My Bondage Office - Part Three - Alexis Taylor 1
My Bondage Office - Part Three - Alexis Taylor 2

In this POV fantasy, an executive can't help but have kinky daydreams about the gorgeous women in his office. The daydreaming executive is talking with his secretary Alexis Taylor again and she mentions their company's security guard has called in sick. She off-handedly comments that their office is so safe that even she could be be a security for them, but jokes she'd be in big trouble if there was ever a robbery. The boss then begins his next fantasy of his shapely secretary: Alexis is dressed up in an idealized security uniform, and she's taken captive during an office invasion robbery. Her hands are raised as she begs the robber not to hurt her as she's only a substitute. The blonde babe is then locked up in her own handcuffs and roped to an office chair, which is how her boss finds her. The handcuffed cutie tries to convince him to free her, but instead he cleavegags Alexis. He's also taken advantage of her helplessness to unbutton her blouse so he can admire her voluminous breasts, and he's tied her feet apart so he can peek up her miniskirt and see her pantyhose. Ms. Taylor struggles against the unyielding restraints, humiliated by her plight, and she gag-talks to her boss, begging to be freed. And then all too soon, the executive's daydream ends so he can carry on with the rest of his day.

Nurse Nyssa Nabbed! - Nyssa Nevers

2018-03-16Jon Woods and Nyssa Nevers11:13 minutesAsian, Bondage, Uniform
Nurse Nyssa Nabbed! - Nyssa Nevers 0
Nurse Nyssa Nabbed! - Nyssa Nevers 1
Nurse Nyssa Nabbed! - Nyssa Nevers 2

At a small clinic, Nurse Nyssa Nevers is called into the office of the dubious Dr. Kahn. He tells her that he's heard she's been suspicious of all the prescriptions he's been issuing, and she admits she believes his methods have been questionable. She refuses to answer when he demands to know if she's contacted the authorities, but he believes he knows the answer anyway. He then overpowers the dark-haired beauty and locks her hands behind her back with military-grade zip-ties. Dr. Kahn stuff's Nyssa's mouth and tapegags her with medical tape. He uses more zip-ties on her ankles, and two more to secure her to the office chair (all shown on-screen). The villain then takes advantage of Nurse Nyssa's helplessness and exposes her huge breasts and he makes his getaway. The luscious angel of mercy struggles against the unyielding restraints and pitifully moans, trapped until someone comes to find and rescue her.

Damsel Domina - Andrea Rosu

2017-10-26Andrea Rosu7:56 minutesBondage
Damsel Domina - Andrea Rosu 0
Damsel Domina - Andrea Rosu 1
Damsel Domina - Andrea Rosu 2

Gorgeous redheaded dominatrix Andrea Rosu is taken captive when her client unexpectedly turns the tables on her. The busty beauty is ballgagged and roped up into a classic position, and she struggles to free herself and get control of the situation again, but she can't get loose. Then Mistress Rosu is bound kneeling with her hands tied overhead. The curvy domina manages to slip out of her high heeled shoes, but not the ropes, and she helplessly drools past her bright red ballgag. Andrea's client then decides to take her captivity up a notch, and she's hogtied, blindfolded and silenced with a harness ballgag.

The Lois Legacy - Part Five - Lola Pearl

2017-10-24Jon Woods and Lola Pearl9:23 minutesBondage
The Lois Legacy - Part Five - Lola Pearl 0
The Lois Legacy - Part Five - Lola Pearl 1
The Lois Legacy - Part Five - Lola Pearl 2

As "Women In Black - The Half-Bondarian" story continues, the Women In Black's newest agent, Lola Pearl (in de rigueur pantyhose, white shirt, black tie, skirt, jacket and heels) is sent to get help from the mysterious Dr. Wolf. The unsuspecting agent is quite surprised to discover that the doctor is a werewolf, and he doesn't like visitors! The furry villain uses a devious paralyzing spray to subdue the statuesque beauty, and she's soon bound to a post. Dr. Wolf scans her DNA, and they're both shocked to learn that Lola is half-human and half-Bondarian -- the first one ever known! He ballgags the leggy brunette, exposes her perfect breasts and hikes up her miniskirt and then plans to sell her and make a tidy profit from his unexpected discovery. Poor Lola desperately tries to free herself from this perilous situation. Will she be able to access her newly-revealed Bondarian side in time to save her own life?

The Thong Detective - Part One - Erika Jordan 0
The Thong Detective - Part One - Erika Jordan 1
The Thong Detective - Part One - Erika Jordan 2

Gorgeous private investigator Erika Jordan introduces herself and tells how she got her nickname of "The Thong Detective." While working undercover on an embezzlement case, she's taken captive by the perpetrator and compelled to strip down to her thigh high stockings and thong panties. Erika is silenced with a stuffed cleavegag and bound face-down and bottoms-up in a "calf-tie." She struggles in vain to free herself, but she's ultimately discovered in that undignified position and given her new nickname.

Professor Claw's Captives - Part One

2016-07-037:37 minutesBondage
Professor Claw's Captives - Part One  0
Professor Claw's Captives - Part One  1
Professor Claw's Captives - Part One  2

As this steampunk-inspired story begins, Agent Pamela of Freedonia is taken captive by Dr. Nicole Taylorr. The sexy blonde is tied in a "standing Y" position outside to a tree, cleavegagged and left alone to struggle by the buxom brunette.

Latina's Bondage Orgasm - Megan Salinas

2016-06-28Megan Salinas3:38 minutesBondage
Latina's Bondage Orgasm - Megan Salinas 0
Latina's Bondage Orgasm - Megan Salinas 1
Latina's Bondage Orgasm - Megan Salinas 2

Gorgeous Megan Salinas is a pretty prisoner in pink, bedbound in her lingerie and stockings, and cleavegagged with a silky pink scarf. The dark-haired beauty is secured to the headboard with pink rope, with more pink rope holding a powerful vibrator securely in a place where it'll do the most good. Soon Megan's perfect breasts are bared and the vibrator is switched on. The pink captive is helpless to resist the vibrator, and soon succumbs to a powerful orgasm. Once she's finished, she begs through her gag to be set free.