The Bondage Trap - Part Two - Bunny Colby  1
The Bondage Trap - Part Two - Bunny Colby  2

As the story continues, government operative Bunny Colby sneaks into the hotel room occupied by Nikole Nash's mysterious captor. But no sooner does she enter the room when she's suddenly overpowered by the dark villain. He looks through Bunny's bag and finds her I.D. and pulls out her handcuffs. As he locks the first cuff on her wrist, he notices the unusual ring she's wearing and he pockets it. He finishes securing his prisoner and cleavegags Bunny. When Agent Colby opens her eyes, she's still gagged and handcuffed, but now she's also been securely bound to a chair. The villain informs her that he knows she's a government agent, but he suspects there's more to her story. He tells her he's going to get rid of her phone so she can't be tracked, and that he has some other business to deal with elsewhere in the hotel. Bunny struggles against her restraints, and as her captivity continues, her evil tormentor opens up her blouse to reveal her lacy bra, then later pulls the bra aside to reveal her ample breasts (as well as pulling her feet back to secure them under her chair). The plucky agent still tries to escape, but her efforts only knock the chair over, leaving her even more immobile when the bad guy come back to check on her.

The Bondage Trap - Part One - Nikole Nash 1
The Bondage Trap - Part One - Nikole Nash 2

In a luxury hotel, a high-end escort enters a room for her next assignment. There's no one in the room, but Nikole Nash finds a patriotic-themed lunchbox and a note. The message tells her to tie herself up, and inside the box she finds a set of pink handcuffs and leg-irons. The adorable blonde then locks the cuffs on her ankles and wrists, and uses the leg-irons to hogtie herself. She luxuriates in her self-imposed predicament for a moment, then she hears the door. Nikole is surprised to see that it's not her client, and the masked intruder tells the cuffed cutie that he knows she's a senator's daughter. Nikole informs the black-clad man that she's not on good terms with her father, and that he won't get any money from him. The villain assures her that they're not interested in money, that they just want to influence the senator. He tightens up the chain on the hogtie then videos his sweet captive making a plaintive entreaty to her father for cooperation. Nikole's captor then buckles a ballgag between her lips and leaves to send the video and ditch her phone. Left alone, Nikole makes a vain effort to liberate herself. As she helplessly rolls around on the bed her blouse falls to the side and exposes her breast, but that's the only freedom Nikole is going to experience for a while!

The Black Hoodie Takes Over - The Complete Video 0
The Black Hoodie Takes Over - The Complete Video 1
The Black Hoodie Takes Over - The Complete Video 2

This story begins with a two-part episode of "Action Lady." In the first segment, the busty crimebuster (Carissa Montgomery, dressed up in secretarial skirt, blouse, pantyhose and strappy heels) is undercover at the offices of the B & G Company, working late on a special assignment. Before she can make her planned rendezvous for the mission, she's grabbed by the villain known as "The Black Hoodie." The surprised lady is handgagged, bent over a desk and her hands are promptly tied behind her back. He silences his gorgeous captive with a stuffed cleavegag and then uses a single long piece of rope to secure Action Lady into a snug ball-tie on the floor (all tying and gagging is shown on-screen). The depraved villain bares her considerable breasts before he exits, and the vanquished defender of justice struggles to free herself, but all her efforts are to no avail!

In this second segment of an "Action Lady" story, the titular protagonist (Carissa Montgomery) is called upon to be an honorary "Woman In Black" to stop an alien threat. However, she's no sooner dressed in her iconic suit when she's confronted by The Black Hoodie again! The dastardly fiend tells his shapely quarry that he needs her uniform. He makes Carissa ballgag herself, then he compels her to strip naked (shown on-screen). Once the champion of good is completely exposed, she's frogtied with a powerful vibrator secured between her thighs. The Black Hoodie activates the device before making his exit, and it's not long until Action Lady surrenders to a helpless orgasm.

The Black Hoodie story continues as the masked villain makes a housecall to the Director of Bureau of National Defense. The Director's not home, but the intruder is quite surprised to discover Blair Williams, a freelance agent for the Nefarious Masters of Espionage. She tell him she's the Director's niece, and the villain is shocked that she would betray her own family member. When we next see the busty blonde she's hogtied on the bed, her jacket pulled open and her considerable breasts bared. Her short skirt is hiked up to reveal her stocking-tops and garters, and Blair's been cleavegagged. The gorgeous spy struggles for all she's worth, but it's apparent Blair isn't going to get free.

The Black Hoodie has invaded the home of the absent Director of the Bureau of National Defense. The ski-masked baddie makes his way downstairs, where Agent Ashley Lane is rather inexpertly tied but handcuffed and unable to free herself. The villain enters and removes her cleavegag to find out what happened. The leggy agent confesses that she was playing a game with her charges that got out of hand when they found her cuffs. Ashley quickly assesses that this stranger isn't going to free her, and the masked villain silences Agent Lane with a stuffed microfoam tape gag. He then uses more rope to secure the luckless sitter to her chair while he continues with his mysterious task. Poor Ashley tries to escape this terrible development, but she remains his prisoner.

The Black Hoodie then checks on his captive Blair Williams again and discovers she's still tightly hogtied and moaning on the bed. The cruel villain decides he should make her dilemma a bit more interesting. The luscious spy is stripped down to her lingerie and stockings, ballgagged and roped to the headboard of her bed with her arms wide apart. The mysterious intruder exposes her ample bosom, then switches on the powerful, strategically placed vibrator. Blair can't resist the relentless hum of the device and the busty blonde soon succumbs to a shuddering orgasm.

His mysterious mission now completed, The Black Hoodie has to make sure he has a clean getaway. He pulls captive spy Ashley Lane into another bedroom, stripped down to her bra and panties. The willowy blonde's hands are already tied and her lips are sealed with microfoam tape tightly wrapped around her head. The dark villain then thoroughly binds the hapless lady into a ropey, inescapable hogtie (shown on-screen). Agent Lane tries her best to squirm free, but she remains hogtied and helpless!

Cali's Bondage Interview - The Complete Video 0
Cali's Bondage Interview - The Complete Video 1
Cali's Bondage Interview - The Complete Video 2

This spectacular bondage feature is now bargain priced! Bondage superstar Cali Logan begins her bondage interview bound hand and foot, and soon the gorgeous brunette is dressed up in a schoolgirl costume, ballgagged and tied in a lotus position. As the scene progresses she's attached to the table with more rope and her perky, all-natural breasts are exposed.

Bondage superstar Cali Logan continues her interview, and then all-natural beauty is dressed up in a sexy fishnet ensemble, panties and high heels, and she's tied down to the bed in an "Eiffel Tower" position. When she expresses some concern about her defenseless situation, she's silenced with a duct tape gag, and before long she's roped into a snug, elbows-together hogtie and helplessly struggling.

Gorgeous Cali Logan continues her tied-up interview, and then we see the bondage superstar outdoors, tapegagged, with her hands tied behind her and knees bound, trying to escape. But she's caught and post-tied by her captor, and soon her perfect breasts are revealed.

Fetish superstar Cali Logan concludes her tied-up interview with a few more little anecdotes, but when she's finished Cali is dismayed when she's not set free. Instead she's secured with more rope and cleavegagged. The sexy captive struggles against the bonds in her minidress, pantyhose and high heels, but she just can't get free.

As "Go Hostagettes! (Part 3)" begins, the newest member of the Hostagettes cheerleading team (Mia Vallis) is awakened by sexy burglar Brea Bennett for her initiation. The statuesque blonde is cuffed down to her bed, and Brea silences the novice with a stuffed cleave gag (shown on screen). Brea then cuts off Mia's T-shirt and panties and fondles her naked captive.

"Go Hostagettes! (Part 3)" continues with new squad member Mia Vallis' initiation to the cheerleading squad. Brea Bennet ballgags the statuesque blonde (shown on screen) and then Mia helplessly struggles in a suspension. But there may be more to this initiation than meets the eye...

"Go Hostagettes! (Part 3)" concludes with both Brea Bennet and Mia Vallis tied down to the bed and tapegagged by the evil coach. Each cheerleader has a vibrator roped to her thigh for a sinister little orgasm competition. Whomever wins gets to stay on the squad, but the loser will be in big trouble!

Bound To Come 3 - The Complete Video 0
Bound To Come 3 - The Complete Video 1
Bound To Come 3 - The Complete Video 2

This pulse-pounding video is now bargain priced! As this collection of bondage orgasms begins, fetish maids Ashley Renee and Carissa Montgomery are in the kitchen, and Ashley's in distress. Carissa chastises the busty domestic for getting them in trouble again, then she handcuffs Ashley's breasts and adds nipple clips before relenting slightly. Then both the lusty maids are cuffed, gagged and enjoying a two-fer of restrained orgasm.

Dusky beauty Maxine X is barefoot, ballgagged and frogtied on the bed in her frilly lingerie. Soon her enormous breasts are bared and the Hitachi vibrator roped to her leg is switched on, compelling the gorgeous captive to have a helpless orgasm.

Sultry Whitney Morgan pays homage to an iconic Hollywood sex symbol and asks "Why don't you tie me up some and see me come?" The luscious blonde is cleavegagged and roped to the bed, a vibrator is secured in its proper place and Whitney soon surrenders to its one-note song with a series of helpless orgasms.

Gorgeous brunette Arielle Lane is gagged with duct tape and frogtied on the sofa in her bra, panties, stockings and garterbelt. The leather orgasm belt is buckled around her waist, and soon the vibrator is switched on and the all natural beauty struggles, squirms but ultimately submits to a restrained orgasm.

Sexy soldier Alexis Grace has been taken captive, and she's roped down on the bed, defiantly claiming she won't surrender any military secrets. Then she's tapegagged and the vibrator tied to her leg is turned on. She resists the low setting, but the higher speed puts her over the top. Will she be willing to talk now?

In a deleted scene from Carissa Montgomery's interview feature "That Lady In Rope" the busty blonde indulges in some self-bondage. She happily chats and giggles as she binds her shapely legs, exposes her huge breasts (and binds them) and gags herself with a cloth and ballgag layered gag. Then she implores you to finish the job and tie her hands, and she moans and luxuriates in her bondage.

Maid Krystal Shay is silenced with a microfoam tape gag and tied down the bed with cloth strips. The sexy domestic starts with her hands overhead and ankles crossed, then is secured in an "Eiffel Tower" position that allows a peek at her feminine charms through the fishnet stockings. Next she's bound in a spreadeagle, and her perky breasts are exposed.

Gorgeous Niki Lee Young is bandana-gagged and tied to the sofa with her legs wide apart. As the scene progresses her T-shirt is cut away, baring her perfect breasts. The scene concludes with the gorgeous blonde tied in a classic, crossed-ankle position with a snug crotch-rope biting into her lacy black panties.

Hollywood Damsel - The Complete Video 0
Hollywood Damsel - The Complete Video 1
Hollywood Damsel - The Complete Video 2

Now this sensational video is bargain priced! As our story begins, actress Niki Lee Young (in tank top, miniskirt and knee socks) is nabbed on the studio lot and spirited to a disused wardrobe warehouse. She's tied up in a classic position (in an homage to a famous Detective magazine cover), "detective-gagged" and her captor accuses the sexy blonde of carefully choosing roles where she's the bound and gagged damsel in distress... and he's got the proof to back up his allegations.

Captive actress Niki Lee Young is shown highlights and outtakes from her career as a frequent "damsel of the week." In the prime-time soap opera "California Empire," the gorgeous blonde portrays "Candy Lynn." The trailer-trash seductress is tricked into getting bound and gagged in her lingerie by her boyfriend as part of his plot. When she tries to hop after him, she's left hogtied and furious on the bed.

Then in the "Sergeant Honcho" episode "Besieged, " policewoman Niki is taken hostage, handcuffed, cleavegagged and her ankles are tied. When she tries to escape, she's tied with more rope and her perfect, natural breasts are exposed.

As sexy actress Niki Lee Young's captivity continues, her crazed fan captor shows another example of the gorgeous blonde playing the damsel in distress. In the "Sergeant Honcho" episode "Escort," undercover policewoman Niki is caught and taken to a warehouse. She's tied up and gagged (all shown on-screen), and menaced by her captors. When the captive cop squirms too much, more rope is added and the top of her pink minidress is pulled down to reveal her amazing breasts. Then the villains leave our damsel to the questionable mercies of terrifying reptile.

The main story is followed by "The Wrong Damsel." Alexis Taylor plays ordinary secretary Emma Clapsaddle. The unfortunate office worker has been nabbed and tied by villains who think she's a secret government operative. She tries to tell them they're mistaken, but she's soon cleavegagged by her captors. As her captivity continues, she's tied with more rope and her huge breasts are bared. But when she's finally rescued, Emma's story takes an interesting turn.

As "The Wrong Damsel" tale continues, Emma Clapsaddle (Alexis Taylor) has agreed to be a double for certain government operatives. Unfortunately, a lack of time and budget puts her in the field before she's adequately trained. While dressed as the dark super-lady "Phantom Mystique," she's taken captive by a mad scientist. The villain unmasks the buxom secretary and learns her identity, or so he thinks. He ballgags her (shown on-screen) and our damsel's considerable breasts are exposed. Dr. Dubious then promises his busty captive a horrible ending. How can poor Emma ever escape?

In the conclusion of "The Wrong Damsel," Emma Clapsaddle (Alexis Taylor) is acting as a double for one of the "women in black." She's taken prisoner by Felties, puppet-looking aliens who are bent on revenge. The busty brunette is securely roped down to a table and scarf-gagged by the sinister extraterrestrials. While they plot her fate, one of the aliens pulls down her top to reveal her enormous breasts. Will these evil creatures have their revenge on poor Emma? (The story is followed by some outtakes from the entire "Hollywood Damsel" feature.)

Action Lady's Adventures - The Complete Video 0
Action Lady's Adventures - The Complete Video 1
Action Lady's Adventures - The Complete Video 2

This sensational collection of Action Lady's premiere adventures is now bargain priced! As her adventures begin, Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) is captured when she goes undercover as a college student. The busty blonde is bound hand and foot and cleavegagged with a bandana. When she tries to hop away, she's caught, duct tape is pressed over her gag, her enormous breasts are exposed and she's hogtied on the sofa.

Then Action Lady is working undercover as a uniformed cop when she's caught and handcuffed to the bed by a corrupt co-worker. The gorgeous blonde is bandana-gagged, progressively exposed and then helplessly struggles and moans when she's locked into an inescapable handcuff hogtie.

Next Action Lady goes undercover to investigate the mysterious "Mr. Nimzo," she's dressed up only in pantyhose, high heels, gloves and a necklace -- and a crotchrope, with her hands and elbows tightly tied. The well-endowed blonde says the wrong word, her cover is blown, and she's bound and ballgagged. She seductively poses her legs in an attempt to win favor with her captor, but she's securely tied to a stool, and in dire need of rescue!

While snooping in an office, Action Lady is taken captive by a mysterious masked man. The sexy secretary is cleavegagged and tied (all shown on-screen) into a strict elbows-together, back-arching hogtie. The villain pulls her blouse and bra aside to expose her enormous breasts. The curvy blonde struggles for all she's worth, but can't escape -- and her ordeal isn't over yet!

Action Lady continues to be the captive of a masked villain. The stunning blonde is wearing bra, panties and heels on the bed, and she's compelled to gag herself by stuffing a cloth into her mouth a pressing duct tape on her lips. Our busty damsel is tied (all shown on-screen) into a strict kneeling position with a snug crotchrope and her luscious breasts are bared.

As Action Lady's captivity at the hands of the masked vilain continues, our lusciouis damsel is bound into a lotus position in a lacy teddy and high heels. The mysterious bad guy tapegags the gorgeous damsel (shown on-screen) and then he turns on a powerful vibrator, compelling the adventuress to have a helpless orgasm.

In her next adventure, Action Lady goes undercover in a hospital to track down a notorious doctor. But when her cover is blown, the hunter becomes the prey, and she's tightly strapped into a straitjacket, her legs bound with leather straps. The barefoot beauty is ballgagged, and she struggles in vain to free herself. What does the sinister doctor have planned for our damsel?

Action Lady remains the prisoner of the evil doctor. She's stripped naked and bound into a frogtie with cloth strips on a bed. Carissa is cleavegagged with a layer of duct tape added, and a powerful vibrator is secured to her thigh. Once the vibrator is turned on, poor Carissa can't help but surrender to the powerful buzz and she's helpless to stop herself from experiencing a shuddering orgasm.

That Lady in Rope - The Complete Video 0
That Lady in Rope - The Complete Video 1
That Lady in Rope - The Complete Video 2

Carissa Montgomery is one of the genuine superstars of bondage today. Fans of this gorgeous blonde won't want to miss this engaging interview with her, accented with some of her favorite bondage situations. After the initial interview segment, Carissa portrays a classic secretary in bondage. The busty beauty begins tied in a classic seated position (wearing glasses), and ends up thoroughly hogtied on her desk with her enormous breasts exposed.

As Carissa Montgomery's interview continues, she talks about some of her favorites for bondage. The next scene reflects her preferences, and the busty superstar is naked and wearing high heels, hogtied and cleavegagged on the bed. Ashley Renee steps in and takes a moment to fondle and caress the helpless beauty. Then Carissa is blindfolded and struggling, reveling in her sensual captivity.

Bondage superstar Carissa Montgomery continues her tied-up interview with two more delightful segments. Between the interview clips, we get to see the gorgeous blonde dressed up in a sailor costume and heels, frogtied and cleavegagged on the bed. Soon an over-the-nose "bandit gag" is added, her enormous breasts are exposed and a powerful vibrator is roped between her thighs. The busty beauty is then unable to stop herself from experiencing an earth-shaking, helpless orgasm.

The interview is followed by "Bound To Come" -- a collection of helpless damsels tied, gagged and compelled to orgasm. Vivie Delmonico (AKA Angelica Saige) begins this sexy series. The statuesque beauty is tapegagged and tied to a pole in her sexy bra, panties and high heels. The leather orgasm belt is buckled around her waist, and the long-legged babe struggles, moans and ultimately surrenders to the powerful vibrator's irresistible one-note song.

Then Scarlett Wild is buckled into a straitjacket, silenced with a layered cleavegag and tape, and she's secured to a chair with rope, holding her in a seated frogtie position. The immobilized redhead is then powerless to escape or resist the vibrator attached to her thigh, the head pressed snug against the crotch-strap of the straitjacket.

Next, Ashley Rose experiences her very first bondage orgasm. The statuesque blonde is frogtied and silenced with microfoam tape. The leather orgasm belt is buckled around her waist and the Hitachi is strapped in and ready to give the helpless beauty her maiden voyage in restrained orgasms.

In the next segment of "Bound To Come," Chrissy Daniels portrays a lady sheriff who's in big trouble. The all-natural beauty is handcuffed to a chair, tapegagged and her legs are tied wide apart. The leather orgasm belt is attached to her waist, and it soon lives up to its name. The curvy redhead struggles to evade the powerful vibration, but soon surrender to a helpless orgasm.

The "Bound To Come" series concludes with a unique contest. Ginger Sparks and Vivie Delmonico (Angelica Saige) are tapegagged and cuffed down to the bed. Each lady holds a small bucket containing change, and each one has a vibrator tied to her thigh -- with the head resting on the crotch of the other. They're informed that they're going to have an orgasm contest. When one gets to the point where she can't take it any more, she drops her bucket and her rival wins a $100 bonus. Which lady will be able to claim the prize?

Bride-Napped! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part One - Katie Monroe 0
Bride-Napped! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part One - Katie Monroe 1
Bride-Napped! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part One - Katie Monroe 2

Encore! Now you can enjoy this thrilling story from a fresh angle with the 2nd camera version! This bondage-filled fantasy begins at an event hall. A wedding rehearsal has finished, and the only people remaining inside are the bride, her maid of honor and the manager of the hall. Katie Monroe, the manager, is surprised when a ski-masked man enters and grabs her, hand over mouth. He asks if the bride, Savannah Sixx, is still there and the terrified woman confirms that she is. When we next see the busty blonde, she's cleavegagged, handcuffed, ankle-cuffed and securely bound to her chair with rope. The black-clad villain warns her not to try anything and assures her that he'll be back to check on her later. While he goes to complete his mission, the stunning captive tentatively tests her bonds, But she soon realizes that escape is impossible for her. She looks around, hoping someone will come to her rescue. But the only one who comes to see about her is the intruder, who takes advantage of Katie's helplessness to expose her voluptuous breasts. The evil man then leaves Ms. Monroe all alone again, and she futilely fights against her restraints, desperately trying not to be discovered in this humiliating position.

Sailor Melody VS. Vibrato! - Alternate Camera Edit 0
Sailor Melody VS. Vibrato! - Alternate Camera Edit 1
Sailor Melody VS. Vibrato! - Alternate Camera Edit 2

Encore! This popular scene can now be savored from new angles with the 2nd camera version!As our scene opens, Sailor Melody (Melody Marks) has been take captive by her nemesis, Vibrato! The adorable blonde is bound hand and foot and she admits she's been defeated, then she asks what the vile criminal is going to do to her. She soon finds out, and the booted babe is ballgagged and writhing helplessly on the bed. Sailor Melody struggles and moans, but her efforts to escape are all in vain! When we next see the stunning sailor scout, her boots have been removed. The gorgeous crimebuster is restrained with handcuffs and leg-irons, she's cleavegagged and Vibrato has secured a powerful device between her pantyhose-clad thighs. Sailor Melody's luscious breasts are exposed, and the depraved villain takes a moment to savor his sweet captive's predicament. Then the vibrator is brought to life, and the bound and gagged damsel tries her best to avoid the relentless hum of the device. But Sailor Melody can't escape, nor can she stop the feelings elicited by the fiendish instrument. She tries her best to squirm away from it, and she holds out as long as she can. But ultimately she has no choice to surrender to a powerful, eye-rolling orgasm. What evil plan does Vibrato have in store for her next?