My Bondage Office - Part Two - Carolina Sweets 0
My Bondage Office - Part Two - Carolina Sweets 1
My Bondage Office - Part Two - Carolina Sweets 2

In this POV fantasy, an executive can't help but have kinky daydreams about the gorgeous women in his office. The story continues and the executive meets with company intern Carolina Sweets. The stunning blonde is fretful and apologetic because the contractors didn't finish repainting the conference room in time for a big meeting. She begs forgiveness and tells the executive how important the job is to her, and that's enough to kick off his next office daydream. The miniskirted blonde is kneeling, offering him a tray filled with rope and pleading for a second chance. He then envisions Ms. Sweets kneeling, securely bound and desperately asking if there's anything at all she could do for him. The adorable intern is seen ballgagged, as the executive considers her offer. Carolina is roped in a classic position, which shows off her shapely legs. Then her ankles are tied wide apart, making her miniskirt ride up and allowing an unobstructed view of her pantyhose. Carolina's blouse is progressively unbuttoned, exposing her luscious breasts to the harsh office lights. Then the sexy intern displays her remarkable flexibility with an elbows-together tie. She sensually moans, the saliva dripping past the ballgag and down her chest. And then the daydreaming boss is snapped back to reality and his real-world responsibilities.