Detective In A Haunted House - Part One - Victoria June 1
Detective In A Haunted House - Part One - Victoria June 2

As the next entry in the "Haunted House" series begins, busty starlet Victoria June arrives at a location, thinking it's where she'll be playing the part of "Bimbo #2" for a low-budget horror movie. She's immediately confronted by a mad scientist who informs her that they're actually shooting the movie at the haunted house next door. But the sinister resident isn't going to let his unexpected visitor get away. The dark-haired beauty is bound in a kneeling position, and when they hear a knock at the door, Victoria's captor quickly tapegags his luscious hostage. When he returns, he tells the bound actress that to fund his evil experiments, he nabs unsuspecting lovelies like Ms. June for a very lucrative live cam-show. The depraved scientist then pulls open her top to expose Victoria's voluminous breasts, and he activates the powerful vibrator positioned between her thighs. The helpless starlet continues to cry out for help through the stuffed tapegag, but she can't resist the relentless hum of the vibrator, and she ultimately succumbs to a series of shuddering orgasms.

  Office Bondage Orgasms - Ashley Renee 0
  Office Bondage Orgasms - Ashley Renee 1
  Office Bondage Orgasms - Ashley Renee 2

Sexy secretary Ashley Renee is being held captive in the office after hours, and her captors decide to have some fun with their busty hostage. Poor Ashley is cleavegagged and bound seated cross-ankle in her chair. They've also roped a powerful vibrator in her hands, and exposed her enormous breasts. Then the villains compel the brunette beauty to pleasure herself for their depraved amusement. The helpless beauty has no choice but to bring herself to orgasm again and again while they watch her shudder, squirm and moan. But will they ever let Ashley go?