The Mad Roper - Part Four - Madi Meadows 0
The Mad Roper - Part Four - Madi Meadows 1
The Mad Roper - Part Four - Madi Meadows 2

Madi Meadows stars in the next episode of the bondage-packed 1950s sitcom parody "Always In Trouble." The stunning brunette is the title character in "The Neighborhood Snoop." As the story opens, Madi (in classic dress and heels) has been spying on her neighbors, and she believes one of them is actually a commie spy! She frantically calls for the operator to get her the F.B.I., but no sooner does she hang up when she sees her neighbor standing in front of her. The gorgeous brunette faints on the sofa, and when she awakens she's been tied up in a classic position. She confronts her neighbor about her beliefs, and he admits she's correct. But he informs his luscious hostage that the telephone operator is also a spy, and no one is coming to save her. He cleavegags Madi to keep her quiet until he can discreetly get her out of the house and into his dungeon for further questioning. He warns her not to cause trouble, but she energetically struggles to get loose when he's not watching. He catches her, and Madi is detective-gagged and tied bent over a stool. Our plucky damsel continues to struggle and moan, but it's apparent she completely at the questionable mercy of the evil spy!