The Mad Roper - Part Three - Alice Moore 0
The Mad Roper - Part Three - Alice Moore 1
The Mad Roper - Part Three - Alice Moore 2

A black-clad intruder who calls himself "The Mad Roper" has broken in to actress Alice Moore's house to correct the badly-done bondage scenes from her mainstream career. The sexy actress is dressed up in a sexy leopard-print ensemble, the same costume she wore in her movie about a famous 1950's bondage model. The barefoot actress is cleavegagged and tied down to the bed, and there's a powerful vibrator rigged up between her thighs. Her perverted guest enjoys watching her struggles for a moment, and then he exposes her breasts and activates the Hitachi. Alice tries to resist the device, and she pulls and wiggles against her bonds. But it's a losing battle for her, and it's not long until she succumbs to the influence of the vibrator, and she experiences a powerful bondage orgasm.