy blonde and silences her with a stuffed cleavegag. Poor Krystal is then roped into a hogtie and her perky, natural breasts are exposed. She squirms helplessly on the floor, and her miniskirt rides up to expose her pantyhose. All tying and gagging is shown on-screen.

Dressed only in a shirt and panties, Krystal Shay is frogtied and ballgagged by The Gray Man, and her bondage includes a snug, camel-toe producing crotchrope (completely shown on-screen). Once the blonde beauty is securely bound, her enigmatic captor reveals the purpose of his mission, and he makes a ransom video for Krystal's step-father: The director of the Intelligence agency!

As the story continues, novice agent Whitney Westgate is assigned to deliver Krystal Shay's ransom to The Gray Man. She hands him the elusive "Wotzop Document," but instead of letting her go he then thoroughly chairties the leggy spy, stuffs a cloth into her mouth and cleavegags her with a bandana (all tying shown on-screen). He also exposes Whitney's luscious breasts, then discovers the other items she was carrying in a failed attempt to get the upper hand. When her captor discovers the disk is a fake, Whitney is subjected to a strict elbows-together tie.

As agent Whitney Westgate's captivity by The Gray Man continues, she's dressed in a camisole top and denim shorts. The gorgeous brunette is bound in a hands-over-head standing tie and ballgagged by the evil man. The barefoot beauty's top is pulled aside to expose her lovely breasts, her hands are tied behind her back and the villain pulls down her shorts to reveal her lacy panties. Whitney struggles in vain, wondering what the evil man has planned for her next.

As The Gray Man makes his final visit to Krystal Shay, the sexy blonde has been stripped naked, seated and bound with her legs tied wide apart and gagged with microfoam tape. The cruel villain then binds his gorgeous captive into a seated strappado before leaving her to helplessly squirm while awaiting to be found later.

The Gray Man returns to Whitney Westgate to wrap up the story. The lingerie-clad lady is tapegagged and tied into an "Eiffel Tower" position on the bed. He sits her up for a less comfortable upright pose with an elbow-tie and ropes her into place. He exposes her luscious breasts and leaves her to languish in her defeat and helplessly await rescue. What does the Gray Man have planned next?

Action Lady Captured! The Complete Video 0
Action Lady Captured! The Complete Video 1
Action Lady Captured! The Complete Video 2

This sensational bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! As this exciting "Action Lady" adventure begins, our titular damsel (Carissa Montgomery) is working undercover as a flight attendant. While snooping around, she's trapped at Château d'Stresse by her nemesis, Mistress Van Pelt. The cruel villainess instructs her henchman to thoroughly bind the busty crimebuster. Action Lady is ballgagged and bound into a snug balltie (all shown completely onscreen) and the henchman pulls open her uniform to bare her considerable breasts. Then the Mistress makes her escape, leaving Action Lady alone to helplessly struggle in a dire situation.

As the story continues, Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) is rescued from her desperate dilemma by an old foe: the corporate spy "Vibert." The villain can hardly believe his luck: he's found his pretty prey tied, gagged and powerless to stop him, and moreover he has six days to find out the information he needs from his luscious captive. Our plucky damsel is defiant, but the master of corporate espionage is confident he can break Action Lady's will. The gorgeous champion of justice is stripped down to her lacy lingerie, silenced with a wrap gag and bound on display with her shapely legs wide apart, seated on a trunk (shown onscreen). Vibert exposes her enormous breasts and she squirms and moans in vain... but her ordeal is just beginning!

The days of bondage drag on for Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) at the hands of her depraved captor, the corporate spy, Vibert. Dressed only in her panties and a fluffy bathrobe, Action Lady is ballgagged and tightly hogtied with a powerful vibrator roped in place between her thighs. Our reluctant damsel can't resist the one-note siren song of the relentless device, and before long she surrenders to a helpless orgasm.

The corporate spy Vibert is still holding Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) captive. The busty damsel is dressed up as a sexy secretary in miniskirt, blouse, fishnets and high heels. Poor Action Lady is chairtied and cleavegagged by the villain. Soon her legs are tied open, her blouse is unbuttoned up to expose her huge breasts and a detective gag is layered over the stuffed cloth gag.

Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) is still the helpless captive of the corporate spy Vibert. The curvaceous adventuress is stripped naked, scarf-gagged and secured to the bed with neckties, first face-down and then face-up with all her feminine charms boldly displayed.

On her sixth day of captivity at the hands of the corporate villain Vibert, Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) is cleavegagged and chairtied with a vibrator securely tied in place. The villain warns her that her time is up and it will be unpleasant if she doesn't cooperate with him, and he turns on the device. Action Lady tries to be strong, but before long the trussed-up damsel succumbs to a shuddering orgasm. But will she surrender her secrets to the evil Vibert?

Hollywood Damsel - The Complete Video 0
Hollywood Damsel - The Complete Video 1
Hollywood Damsel - The Complete Video 2

Now this sensational video is bargain priced! As our story begins, actress Niki Lee Young (in tank top, miniskirt and knee socks) is nabbed on the studio lot and spirited to a disused wardrobe warehouse. She's tied up in a classic position (in an homage to a famous Detective magazine cover), "detective-gagged" and her captor accuses the sexy blonde of carefully choosing roles where she's the bound and gagged damsel in distress... and he's got the proof to back up his allegations.

Captive actress Niki Lee Young is shown highlights and outtakes from her career as a frequent "damsel of the week." In the prime-time soap opera "California Empire," the gorgeous blonde portrays "Candy Lynn." The trailer-trash seductress is tricked into getting bound and gagged in her lingerie by her boyfriend as part of his plot. When she tries to hop after him, she's left hogtied and furious on the bed.

Then in the "Sergeant Honcho" episode "Besieged, " policewoman Niki is taken hostage, handcuffed, cleavegagged and her ankles are tied. When she tries to escape, she's tied with more rope and her perfect, natural breasts are exposed.

As sexy actress Niki Lee Young's captivity continues, her crazed fan captor shows another example of the gorgeous blonde playing the damsel in distress. In the "Sergeant Honcho" episode "Escort," undercover policewoman Niki is caught and taken to a warehouse. She's tied up and gagged (all shown on-screen), and menaced by her captors. When the captive cop squirms too much, more rope is added and the top of her pink minidress is pulled down to reveal her amazing breasts. Then the villains leave our damsel to the questionable mercies of terrifying reptile.

The main story is followed by "The Wrong Damsel." Alexis Taylor plays ordinary secretary Emma Clapsaddle. The unfortunate office worker has been nabbed and tied by villains who think she's a secret government operative. She tries to tell them they're mistaken, but she's soon cleavegagged by her captors. As her captivity continues, she's tied with more rope and her huge breasts are bared. But when she's finally rescued, Emma's story takes an interesting turn.

As "The Wrong Damsel" tale continues, Emma Clapsaddle (Alexis Taylor) has agreed to be a double for certain government operatives. Unfortunately, a lack of time and budget puts her in the field before she's adequately trained. While dressed as the dark super-lady "Phantom Mystique," she's taken captive by a mad scientist. The villain unmasks the buxom secretary and learns her identity, or so he thinks. He ballgags her (shown on-screen) and our damsel's considerable breasts are exposed. Dr. Dubious then promises his busty captive a horrible ending. How can poor Emma ever escape?

In the conclusion of "The Wrong Damsel," Emma Clapsaddle (Alexis Taylor) is acting as a double for one of the "women in black." She's taken prisoner by Felties, puppet-looking aliens who are bent on revenge. The busty brunette is securely roped down to a table and scarf-gagged by the sinister extraterrestrials. While they plot her fate, one of the aliens pulls down her top to reveal her enormous breasts. Will these evil creatures have their revenge on poor Emma? (The story is followed by some outtakes from the entire "Hollywood Damsel" feature.)

Carissa The Spy - The Complete Video 0
Carissa The Spy - The Complete Video 1
Carissa The Spy - The Complete Video 2

In this sexy fantasy, Carissa Montgomery portrays an agent for the Bureau of National Defense and Governmental Espionage. In her first adventure, the busty blonde has been taken captive and stripped down to her bra and panties. She's cleavegagged and roped into a classic standing position (shown on-screen). Her elbows are roped together and her huge breasts are bared.

Then in a spa, secret agent Carissa is completely nude when she's attacked by an enemy agent who stuffs a cloth in her mouth. The gorgeous spy is secured with plastic wrap and roped down to the massage table. Her enormous breasts are exposed, and her captor humiliates her by compelling her to use a vibrator while he watches her (with a special cameo appearance by Leah J. as the overpowered masseuse).

That evening, Carissa is napping when she's attacked again. In a scene highlighted with on-screen trying and gagging, the sexy spy is napping in bed (wearing black lingerie) when she's pounced on by an enemy agent. The busty beauty is gagged with duct tape and bound into a classic position on the bed, with lots of rope on her bare legs. Her elbows are also snugly bound together and she struggles futilely against her bondage.

In another adventure, agent Carissa is taken captive once again. The busty spy is stripped naked, ballgagged and suspended in a hands-over-head position over a smoking vat of something horrible. The gorgeous blonde struggles and tries her best to escape, but she's really caught. Will our brave damsel surrender her secrets, or is she doomed?

The Carissa (in vinyl trenchcoat, turtleneck sweater, miniskirt and boots) is caught outside trying to infiltrate an enemy compound. The gorgeous blonde is strapped to post and silenced with a layered gag of cleavegag with tape (all shown on-screen). Soon her sweater is cut open to expose her huge breasts. Then our brave damsel is blindfolded and faces certain doom!

As the ending of the story is revealed, lingerie-clad beauty Carissa Montgomery is in bed, bandana gagged, handcuffed, and enjoying herself with a vibrator. No sooner is she finished when a masked man enters and consensually hogties her (shown on-screen). Then Carissa's enormous breasts are bared, she's blindfolded and happily squirms in her predicament.

Ask Joy - The Complete Story 0
Ask Joy - The Complete Story 1
Ask Joy - The Complete Story 2
Ask Joy - The Complete Story 3
Ask Joy - The Complete Story 4

Now this pulse-pounding feature is bargain priced! Alexis Taylor portrays the kinky titular advice columnist is this adaptation of the Bondagebabylon feature. "Joy" answers letters from an all-star cast, giving sage advice for their "knotty" problems. The bound and gagged beauties featured in this 13 minute show are (in alphabetical order) Claire Adams, Goldie Blair, Christina Carter, Melissa Jacobs, Jennifer Lee, Karina Santos, Angie Savage and Celeste Star.

The "Ask Joy" feature is followed by the complete scenes of the damsels in the show. We begin with Melissa Jacobs. The gorgeous blonde unknowingly opens her door for a home invasion robber. She's roped into a hogtie and silenced with a stuffed bandana gag. Her luscious breasts are bared and the villain leaves his beautiful captive alone to struggle.

In the next expanded scene, bikini babe Angie Savage walks in on a burglary and is grabbed (hand over mouth) by bad guy Devon Savage. She's cleavegagged with a necktie (shown onscreen) and roped into a fold-tie. The blonde cutie squirms to the floor and manages to escape from her shoes but not the ropes. She falls over onto her side but remains helpless to free herself. All she can do is wait for the humiliation of being found in her vulnerable position!

Thrift store owner Claire Adams and her employee Celeste Star are confronted by a robber at the store. The villain compels Claire to hogtie Celeste, and then he hogties the lady-boss (all tying is shown on-screen). Then the robber tapegags his pretty victims, and exposes their all-natural breasts before absconding with the cash and leaving the lovely ladies to helplessly struggle and squirm.

In the following segment, jogger Karina Santos is nabbed after her morning run. The slender beauty is bandana-gagged and tied up in the closet. Then sultry Asian babe Jennifer Lee is frogtied and scarf-gagged on the bed in a consensual scene.

In the next two-part segment, Joy herself (Alexis Taylor) is bandana-gagged and tied up at her desk in a classic position. Of course her huge breasts are bared. Then Joy's busty secretary Christina Carter is suspended and while doing her work. Despite her bondage, Christina manages to utilize her stockinged feet to use her laptop. (Christina's enormous breasts are exposed as well.)

In the final segment of "Ask Joy," we learn a little about where those letters to the kinky advice columnist come from. Also, Goldie Blair is frogtied on the floor in her bra, panties and high heels. The busty beauty is cleavegagged, and she struggles helplessly against the ropes. Soon her enormous breasts are bared.