Paging Dr. Kahn - The Complete Video 0
Paging Dr. Kahn - The Complete Video 1
Paging Dr. Kahn - The Complete Video 2

This thrilling bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! When Nurse Lauren Kiley learns too much about the mysterious Dr. Kahn she's buckled in to a straitjacket, gagged with a padded bitgag and roped to a chair in a cross-legged position. The stocking-footed damsel pleads to the camera with gagtalk but remains unable to move or escape her strict, unyielding restraints.

Nurse Addie Juniper confronts Dr. Kahn about his identity, and she's silenced with a layered gag and roped in a classic tie in her scrubs, white socks and sneakers. She struggles to free herself, then the evil doctor returns to cut open her clothes and cut off her panties. Addie continues her escape attempt, and she's bound into a secure hogtie. But Dr. Kahn isn't done with her yet!

Nurse Addie Juniper has been taken by the evil Dr. Kahn to his secret hideaway. The feisty lady is strapped into a straitjacket, a harness ballgag is buckled on her head, her ankles are bound with a leather strap and attached to her jacket with legirons. Her sinister host presents the damsel with an uncertain fate, and our poor damsel is left to struggle against her inescapable bonds.

The paranoid Dr. Kahn believes his girlfriend Keisha Grey is onto him, so her takes her to a trendy boutique where she's wrapped in a straitjacket back in the stock room. Keisha thinks it's all just a kinky game, but she's gagged with microfoam tape, her legs are restrained with legirons and she's left alone to struggle. Soon the gorgeous brunette will learn the sinister truth about the boutique!

Nurse Cameron Dee stumbles onto the truth about her missing co-workers, and she's taken captive by Dr. Kahn! The beautiful blonde is completely secured in a straitjacket, bound into a frogtie with bandages and gagged with microfoam tape. She struggles and moans, so the villain uses cloth strips to further restrain his gorgeous prisoner.

Detective Sofie Marie is assigned to investigate the rash of disappearances at the hospital, and Dr. Kahn lures the pretty cop-lady to his private office with the promise of information about the case. Next, the busty brunette has a ballgag strapped deep in her mouth and she's helplessly suspended in a straitjacket. She struggles in vain while the villain makes a clean getaway.

Arielle Anderssen portrays the 1920s era reporter "Scoops Anderssen, The Jazz-Age Newshound." As the story begins the statuesque blonde goes undercover as a flapper to investigate a story. But she's caught snooping by the villains and she's tied hands over head in a reclining position and cleavegagged. Our intrepid journalist gets loose and tries to hop away, but she's recaptured by the bad guys.

As the story of "Scoops Anderssen - The Jazz-Age Newshound" continues, Ariel Anderssen remains the prisoner of evil men. The blonde beauty is stripped naked, tied in a face-down spreadeagle on a bed and muffled with a cleavegag with tape. Before long, one leg is bent and tied in place to further humiliate the gorgeous reporter. Will our damsel be rescued in time?

Cali's Bondage Interview - The Complete Video 0
Cali's Bondage Interview - The Complete Video 1
Cali's Bondage Interview - The Complete Video 2

This spectacular bondage feature is now bargain priced! Bondage superstar Cali Logan begins her bondage interview bound hand and foot, and soon the gorgeous brunette is dressed up in a schoolgirl costume, ballgagged and tied in a lotus position. As the scene progresses she's attached to the table with more rope and her perky, all-natural breasts are exposed.

Bondage superstar Cali Logan continues her interview, and then all-natural beauty is dressed up in a sexy fishnet ensemble, panties and high heels, and she's tied down to the bed in an "Eiffel Tower" position. When she expresses some concern about her defenseless situation, she's silenced with a duct tape gag, and before long she's roped into a snug, elbows-together hogtie and helplessly struggling.

Gorgeous Cali Logan continues her tied-up interview, and then we see the bondage superstar outdoors, tapegagged, with her hands tied behind her and knees bound, trying to escape. But she's caught and post-tied by her captor, and soon her perfect breasts are revealed.

Fetish superstar Cali Logan concludes her tied-up interview with a few more little anecdotes, but when she's finished Cali is dismayed when she's not set free. Instead she's secured with more rope and cleavegagged. The sexy captive struggles against the bonds in her minidress, pantyhose and high heels, but she just can't get free.

As "Go Hostagettes! (Part 3)" begins, the newest member of the Hostagettes cheerleading team (Mia Vallis) is awakened by sexy burglar Brea Bennett for her initiation. The statuesque blonde is cuffed down to her bed, and Brea silences the novice with a stuffed cleave gag (shown on screen). Brea then cuts off Mia's T-shirt and panties and fondles her naked captive.

"Go Hostagettes! (Part 3)" continues with new squad member Mia Vallis' initiation to the cheerleading squad. Brea Bennet ballgags the statuesque blonde (shown on screen) and then Mia helplessly struggles in a suspension. But there may be more to this initiation than meets the eye...

"Go Hostagettes! (Part 3)" concludes with both Brea Bennet and Mia Vallis tied down to the bed and tapegagged by the evil coach. Each cheerleader has a vibrator roped to her thigh for a sinister little orgasm competition. Whomever wins gets to stay on the squad, but the loser will be in big trouble!

CosWorld - The Beginning - Part Six - Erika Jordan - Melissa Jacobs 0
CosWorld - The Beginning - Part Six - Erika Jordan - Melissa Jacobs 1
CosWorld - The Beginning - Part Six - Erika Jordan - Melissa Jacobs 2
CosWorld - The Beginning - Part Six - Erika Jordan - Melissa Jacobs 3
CosWorld - The Beginning - Part Six - Erika Jordan - Melissa Jacobs 4

This is the tale of a parallel universe where the world is populated only by women whose uniforms or costumes determine their place in society. In the earlier chapters of this fantasy, Spy Erika Jordan has enlisted Detective Melissa Jacobs to help their government track down and eliminate a mysterious threat: Several citizens have been attacked, bound and gagged by a strange, dark figure with no identity!

Melissa promises to help them solve the mystery of the Dark Spirit, and Erika leaves her office. But the beautiful spy is promptly overpowered and taken captive by her prey, and Erika soon finds herself hogtied on a mattress in a grimy garage. Erika's enigmatic enemy gags her, then ultimately cuts away her turtleneck sweater to reveal her luscious breasts.

The CosWorld series is a collaborative production for FM Concepts and American Damsels, written and directed by Jon Woods.


    The Return Of El Bobo - Alternate Takes - Part Two - Arielle Lane 0
    The Return Of El Bobo - Alternate Takes - Part Two - Arielle Lane 1
    The Return Of El Bobo - Alternate Takes - Part Two - Arielle Lane 2

In this second alternate take, Arielle Lane is still the captive of "El Bobo." The villain has used chains, handcuffs and leg-irons to secure the leggy beauty to a post, and he ballgags her on-screen, then presses strips of silver duct tape over the ballgag to silence his gorgeous hostage. The one-eyed revolutionary then makes a ransom video and cuts away at our damsel's clothes, exposing all of Arielle's most intimate areas. This take alternates between a long, master shot (which has a more "behind the scenes" feel, and Lorelei is sometimes in the frame videoing with the main camera) and different angles when Lorelei is holding the second camcorder

Season Of Danger - Deleted Scene - Jennifer Thomas - Part Two 0
Season Of Danger - Deleted Scene - Jennifer Thomas - Part Two 1
Season Of Danger - Deleted Scene - Jennifer Thomas - Part Two 2

"Season Of Danger" showcases previews from the new season of The American Damsels Television Network. In this story that was deleted from the feature, we get the conclusion of an episode of "Go Hostagettes!"  In the first part of the story, super-lady Jennifer Thomas fell into the clutches of the evil Coach.  The defeated damsel is then compelled to put on her costume, and she's tied down to a table for one of the Coach's special live cam shows.  She demands to be set free, but Jennifer knows she's in deep trouble.  The Coach explains to his online audience that every member of the Nemesis super-lady league has a weakness, and for The Golden Nemesis, her secret weakness is... tickling!  The trussed-up champion of justice fights against the ropes as he removes her boots, but she's unable to stop his tickling onslaught.  Shrieks of laughter pierce the air as her feet, legs, ribs and armpits are mercilessly stimulated.  The cruel Coach then uses an electric toothbrush to further torment the ticklish crimebuster to devastating effect!  After this humiliating display, Jennifer gets a ballgag strapped between her lips, and then the Coach removes her mask.  Since her superheroine career has now been ended, the heartless fiend cuts open her costume, completing her ultimate defeat.  What will become of poor Jennifer now?