The Woman From S.E.C.Re.T. - The Complete Video 0
The Woman From S.E.C.Re.T. - The Complete Video 1
The Woman From S.E.C.Re.T. - The Complete Video 2

This sensational bondage-packed fantasy is now bargain priced! Somewhere in the suburbs, petite beauty Phoebe Queen is grabbed by a masked intruder. The gorgeous brunette is ballgagged and roped into a frogtie on her bed. Our damsel struggles in vain to free herself, and before long the villain returns to expose her perfect, perky breasts, and to strictly bind her elbows together. It's obvious Phoebe's captor isn't going to be letting her go anytime soon!

Because Phoebe is, in reality, extraterrestrial royalty, her disappearance is investigated by the Special Emergency Covert Response Team (S.E.C.Re.T.). Agent Ashley Lane is assigned to the case, and no sooner does she arrive at the crime scene when she's grabbed by another mysterious hooded villain. The lovely blonde is promptly cleavegagged and roped into a strict crossed-ankle hogtie. Despite her special training and a lot of energetic squirming, Agent Lane remains his helpless prisoner.

As part of her interrogation by the masked evil-doer, poor Ashley is silenced with a medwrap gag and tied standing and bent-over in a sort of posted strappado position. The leggy operative is completely unable to move or escape from her knotty predicament. She refuses to cooperate, but what will the dastardly fiend do with the vanquished agent next?

The Alliance of Superladies also conducts a search for Phoebe, and they assign Private Investigator Sara St. Clair to track down the royal alien. The busty blonde is confronted by yet another masked villain, and she decides to play along when he takes her captive. The petite sleuth determines that the villains are all clones, but she's not prepared when he tells her that they know of her secret identity. He informs Sara that she won't be able to break out of the handcuffs or special rope he's used to restrain her. The sexy P.I. is then powerless to stop him when he bandana-gags her and exposes her luscious breasts. Sara tries her best to escape from this embarrassing situation, but it's apparent she's stuck until someone comes to her rescue.

Meanwhile Agent Ashley is given a robe to wear yet she's totally exposed when she's securely bound to a low stool. The captive spy is ballgagged, and a vibrator is secured between her thighs. The villain comes in to gloat over his gorgeous hostage. She's maintained her secrets, but it's apparent she's lost this game of cat-and-mouse. The ski-masked baddie then activates the device and makes his escape. Ashley tries her best to resist the relentless hum of the vibrator, but it isn't long before she succumbs to a shuddering orgasm.

Elsewhere, Sara St. Clair has assumed her alter ego as Dynamic Damsel for a rematch with the clones. One of them exposes the super-lady to Upsilon radiation, thinking it would rob her of her unparalleled strength. But his error is costly and she quickly dispatches him. A second clone gets the upper hand with a paralyzing spray, and Dynamic Damsel falls into his clutches, and she's unmasked. He then uses a sinister device to alter her molecular structure and destroy her superhuman strength. The vanquished crimebuster is ballgagged and tied up with a powerful vibrator roped in place. Once it's turned on, the defeated champion of justice surrenders to the irresistable device.

The Further Adventures of Ms Mauser - The Complete Story - Candle Boxxx 0
The Further Adventures of Ms Mauser - The Complete Story - Candle Boxxx 1
The Further Adventures of Ms Mauser - The Complete Story - Candle Boxxx 2

 As this story by Nimzo begins, a nerdy fanboy has won a dinner with his favorite superlady, Ms. Mauser (Candle Boxxx). But he takes advantage when she has a little too much of his special juice (or is it all part of his nefarious plot?), and we see him tie up the helpless superlady.


Ms. Mauser is now the helpless captive of the nerd. He ballgags his gorgeous prisoner and soon hogties her (all tying and gagging is shown onscreen). Ms. Mauser struggles to escape her vile captor, causing him to further overpower his unenthusiastic guest.


Next the crazed nerd's removed Ms. Mauser's costume to sell online, and so to improve his status in the online nerd community he's decided to take some photos of the bound and gagged super-babe. The helpless champion of justice struggles and squirms, but her ordeal isn't nearly over yet!


He's decided to take a supervillain up on his offer to trade a priceless comic for the gorgeous superlady. The feisty damsel struggles to free herself, so the evil nerd starts using an diabolical plastic wrap on his ballgagged prisoner. Will Ms. Mauser ever be able to free herself from this horrible situation?


Then the next chapter of Ms. Mauser's story begins, and she faces off against her archenemy The Reaper. Unfortunately, the villain gets the upper hand, and the gorgeous champion of justice is frozen stiff, completely unable to move a muscle! Then the supervillain employs a diabolical device that takes over Ms. Mauser's mind! He compels the reluctant crimebuster to remove all her clothes, and humiliates her further by making her stand naked for hours! What will The Reaper do with his helpless captive next?


Then to humiliate the helpless superlady, the master villain binds his naked prisoner to the bed and gags her using barbed wire, then announces that her defeat is being streamed online! The fiend switches on a powerful vibrator fixed between her shapely legs. The defenseless adventuress struggles to free herself, but she ultimately surrenders to the insidious toy and has a squirting orgasm -- but her ultimate humiliation is yet to come!


As the story concludes, captive superlady Ms. Mauser is led out on a leash by her archenemy The Reaper. With a live online audience, the gorgeous crimebuster faces her final humiliation. She's cleavegagged and tied to a post, then she's hosed down with water so her white T-shirt clings to her curves. Next the wet T-shirt is cut away, exposing her body. And finally the vile villain hits the helpless beauty in the face with a pie!

Empress Octavia's Misfortune - The Complete Video 0
Empress Octavia's Misfortune - The Complete Video 1
Empress Octavia's Misfortune - The Complete Video 2

Now this bondage-filled fantasy is bargain priced! As this steampunk-inspired story begins, a mysterious woman (Rachel Adams) takes Empress Octavia of Oceana (Loren Chance) captive, and she's paralyzed, completely unable to move. Octavia, in a long gown, gloves and tiara, is then cleavegagged and tied in a standing position with her arms extended horizontally and tied to a bar. Octavia's captor intends to pass a final sentence on the royal captive -- will she be saved in time?

Agent Rachel Adams has been taken captive by Empress Octavia of Oceana (Loren Chance) and her henchman, Bike. Rachel is interrogated, and she's compelled to reveal that she's actually an operative sent from the future to prevent Octavia from taking over the world in 300 years. The booted brunette also tells them she intended to return to the future via a recently invented time machine. Octavia is thrilled by this news and decides she must have this device for herself. Rachel is then cleavegagged and later her breasts are exposed by the villainous Bike. What will become of her now?

Agent Rachel Adams is bound into a frogtie, her arms strictly tied into a hammerlock position. Bike tapegags her shortly before Empress Octavia (Loren Chance) enters to hear his report on their mission. Octavia taunts her captive, still angry at Agent Adams' attempt to end her empire. She then leaves Rachel alone to helplessly struggle in her inescapable restraint.

At Professor Lovebound's laboratory, Octavia and Bike lure Professor Whitney Morgan into their clutches so they can learn more about Lovebound's time machine. Bike is taken aback when Whitney asks him to tie her up, but after she's bound, Whitney realizes he's an impostor. Octavia enters and interrogates Whitney, and then the rope-friendly blonde is cleavegagged and left alone to struggle while her captors search the laboratory.

Professor Whitney Morgan is stripped down, chairtied and cleavegagged in the laboratory. Soon Bike betrays Empress Octavia (Loren Chance), and she too is cleavegagged and chairtied along with Whitney. The turncoat henchman then leaves the ladies to a dire fate. The damsels struggle furiously to free themselves, but will they be able to escape in time?

Empress Octavia of Oceana (Loren Chance) is taken captive by Professor Claw. Octavia is ballgagged and bound to a bed, with a powerful vibrator tied in place. Professor Claw tells her that he saved Agent Adams and convinced her to reveal Octavia's plans, and he warns her to stop. Octavia is then compelled to orgasm while Professor Claw hogties his willing partner, the ballgagged Professor Whitney Morgan.

Back at Lovebound's laboratory, Professor Claw has a roleplaying game with his lover, Professor Whitney Morgan. The sexy blonde is chairtied, and Claw uses microfoam tape to silence his willing partner. The dark criminal then turns on the powerful vibrator position between her legs, and he watches as the booted beauty enjoys a series of helpless orgasms.