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This sensational video is now bargain priced! As this story from the American Damsels Network begins, Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) is working undercover at a research lab when Octavia (Loren Chance) bursts in to steal some advanced technology. But the villainess recognizes the bound and gagged secretary as her archenemy, and Carissa is thoroughly roped up and her huge breasts are exposed. Before Octavia makes her escape, she leaves the blonde beauty in big trouble.

Later, Action Lady has infiltrated the villainess's fortress by the sea. She's overpowered by Octavia, who ballgags and mummifies the gorgeous adventuress in a sinister wrap of her own creation. Once the evil woman learns of Action Lady's real reason for being there she makes her escape, leaving the busty blonde to an uncertain fate.
After a narrow escape, Action Lady tracks Octavia to her new lair. Our busty protagonist overpowers a guard to steal her uniform, but Octavia sees through the disguise and takes her captive. Then a rival villain enters unexpectedly and nabs Octavia. Both ladies are bound and gagged, with powerful vibrators secured to their thighs to enhance their humiliating defeat.

The story is followed by a collection of deleted scenes from the 1950s sitcom parody "Always In Trouble." In these segments, we get to see other victims of "The Phantom Burglar" from a previous episode. Sexy damsel Ginger Sparks has been stripped down to her girdle and retro lingerie and thoroughly chairtied by a mysterious villain. When the redhaired cutie begs to be let go she's promptly ballgagged. Poor Ginger is left alone to struggle, but soon her captor returns to expose her perky, all natural breasts. What will become of this poor, helpless captive?

Next, gorgeous Chrissy Daniels is getting ready to go out dancing when she's confronted by the phantom burglar who's been terrorizing the neighborhood. The curvy redhead is cleavegagged and tied to a stool while the villain robs her. But he soon returns and layers a detective gag over her cleavegag and hikes up her skirt to expose her stocking tops and garters. Poor Chrissy struggles and moans in a futile effort to free herself... But our damsel's ordeal isn't over yet!

As her captivity continues, the gorgeous redhead is stripped down, tied up and a powerful vibrator is placed in her hands. The damsel protests: she's heard of these things, but insists that a good girl like her would never use such a depraved device. The villain tapegags his luscious hostage and the vibrator is switched on. Soon Chrissy is compelled to have a series of humiliating orgasms while her captor watches.

Then beautician Niki Lee Young encounters the Phantom Burglar who's been terrorizing the neighborhood. However, unlike the burglar's other victims, the gorgeous hairdresser seems excited to encounter the mysterious criminal. Niki is tied up in a classic position and silenced with a "detective gag." She struggles, squirms and moans, and when she tries to hop away, she's caught! Our sweet damsel's pink uniform is ripped open and her skirt is hiked up for a peek at her panties, stocking tops and garters. What else does the Phantom Burglar have planned for his not-so-distressed hostage?

The video concludes with the complete scene from the Action Lady story: one of Octavia's guards, all-natural babe Izzy Champayne is overpowered, stripped down to her panties and left to struggle bound, bandana-gagged and locked away in a closet when Action Lady steals her uniform. She squirms and moans, but she remains helpless until someone finally discovers the helpless guard.

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Now bargain priced! A group of mysterious female agents strive to protect the Earth from evil extraterrestrials in this story-driven tale. As it begins, Agent Candle Boxxx is lured into a trap and her mind is taken over. She's compelled to strip off all her clothes (shown onscreen) so a shape-shifting alien can use them to impersonate her. She's been taken captive by a shapeshifting alien who intends to take her place, and needs her uniform. The gorgeous redhead is naked, bound in a standing spreadeagle, gagged and she struggles furiously but she's helpless to stop the Chameleoid from her mission.

As the story continues, Agent Niki Lee Young is awakened by a visit from Sal Amanda, a sinister lizard woman. The wicked alien uses an strange device to temporarily paralyze the gorgeous blonde for nefarious reasons. While the lingerie-clad agent is immobilized and unable to resist, the scaly alien uses extraterrestrial technology on the helpless beauty for her own mysterious purposes. The lizard woman then uses another device to insure Niki doesn't remember this encounter -- but Niki's troubles for the evening aren't over yet!
After recovering from her attack by a lizard woman, Agent Niki Lee young is besieged by a horde of Tricotians. The cheery, brightly-colored aliens overpower the struggling agent, and soon she's bound, toe-tied and cleavegagged on the bed. The lingerie-clad beauty tries her best to get free, but all she can do is attempt to squirm over to her communicator to call for help.

Then an unsuspecting Agent Randy Moore meets with a shape-shifting alien spy, thinking it's actually Agent Candle Boxxx. Agent Moore is promptly overpowered and chair-tied, and the Chameleoid uses an unusual ballgag and a vibrator-induced orgasm to extract information from her sexy prisoner.

As the story continues, the real Agent Candle Boxxx is set free by the alien puppet. But before the Candle impersonator can escape with the ill-gotten intelligence she's taken from the still chair-tied Agent Randy Moore, the shape-shifter is attacked by some tiny, evil aliens. The malevolent aliens leave her and Agent Moore tied up, gagged and in a desperate situation.

Woman In Black Niki Lee Young is lured into a trap where she's grabbed by invisible aliens. Despite her struggles, they use tape to frogtie and gag the sexy agent. Then the Shadowans apply a vibrator to bring the gorgeous blonde to orgasm so they can control her mind. With her mind under the influence of the aliens, Agent Niki Lee Young summons Agent Alexis Taylor, whom she promptly overpowers. The buxom agent is held bound by rope-like aliens while Agent Young probes her mind for hidden information. When the possessed agent fails in her mission, she leaves her busty colleague to be used by the ropey aliens for their own dark purposes. How will Alexis be able to escape this dire fate?

Miss Muffet Mummified - Niki Lee Young

2016-12-11 Niki Lee Young 6:58 minutes Bondage
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Miss Muffet (Niki Lee Young) is enjoying some curds and whey when she's attacked by a giant, mutant spider. The terrified beauty is frozen in fear as she's wrapped up by the hideous creature. The gorgeous blonde is gagged by her hairy captor, and before long she's stripped down to her stockings and high heels, mummified and completely helpless