The Further Adventures of Ms Mauser - The Complete Story - Candle Boxxx 0
The Further Adventures of Ms Mauser - The Complete Story - Candle Boxxx 1
The Further Adventures of Ms Mauser - The Complete Story - Candle Boxxx 2

 As this story by Nimzo begins, a nerdy fanboy has won a dinner with his favorite superlady, Ms. Mauser (Candle Boxxx). But he takes advantage when she has a little too much of his special juice (or is it all part of his nefarious plot?), and we see him tie up the helpless superlady.


Ms. Mauser is now the helpless captive of the nerd. He ballgags his gorgeous prisoner and soon hogties her (all tying and gagging is shown onscreen). Ms. Mauser struggles to escape her vile captor, causing him to further overpower his unenthusiastic guest.


Next the crazed nerd's removed Ms. Mauser's costume to sell online, and so to improve his status in the online nerd community he's decided to take some photos of the bound and gagged super-babe. The helpless champion of justice struggles and squirms, but her ordeal isn't nearly over yet!


He's decided to take a supervillain up on his offer to trade a priceless comic for the gorgeous superlady. The feisty damsel struggles to free herself, so the evil nerd starts using an diabolical plastic wrap on his ballgagged prisoner. Will Ms. Mauser ever be able to free herself from this horrible situation?


Then the next chapter of Ms. Mauser's story begins, and she faces off against her archenemy The Reaper. Unfortunately, the villain gets the upper hand, and the gorgeous champion of justice is frozen stiff, completely unable to move a muscle! Then the supervillain employs a diabolical device that takes over Ms. Mauser's mind! He compels the reluctant crimebuster to remove all her clothes, and humiliates her further by making her stand naked for hours! What will The Reaper do with his helpless captive next?


Then to humiliate the helpless superlady, the master villain binds his naked prisoner to the bed and gags her using barbed wire, then announces that her defeat is being streamed online! The fiend switches on a powerful vibrator fixed between her shapely legs. The defenseless adventuress struggles to free herself, but she ultimately surrenders to the insidious toy and has a squirting orgasm -- but her ultimate humiliation is yet to come!


As the story concludes, captive superlady Ms. Mauser is led out on a leash by her archenemy The Reaper. With a live online audience, the gorgeous crimebuster faces her final humiliation. She's cleavegagged and tied to a post, then she's hosed down with water so her white T-shirt clings to her curves. Next the wet T-shirt is cut away, exposing her body. And finally the vile villain hits the helpless beauty in the face with a pie!

CosWorld 2 - Part One - Erika Jordan - Lorelei Mission 0
CosWorld 2 - Part One - Erika Jordan - Lorelei Mission 1
CosWorld 2 - Part One - Erika Jordan - Lorelei Mission 2
CosWorld 2 - Part One - Erika Jordan - Lorelei Mission 3
CosWorld 2 - Part One - Erika Jordan - Lorelei Mission 4

In a parallel universe, the world is populated only by women whose uniforms or costumes determine their role in society. As the next chapter of the saga begins, Spy Erika Jordan is caught breaking into a safe. Lorelei the SuperSpy soon has the helpless beauty bound and gagged. Lorelei cuts open Erika's turtleneck sweater to expose her breasts before leaving the sexy spy in dire peril. Luckily, at the last minute CSI agent Jenaveve Jolie finds and rescues the busty beauty.


Chance Encounter - Part Six - Loren Chance 0
Chance Encounter - Part Six - Loren Chance 1
Chance Encounter - Part Six - Loren Chance 2

In the previous segment of Loren Chance's interview, she mentioned a fondness for clowns and "wet and messy" scenes. And so she reprises her role as Gaggo the Clown's partner in "Happy Birthday Kuffie!" Loren begins dressed as an iconic cartoon character, cleavegagged and tied to a chair. Gaggo is unhappy that she's out of uniform, and decides to do something special for her birthday. He begins by spraying her with aerosol string, and things get much messier after that. She slathered with mayonnaise, gets a can of circular spaghetti dumped on her, then a large package of corn meal. Her dress is cut off before he continues with her treatment. Eggs are cracked over her, then she's hosed down for more messy torment. She finally gets her red velvet birthday cake -- all over her face and chest. But Gaggo's still got more. Kuffie gets a variety of pies mashed into her face, then she's hosed down one last time, shivering naked helpless and wet in the cold.