The No-Escape Artist - Alternate Camera Edit - Melody Marks 0
The No-Escape Artist - Alternate Camera Edit - Melody Marks 1
The No-Escape Artist - Alternate Camera Edit - Melody Marks 2

Encore! Now you can enjoy this thrilling story from a new angle with the 2nd camera version! Somewhere in Las Vegas, wanna-be entertainer Melody Marks is working on a new act. She wants to be a stripping escape artist, and she askes her POV housemate for some help as she develops the routine. For her first attempt the sexy blonde is locked up in leg-irons and six pairs of handcuffs, and she's ballgagged. Melody starts her rehearsal and she looks fantastic as she goes through sensuous motions and seductive posing. But when it comes time to free herself from the pink restraints, she can't complete the act. She asks her housemate for a little help, but the viewer decides it's more fun to watch her struggle — much to Melody's consternation.

Then Ms. Marks tries a different approach and asks her housemate to strap her into a straitjacket. She has leather straps buckled onto her ankles, and she's wearing a panel ballgag. Once she's secured, the fledgling escape artist quickly discovers she's not any more adept at getting out of a straitjacket than she was with handcuffs. Once Melody has resigned herself to the fact she won't be getting out without help, she asks the housemate (through the gag) to get her loose, and she starts to suspect he's enjoying her predicament a little too much.