The Valentine Mission - Deleted Scene - Alex Coal 1
The Valentine Mission - Deleted Scene - Alex Coal 2

Because of running time limitations, this outstanding scene had to be cut from "The Valentine Mission" story of the "Training Ms. Lane" feature. In this fantasy, one of Cupid's agents, Vixen (Alex Coal) fails in her assignment and is taken prisoner by the guy she was supposed to help fall in love. The sultry love-angel is held hostage and she's ballgagged and hogtied on the bed in sexy lingerie, stockings and heels. As poor Vixen helplessly waits to see if her boss will pay her ransom, she futilely struggles against her bonds and moans through her gag. Soon her perfect breasts are exposed and then she's subjected to a super-strict elbow tie. But Cupid refuses to cooperate with her captor! What will happen to poor Vixen now?