The Waylaid Maid - Ashley Lane 0
The Waylaid Maid - Ashley Lane 1
The Waylaid Maid - Ashley Lane 2

Gorgeous hotel maid Ashley Lane has been taken captive on the job! The stunning blonde has been gagged with silver duct tape and tied up, seated in the closet. Her wrists are crossed and tied overhead to the rod, and her bare legs are roped wide apart. But that's not all -- Ashley's captor has also roped a powerful vibrator between her legs. The villain seems to be enjoying her plight, and he watches her struggle and squirm. Then the sexy maid's captor opens up her uniform to expose her luscious, all-natural breasts and he activates the Hitachi. Poor Ashley twists against the ropes and tries her best to resist the relentless hum of the vibrator, but she's helpless to escape its influence, and before long she succumbs to a shuddering, eye-crossing orgasm. But what will happen to maid Ashley next?