Training Ms. Lane - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Alex Coal 0
Training Ms. Lane - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Alex Coal 1
Training Ms. Lane - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Alex Coal 2

Now you can savor this sexy fantasy from a new perspective with the second camera version! Alex Coal stars in a holiday-themed fantasy,"The Valentine Mission." In a secluded room away from a large Valentine's Day party, a mysterious lady dressed all in red has asked to speak with the POV host of the party in private. She tries to distract him, but he sees that she's holding an odd yet familiar device, and he makes her drop it. The host quickly sizes up the situation, and when we next see the crimson-clad lady, she's bound hand and foot! The host realizes the dark-haired beauty is one of the agents of Cupid, assigned to make him fall in love with someone at the party. She admits to the mission, but when he hears who he was intended to fall for, he's angered since this isn't the first time Cupid has meddled in his love-life — with disastrous results! He cleavegags the stunning agent and returns to the party, assuring her he'll deal with her later. The lady in red struggles to free herself, but the knots all hold tight. When one of the partygoers finds the helpless love-angel, she believes it's all a hilarious prank and she bares the brunette's perfect breasts.

After the party the host makes his captive change into a sexy Valentine's Day themed outfit, and she's tied hand and foot again. We find out the agent's angel name is "Vixen," and she demands to be set free. The host then ballgags his gorgeous captive and he uses her phone to make a call to her boss. He demands reparations for the earlier failed attempt to fix his love-life. He wants to get back the 2.3 years of his life from the previous horrible romance, or 2.3 million dollars! Several hours later Vixen's captor returns with some bad news: Cupid has rejected his demands and has completely abandoned the failed agent. Vixen is then angry and defiant when she sees her captor is intending to use the "love dart".... on her!