The Wrong Package - Part Three - Angel Youngs 0
The Wrong Package - Part Three - Angel Youngs 1
The Wrong Package - Part Three - Angel Youngs 2

Stunning Angel Youngs is being held prisoner in her own home by an unknown villain who knows she's inadvertantly received a package intended for him. As Angel's humiliating ordeal continues, the bad guy makes her dress up as... an Angel! Dressed up in a corset, thigh-high stockings, wings and a halo, our heavenly damsel is tapegagged and bound into an open frogtie on a chair. And that's not all: there's also a powerful vibrator rigged in place against her nether region. The villain gives his roped-up plaything a moment to contemplate what (or who) is coming next, and then he activates the device. Angel squirms and twists in a futile effort to evade the relentless drone of the vibrator. But despite her resolve to not give the villain any pleasure from her dilemma, she can only resist for so long until she must surrender to a helpless orgasm. Then the intruder re-ties Angel's hands behind her head, and she struggles and wonders how much longer this misadventure can continue. But then the secret is ultimately revealed!