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The complete video is now bargain priced! Sexy Mary Jane Green is your tied-up hostess as she introduces sneak previews of the fantasy "Damsel Network." She begins with three scenes from "Amazing Superlady Stories." Anna Nolan (AKA Anna Lee) portrays the pointy-eared champion of justice The Silver Nemesis. But the spandex-clad crimebuster is taken by surprise and overpowered by the Pink Menace. Soon, our brave damsel is helpless, securely roped to a chair and cleavegagged with a bandana. Will she be able to triumph?

In the next segment of "Amazing Superlady Stories" The Purple Nemesis (Niki Lee Young) takes on Dr. Dubious. The masked crusader is taken captive by her archenemy, and he unmasks the gorgeous blonde. The helpless superbabe is bound and ballgagged, and then progressively hogtied, harness gagged and exposed by the depraved villain.

Bound hostess Mary Jane Green tells us that in the next segment of "Amazing Superlady Stories" the focus goes to the bad guys. Sexy villainess The Red Minx (Chrissy Daniels) runs afoul of her rival in crime, The Reaper. The dark villain takes advantage of her helplessness and removes her mask. Once he learns The Red Minx's true identity he decides to hold her for ransom. The naughty spandex-clad babe is silenced with a harness gag and her luscious, all natural breasts are bared.

Next our bound hostess Mary Jane Green presents a segment from the "Action Nurses" adventure series. Team member Ashley Renee thinks she's rescuing scantily-clad hostage Kristal Summers. But once the gorgeous blonde is freed, she overpowers Ashley so she can steal her uniform. Yet before Kristal can proceed with her scheme, she's grabbed by a henchman who thinks she really is one of the Action Nurses. Both ladies are securely chair-tied and cleavegagged, struggling helplessly to try to be the first one to free herself.

Next up, hostess Mary Jane green introduces two segments from the "Go Hostagettes!" series. Cheerleaders Randy Moore and Candle Boxxx have been taken captive by the coach from a rival college, and it's a pun-filled affair. After the busty duo endure some grueling pun-ishment, they're ballgagged, exposed and put on display for the depraved amusement of the alumni.

In a bonus episode of "Go Hostagettes!" private eye Laura Lee guest stars. The gorgeous detective is caught snooping by the Coach, and he wants to know what she was looking for and who hired her. But the feisty damsel refuses to cooperate, and so she's ballgagged and frogtied hands-over-head. Her enormous breasts are bared, and she struggles in vain to escape a horrible fate!

In "Miss Shay's Daring Wild West Adventures," the titular adventuress (Kristal Shay) finds "Trouble at the Lazy S Ranch" when she runs across her old enemy, Coyote Fred. The mean ol' sidewinder ropes up the pretty blonde and gags her with a bandana. The booted cutie helplessly struggles to free herself, and the ruthless outlaw takes advantage of her situation and exposes her perky, all natural breasts. Will Miss Shay be able to save both herself and the Lazy S Ranch?

Damsel Network hostess Mary Jane Green concludes her hostess duties and takes her turn as a damsel. The gorgeous brunette is ballgagged and roped into a classic position on the sofa. The leggy beauty struggles and slips out of her high heels, and her skirt rides up so we can get a nice peek at her pantyhose. Soon her little black dress is pulled down and her perky breasts are exposed.