The Mad Roper - Part One - Alice Moore 0
The Mad Roper - Part One - Alice Moore 1
The Mad Roper - Part One - Alice Moore 2

In the dark of night, a black-clad figure sneaks into the home of actress Alice Moore. The unsuspecting beauty is awakened by a gloved hand clamping over her mouth. The intruder stuffs a wad of cloth between her teeth and presses a strip of microfoam tape over her lips to hold it in. When we next see the stunning brunette, she's bound hand and foot in her silky nightgown. Fearful of what her uninvited guest might have planned, the barefoot babe tries her best to escape from the ropes. But freedom eludes her, and when the masked villain notices her efforts, he hogties Alice. She helplessly rolls around on the bed, struggling and moaning, and her breasts are ultimately bared. The gorgeous actress is trapped, and subject to the evil whims of her mysterious tormentor.