The Perils Of Melody - Part Six - Savannah Sixx 1
The Perils Of Melody - Part Six - Savannah Sixx 2

In "Savannah's Session," delectable dominatrix Savannah Sixx has suffered an unfortunate turnabout during her first encounter with a new client. The leather-clad lovely is locked up in handcuffs and leg-irons, and she tries to get the session back under control. But her warnings go unheeded, and the long-haired beauty is bit-gagged (although her angry protests continue). Next the leggy babe is standing with her hands up, restrained with leather cuffs and she's gagged with medwrap. Savannah continues her struggles, giving her misbehaving client a wonderful view of her magnificent backside. Then her leather-and-chain top is removed, completely baring her ample breasts. Soon her leather waist-cincher is taken away as well, making her look more helpless and much less dominant. Could this nightmare possibly get any worse?