The Wrong Package - Part One - Angel Youngs 0
The Wrong Package - Part One - Angel Youngs 1
The Wrong Package - Part One - Angel Youngs 2

Gorgeous Angel Youngs is relaxing at home when she hears the doorbell. A delivery has been left on her doorstep. She brings the packages inside and starts opening them, and the first one contains a mysterious surprise. Angel gasps, then quickly hides package. A moment later the doorbell rings again. A stranger at the door asks if she's received the shipment intended for him. Angel feigns ignorance, but the visitor insists he come in to take a look around for it. She denies him access at first, yet must comply when he makes a demand she can't refuse. Our plucky damsel bravely tells him she knows nothing of his package and to get out of her house. But her defiance only earns Ms. Youngs a cleavegag and a classic tie-up on her sofa. While the intruder ransacks her place in search of the coveted parcel, the feisty beauty tries her best to slip out of her bindings... but she can't escape! Her efforts are noticed by the villain, and Angel is relieved of her form-fitting knit dress and strappy heels. Now clad only in her thong panties, the leggy babe is securely tied to a chair and silenced with a thick cloth knotted between her teeth. The stunning damsel pathetically moans and fights the ropes, yet all her efforts remain unrewarded. The good news is the bad guy has yet to find his prize, but the bad news is that means Angel's ordeal must continue!