Professor Claw's Captives - The Complete Video 1
Professor Claw's Captives - The Complete Video 2

This full feature is now bargain priced! As this steampunk-inspired story begins, Agent Pamela of Freedonia is taken captive by Dr. Nicole Taylorr. The sexy blonde is tied in a "standing Y" position outside to a tree, cleavegagged and left alone to struggle by the buxom brunette.

Then later Dr. Taylorr is caught snooping by Agent Pamela. The busty brunette is bed-tied cross-legged, her arms bound wide apart to the headboard, and she's silenced with a classic white over-the-mouth "detective gag." Agent Pamela plans to spirit the captive beauty away, but something goes terribly wrong before she can complete her scheme!

Professor Claw has has unexpectedly entered and overpowered the gorgeous adversaries. Dr. Taylorr is roped into a snug hogtie on the bed, and Agent Pamela is frogtied and attached to headboard. Both women are cleavegagged with strips of duct tape pressed over the cloth... and they're in trouble! Will they be rescued in time?

As "Dangerous Toys" begins, sexy government agent Megan Salinas awakens to find herself tied in a classic position on a bed, ballgagged and exposed. Soon the gorgeous Latina realizes she's being stalked by a sinister plush toy. What will happen to our damsel if she doesn't free herself and escape in time?

Then Sexy secretaries Ashley Rose and Cody Hunter and victims of an office robbery. Ashley is tied bent over a desk and Cody is chair-tied, her shapely legs crossed at the knees. As the scene progresses, both ladies are cleavegagged and exposed by the robbers.

That night Ashley is awakened by a handgag from her coworker Cody Hunter. The unsuspecting Ashley is ballgagged and tied down to the bed by her scheming officemate, and Cody uses a powerful vibrator to interrogate the buxom blonde. After a helpless orgasm, Cody removes her ballgag to continue the questioning, but then the petite MILF is grabbed by a mysterious intruder.

The slender blonde is bound by a masked intruder, and he tapegags her (shown on-screen). The mysterious villain then hogties Cody, exposes her all natural breasts and hikes up her skirt to reveal her stocking-tops and garters before leaving her alone to helplessly struggle on the bed.

Agent Ashley Rose is spirited away by a sinister foreign agent. She's first roped into a strappado position and then mummified in tape (even her toes are taped), she's tapegagged and her ample breasts are exposed. When the sexy spy refuses to divulge her secrets, the villain leaves her to an uncertain fate when she's menaced by an evil plush toy.

The Lost Bondage Scenes - Episode Two - Liv: Dangerously! (Unsold Pilot) - Deleted Scene - Liv Wild  1
The Lost Bondage Scenes - Episode Two - Liv: Dangerously! (Unsold Pilot) - Deleted Scene - Liv Wild  2

Unfortunately the pilot for the damsel-oriented television series "Liv: Dangerously!" starring the stunning Liv Wild was not picked up by the network. However we do get to see highlights from the first episode (coming soon) and this deleted scene.

As "Summer Soles In Peril!" begins, the bikini-clad cutie is snooping around in a suspected villain's beach house, looking for clues to her friend's disappearance. But Liv is caught, and she's tied to a chair in a knees-up position. She tries to talk her way out of her predicament, but (much like the network) her captor isn't buying her story. The barefoot beauty is cleavegagged and left to struggle against the ropes and fret about what her captor has in store for her next.

Then the brunette babe is seated with her hands tied overhead to the ceiling and her delicate feet have been placed through a foot stock with her big toes tied together, allowing an unobstructed view of her soles. Liv struggles uncomfortably against her unusual restraint, but despite her efforts she's still a helpless prisoner. Then the villain removes her bikini top and her toes are tied individually and secured to the foot stock. The bad guy tells his sexy hostage that "The Foot Torturer" is on the way, and when he arrives she's in real trouble! Liv continues to struggle in vain. How will she ever be able to escape from this terrible situation?

Diva In Distress - The Complete Video 1
Diva In Distress - The Complete Video 2

This sensational feature is now bargain priced! The story begins in a grimy garage, where government agent Megan Salinas has been stripped naked, cleavegagged with a bandana and tied to a chair. A mysterious gloved woman is seen holding a black statuette before she leaves the gorgeous latina alone to struggle. Soon, a masked villain enters to ask who took the coveted statue. Megan answers, but then instead of freeing her, he gags her with duct tape and once again she's left alone and helpless.

After completing a robbery, the Dangerous Diva (Loren Chance) is confronted by a mysterious agent in black (Britney Lace). When the Diva tries to make her escape, she's overpowered! Soon the black-clad villainess is ballgagged and securely locked up with a lot of chains and handcuffs. Will she be able to escape her enigmatic captor? (With a brief cameo appearance by Niki Lee Young, nude, bound and gagged.)

Next the mysterious agent in black has been overpowered by the Dangerous Diva and she's bound hand and foot and cleavegagged. The booted villainess leaves the helpless blonde and escapes, and the captive agent struggles in vain to free herself. Then inexplicably, the Diva returns -- but someone else is stalking the Dangerous Diva!

The Dangerous Diva and the mysterious agent in black are both bound by none other than the infamous Crooked Claw! The caped villain tries to persuade the Diva to surrender the coveted "Black Bird," but she remains defiant. Both ladies are gagged while he searches for the valuable artifact. Each captive struggles to be the first to free herself, yet both remain helpless. Unable to find the statuette, the Claw then spirits the Diva away for further interrogation.

The Dangerous Diva has been taken captive by the Crooked Claw and spirited to his hideout where she's bandana-gagged and bound hands-over-head. After she refuses to cooperate, the caped villain leaves her with his scaly associate "Plisskin." When the Diva survives, the Claw unmasks his sexy prisoner. Will we finally learn the Dangerous Diva's secret identity?

The Dangerous Diva remains the helpless captive of The Crooked Claw. After removing her mask and wig, the defeated Diva is ballgagged and left in a suspended balltie. How long will she be able to hold out before the dark villain finally breaks her will?

Knowing escape is impossible, the Dangerous Diva finally surrenders the mysterious "Black Bird" to The Crooked Claw... but her troubles aren't over yet! The caped villain leaves his sexy captive outside where she's bound, tapegagged and exposed. Who will find the vanquished villainess?

The story is followed by the complete vignette, gorgeous Niki Lee Young (as a victim of The Dangerous Diva) is naked except for her black thigh-high stockings. She's tapegagged and tied into a spreadeagle position on the bed, struggling, moaning and squirming. Yet she remains a helpless captive of the Diva!


Steampunk Spies - The Complete Story 0
Steampunk Spies - The Complete Story 1
Steampunk Spies - The Complete Story 2

The star-studded feature is now bargain priced! As the story begins, international lady of mystery Ashley Renee has agreed to an intimate rendezvous with Colonel Jackman with the intent of charming some valuable military secrets from him. She agrees to be bound and gagged by him, but no sooner is the busty beauty helpless then he turns his luscious captive over to rival adventuress Kiki D'Aire! Kiki uses a powerful vibrator in an attempt to pry Ashley's own secrets from her... but the interrogation doesn't go as she planned!

The dark-haired beauty gets the upper hand and uses Kiki's own device on her, trying to pry the secrets from her busty captive. Kiki squirms and moans, but ultimately must surrender to a helpless orgasm. Yet the bedbound prisoner has a surprise for the unsuspecting Ashley!

Adventuress Kiki D'Aire's henchman unexpectedly turns on his buxom boss, and both she and her rival Ashley Renee are bound side-by-side. The turncoat uses an unusual type of ball to silence the busty captives, leaving them in big trouble! Will these rivals be able to escape from this diabolical trap, or are they doomed?

The story is followed with a deleted scene from "The Damsel Network" video, tied up hostess Mary Jane Green introduces a clip from the series "Hollywood Bondage Stories." Lady Monroe portrays a (literally) struggling starlet in an iconic white dress and heels. The sexy, all natural blonde is ballgagged and roped up on the bed in several positions, ending in a crossed-ankle hogtie.

Then in a bonus story from "The Damsel Network" video, Loren Chance stars in an extra episode of "Go Hostagettes!" The Coach has discovered that his choreography director has been betraying him, and that Loren is the one who's been secretly helping some of the captives escape. The aqua-haired lovely is chairtied and cleavegagged, and before long her perky, all natural breasts are exposed. But the Coach has more planned for the tied-up traitor!

As the story continues,the Coach decides to humiliate the aqua-haired saboteuse by making her perform for the secret Hostagettes webcam site. Loren is next seen wearing a kinky outfit, ballgagged and roped into a standing hands-over-head position. The leather orgasm belt is buckled around her waist, and soon the relentless buzz of the powerful vibrator causes the captive, drooling cheerleader to experience a helpless orgasm for the online audience.

The feature continues with vignettes of "Three Secretaries In Bondage." We begin with Constance. The slender beauty is silenced with a knotted cleavegag and securely roped to a chair. Soon a detective gag is layered over the cloth gag, and her minidress is pulled up so we can sneak a peek at her pantyhose. Constance struggles and squirms, but the ropes hold tight!

Buxom Leah J. is the next secretary in bondage. The busty babe is cleavegagged with a scarf and chairtied with her hands overhead. She's then re-tied in a kneeling position on the chair, and her captor enters briefly to open up her white blouse. Next her bra is pulled down and her huge, all natural breasts are bared. Leah struggles and moans, but she can't get away!

The last secretary in bondage of the feature is Arielle Lane. The gorgeous brunette is cleavegagged with a bandana and roped into a classic tie on the sofa. When she's caught as she tries to hop away more rope is added and the luscious captive is bound into a snug fold-tie. Our feisty damsel struggles for all she's worth (her miniskirt rides up, exposing her stocking-tops and panties) and Arielle manages to get off the sofa, but when she falls onto her side she's complete helpless.

Melody Marks, Detective - Part Four - Darla Crane 0
Melody Marks, Detective - Part Four - Darla Crane 1
Melody Marks, Detective - Part Four - Darla Crane 2

As this chapter of the story draws to a close, poor Melody Marks is cleavegagged, handcuffed and taped into a large box to be shipped to an unknown destination. Agent Darla Crane is taken back to Paul's hideout, where she's dressed up in lacy lingerie, cleavegagged and frogtied on the bed. And she's also got a powerful vibrator secured between her legs. The masked villain is thrilled to have a chance to humiliate his archenemy again, and he exposes the gorgeous redhead's luscious breasts before turning on the vibrator. Darla resists, her long hair flying as she thrashes against her bondage and the ineluctable hum of the device. Yet her surrender to the helpless orgasms can't be avoided for long, and she cums for the depraved amusement of her captor.

Melody Marks, Detective - Part One - Melody Marks - Darla Crane 0
Melody Marks, Detective - Part One - Melody Marks - Darla Crane 1
Melody Marks, Detective - Part One - Melody Marks - Darla Crane 2

As the story begins, private investigator Melody Marks receives a cryptic video: her friend Bunny Colby is tied hand and foot, and she makes a desperate plea. She tells her that they have her aunt Cathy, and that Agent Darla is involved, although she doesn't know what that means. Melody uses her inside sources to locate the rogue agent Darla Crane. To infiltrate her hideout, Melody dresses up as a Camp Scout, and knocks on Darla's door using the ruse of selling cookies. The stunning redhead invites her in, but Darla isn't fooled by her deception and immediately takes Melody captive. Agent Crane binds the detective's hands and feet, cleavegags her (all tying and gagging is shown on-screen) then strip-searches the gorgeous gumshoe. Ultimately Darla finds a tiny surveillance device that Melody was planning to install, then she hogties her snoopy guest. The busty agent then leaves Melody alone to make inquiries about the detective, and Melody squirms and struggles in vain against the ropes.

Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Seven - Melody Marks 0
Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Seven - Melody Marks 1
Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Seven - Melody Marks 2

Encore! Now you can enjoy the 2nd camera version of the conclusion of this bondage fantasy! Captive college student Melody Marks is dressed up in a pink bunny costume and white open-toed heels. The sexy captive is cleavegagged with a pink bandana and she's tied down to the bed in an "Eiffel Tower" position, a powerful vibrator secured against her most intimate area. The evil Coach assures Melody that if she does well with this test she'll be in the Easter show, and he activates the Hitachi. The bound and gagged babe tries her best to resist the relentless hum of the device, but she loses control and surrenders to three shuddering, squealing orgasms. She's earned her place in the show, but what will happen to Melody next?

Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Six - Melody Marks 0
Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Six - Melody Marks 1
Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Six - Melody Marks 2

Encore! Now you can enjoy the 2nd camera version of this bondage fantasy! As "Spring Break Bondage" continues, college student Melody Marks has been taken captive and she's spirited to a remote house where she's dressed up in a bunny outfit, black stockings, gloves and heels... and she's handcuffed and her knees and ankles are tied. When her captor enters, she recognizes him as the coach from the community college. She begs him to let her go, but instead he ballgags the adorable bound bunny. The Coach the informs his sweet captive that she'll have the opportunity to earn her freedom. He asks Melody to look at the Easter eggs placed around the room, and he tells her the keys to her handcuffs are hidden in one of them. If she can find the key and unlock her cuffs within the time limit, he'll let her go. The handcuffed cutie hops around the room (eventually losing her heels in the process) and opens each egg until she finally locates the one with the key. But she can't get the cuffs unlocked, and the Coach returns and tells her it wasn't the right key anyway. But he lets Melody know she's passed the first part of the test to be in the big Easter show. Next Ms. Marks is chairtied while preparations are made for the final part of her audition. Before long Melody's top is pulled down to reveal her ample breasts, and her elbows are tightly bound together. The helpless bunny whimpers and struggles against her bonds, but she knows escape is impossible.


Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part 4 - Ashley Lane 0
Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part 4 - Ashley Lane 1
Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part 4 - Ashley Lane 2

Here's the 2nd camera version of this exciting bondage adventure! Policewoman Ashley Jefferson (Ashley Lane) has been taken hostage by masked criminals, who have taken her along with them to be used as insurance for their next heist. After the robbery goes off without a hitch, Officer Ashley is returned to the hideout where one of the crooks carries her inside (over the shoulder), the bound beauty still tied hand and foot and cleavegagged. When we next see the sexy policewoman, she's cleavegagged and securely hogtied with cloth strips on the bed. Ashley's captors aren't completely sure, but they feel they may have been followed and have decided to flee their hideout, leaving their reluctant guest in a dire predicament! With only scant minutes to escape, the hogtied blonde twists and strains against her restraints, but will she be able to save herself?

Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part 3 - Ashley Lane 0
Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part 3 - Ashley Lane 1
Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part 3 - Ashley Lane 2

Here's the 2nd camera version of this exciting bondage adventure! Officer Ashley Jefferson (Ashley Lane) has been taken hostage by masked criminals when she tried to stop their robbery, and she's being held captive at their hideout. But the thugs plan to take her with them as insurance for their next robbery. The bound and cleavegagged policewoman is hustled back out to the SUV and roped into a hogtie in the back of the vehicle. She tries her best to get loose in the confined space, but all her struggles only make her skirt ride up and expose her pantyhose. Then one of the crooks returns to open up her blouse again for another lascivious look at officer Ashley's luscious breasts. The captive policewoman continues her futile struggles as the criminals take her along to their next daring heist.