CosWorld 3 - Part Five - Melissa Jacobs - Roxanna 0
CosWorld 3 - Part Five - Melissa Jacobs - Roxanna 1
CosWorld 3 - Part Five - Melissa Jacobs - Roxanna 2
CosWorld 3 - Part Five - Melissa Jacobs - Roxanna 3
CosWorld 3 - Part Five - Melissa Jacobs - Roxanna 4

In a parallel universe, the world is populated only by women whose uniforms or costumes determine their place in society. As the third chapter of the tale concludes, a rivalry manifests itself between the two stunning sleuths hunting for "The Dark Spirit."

A hard-boiled private investigator (Roxanna) joins Detective Melissa Jacobs to investigate a bold attack by the mysterious Dark Spirit. Melissa suggests a thorough investigation requires a reenactment of the crime, and Roxanna reluctantly agrees. No sooner is the gorgeous P.I. bound, gagged and topless when a courier brings Melissa the secret files with the latest crimes of the Dark Spirit. Roxanna sits helplessly beside her colleague as Melissa goes over the reports with her.

Once finished with the files, Detective Melissa absent-mindedly leaves Roxanna bound, gagged and topless on the bed whiles she scours the area for any secret passages or overlooked clues. The beautiful P.I. grows more and more frustrated as she struggles and squirms against the bonds, trying in vain to free herself. When Melissa finally returns, she apologizes to her ally and frees her. But the hard-boiled sleuth isn't one to forgive, and she wrestles down CosWorld's greatest detective. Melissa is left exposed, gagged and fold-tied by Roxanna. The trench-coated cutie then gives Melissa a taste of her own medicine, leaving her alone to struggle while she conducts her own investigation of the crime scene. Roxanna then decides to continue their collaboaration at her office, and leads the (still bound and gagged) detective out to her car.

The CosWorld series is a collaborative production for FM Concepts and American Damsels, written and directed by Jon Woods.


Good Night, And Good Knot - Part One - Maria Jade 0
Good Night, And Good Knot - Part One - Maria Jade 1
Good Night, And Good Knot - Part One - Maria Jade 2

At the scandal-plagued American Damsels News Network, the search is on for a new C.E.O. to help improve their tarnished public image. Maria Jade has all the qualifications they're looking for, and they bring her in for a interview. But the old habits are hard to break, and so they test the gorgeous blonde to make sure she has the loyalty and dedication required for the position. Ms. Jade questions the necessity of their peculiar interview methods, but she must play along when she's bound hand and foot. Maria is then bandana-gagged, and she struggles and squirms, her short skirt rides up, and before long her future bosses decide to expose her lovely, all natural breasts. But her interview isn't over that easily.