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This story begins with a two-part episode of "Action Lady." In the first segment, the busty crimebuster (Carissa Montgomery, dressed up in secretarial skirt, blouse, pantyhose and strappy heels) is undercover at the offices of the B & G Company, working late on a special assignment. Before she can make her planned rendezvous for the mission, she's grabbed by the villain known as "The Black Hoodie." The surprised lady is handgagged, bent over a desk and her hands are promptly tied behind her back. He silences his gorgeous captive with a stuffed cleavegag and then uses a single long piece of rope to secure Action Lady into a snug ball-tie on the floor (all tying and gagging is shown on-screen). The depraved villain bares her considerable breasts before he exits, and the vanquished defender of justice struggles to free herself, but all her efforts are to no avail!

In this second segment of an "Action Lady" story, the titular protagonist (Carissa Montgomery) is called upon to be an honorary "Woman In Black" to stop an alien threat. However, she's no sooner dressed in her iconic suit when she's confronted by The Black Hoodie again! The dastardly fiend tells his shapely quarry that he needs her uniform. He makes Carissa ballgag herself, then he compels her to strip naked (shown on-screen). Once the champion of good is completely exposed, she's frogtied with a powerful vibrator secured between her thighs. The Black Hoodie activates the device before making his exit, and it's not long until Action Lady surrenders to a helpless orgasm.

The Black Hoodie story continues as the masked villain makes a housecall to the Director of Bureau of National Defense. The Director's not home, but the intruder is quite surprised to discover Blair Williams, a freelance agent for the Nefarious Masters of Espionage. She tell him she's the Director's niece, and the villain is shocked that she would betray her own family member. When we next see the busty blonde she's hogtied on the bed, her jacket pulled open and her considerable breasts bared. Her short skirt is hiked up to reveal her stocking-tops and garters, and Blair's been cleavegagged. The gorgeous spy struggles for all she's worth, but it's apparent Blair isn't going to get free.

The Black Hoodie has invaded the home of the absent Director of the Bureau of National Defense. The ski-masked baddie makes his way downstairs, where Agent Ashley Lane is rather inexpertly tied but handcuffed and unable to free herself. The villain enters and removes her cleavegag to find out what happened. The leggy agent confesses that she was playing a game with her charges that got out of hand when they found her cuffs. Ashley quickly assesses that this stranger isn't going to free her, and the masked villain silences Agent Lane with a stuffed microfoam tape gag. He then uses more rope to secure the luckless sitter to her chair while he continues with his mysterious task. Poor Ashley tries to escape this terrible development, but she remains his prisoner.

The Black Hoodie then checks on his captive Blair Williams again and discovers she's still tightly hogtied and moaning on the bed. The cruel villain decides he should make her dilemma a bit more interesting. The luscious spy is stripped down to her lingerie and stockings, ballgagged and roped to the headboard of her bed with her arms wide apart. The mysterious intruder exposes her ample bosom, then switches on the powerful, strategically placed vibrator. Blair can't resist the relentless hum of the device and the busty blonde soon succumbs to a shuddering orgasm.

His mysterious mission now completed, The Black Hoodie has to make sure he has a clean getaway. He pulls captive spy Ashley Lane into another bedroom, stripped down to her bra and panties. The willowy blonde's hands are already tied and her lips are sealed with microfoam tape tightly wrapped around her head. The dark villain then thoroughly binds the hapless lady into a ropey, inescapable hogtie (shown on-screen). Agent Lane tries her best to squirm free, but she remains hogtied and helpless!

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This sensational bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! As this exciting "Action Lady" adventure begins, our titular damsel (Carissa Montgomery) is working undercover as a flight attendant. While snooping around, she's trapped at Château d'Stresse by her nemesis, Mistress Van Pelt. The cruel villainess instructs her henchman to thoroughly bind the busty crimebuster. Action Lady is ballgagged and bound into a snug balltie (all shown completely onscreen) and the henchman pulls open her uniform to bare her considerable breasts. Then the Mistress makes her escape, leaving Action Lady alone to helplessly struggle in a dire situation.

As the story continues, Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) is rescued from her desperate dilemma by an old foe: the corporate spy "Vibert." The villain can hardly believe his luck: he's found his pretty prey tied, gagged and powerless to stop him, and moreover he has six days to find out the information he needs from his luscious captive. Our plucky damsel is defiant, but the master of corporate espionage is confident he can break Action Lady's will. The gorgeous champion of justice is stripped down to her lacy lingerie, silenced with a wrap gag and bound on display with her shapely legs wide apart, seated on a trunk (shown onscreen). Vibert exposes her enormous breasts and she squirms and moans in vain... but her ordeal is just beginning!

The days of bondage drag on for Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) at the hands of her depraved captor, the corporate spy, Vibert. Dressed only in her panties and a fluffy bathrobe, Action Lady is ballgagged and tightly hogtied with a powerful vibrator roped in place between her thighs. Our reluctant damsel can't resist the one-note siren song of the relentless device, and before long she surrenders to a helpless orgasm.

The corporate spy Vibert is still holding Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) captive. The busty damsel is dressed up as a sexy secretary in miniskirt, blouse, fishnets and high heels. Poor Action Lady is chairtied and cleavegagged by the villain. Soon her legs are tied open, her blouse is unbuttoned up to expose her huge breasts and a detective gag is layered over the stuffed cloth gag.

Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) is still the helpless captive of the corporate spy Vibert. The curvaceous adventuress is stripped naked, scarf-gagged and secured to the bed with neckties, first face-down and then face-up with all her feminine charms boldly displayed.

On her sixth day of captivity at the hands of the corporate villain Vibert, Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) is cleavegagged and chairtied with a vibrator securely tied in place. The villain warns her that her time is up and it will be unpleasant if she doesn't cooperate with him, and he turns on the device. Action Lady tries to be strong, but before long the trussed-up damsel succumbs to a shuddering orgasm. But will she surrender her secrets to the evil Vibert?