The Hotel Caper - Part Five - Gia Derza 0
The Hotel Caper - Part Five - Gia Derza 1
The Hotel Caper - Part Five - Gia Derza 2

The caper climaxes with more bad news for Gia Derza. She's nude, sitting frogtied and silenced with medical tape that shows the outline of her sensuous lips. There's also a powerful vibrator secured between her legs. The villains inform their naked captive that Gia's partners have absconded with all the loot from her scheme, leaving her with nothing. The bad guys have no choice but to write off the entire caper as a loss, and poor Gia is the only one left to pay the price. Before they make their exit, the bad guys activate the vibrator to keep her company until she's found. Gia desperately struggles to extricate herself from this terrible conclusion, but she can't escape. Nor can she resist the persistent song of the Hitachi. It's not long until she has no choice but helplessly surrender to a series of powerful orgasms.