The Damsel Mission - Part Two - Krissy Lynn 0
The Damsel Mission - Part Two - Krissy Lynn 1
The Damsel Mission - Part Two - Krissy Lynn 2

This tale of bondage and intrigue continues as the information the villain misappropriated in the first chapter leads him to a hotel drop-off with Agent K (Krissy Lynn). No sooner does the unsuspecting spy enter the room when the masked villain pounces on her. The gorgeous operative (dressed in a blazer, blouse, miniskirt, stockings, garters and heels) is quickly bound, but once she realizes who her captor is she has nothing but disdain for him. When she refuses to cooperate with him, the bad guy ballgags Agent K and tightly hogties her on the bed (all tying and gagging is show on-screen). The busty beauty is relieved of her heels, but all that's the relief she gets. She frantically struggles and squirms against her bonds, but she's powerless to stop the masked intruder from grabbing her top secret information. The evil agent exposes the helpless spy's impressive breasts before continuing with his mysterious task. Agent K continues to fight the ropes, but she realizes she'll remain a helpless captive until she's found by someone.