The Damsel Mission - Complete 0
The Damsel Mission - Complete 1
The Damsel Mission - Complete 2

As this thrilling tale of bondage and intrigue begins, Agent D (Darla Crane, in miniskirt, black pantyhose, boots and a shiny blouse) has been taken captive. The classic beauty awakens to find herself bound hand and foot, helpless at the hands of a masked villain she apparently knows... but is not impressed by. Her captor demands she surrender covert information she possesses, but the feisty secret agent refuses to cooperate and derides him. The dark baddie then silences his busty captive with a microfoam tapegag (shown on-screen) and tells her he'll retrieve the coveted information by hacking into her phone. Left alone, the stunning redhead struggles energetically, but escape seems impossible. When the villain returns, he gloats that he's got what he needs from her, and he bares her immense breasts before making his getaway. Agent D knows she'll be found soon, but she dreads the humiliation of being bested by a third-rate operative and so she fights a losing battle to liberate herself.

The information the villain misappropriated leads him to a hotel drop-off with Agent K (Krissy Lynn). No sooner does the unsuspecting spy enter the room when the masked villain pounces on her. The gorgeous operative (dressed in a blazer, blouse, miniskirt, stockings, garters and heels) is quickly bound, but once she realizes who her captor is she has nothing but disdain for him. When she refuses to cooperate with him, the bad guy ballgags Agent K and tightly hogties her on the bed (all tying and gagging is show on-screen). The busty beauty is relieved of her heels, but all that's the relief she gets. She frantically struggles and squirms against her bonds, but she's powerless to stop the masked intruder from grabbing her top secret information. The evil agent exposes the helpless spy's impressive breasts before continuing with his mysterious task. Agent K continues to fight the ropes, but she realizes she'll remain a helpless captive until she's found by someone.

The trail leads the masked villain to a mansion by the sea, and a search for Ashly Anderson. Once he gains access, he encounters Ashly's personal assistant, Alana Cruise (dressed in a miniskirt, pantyhose, heels and a white blouse). The sexy secretary is terrified by the masked intruder. She raises her hands and offers no resistance, and she's next seen thoroughly bound to her office chair. Alana tells him her boss is away but he doesn't believe her, so her captor ballgags the brunette beauty and begins his search. Left alone, Ms. Cruise furtively tries to liberate herself, but the knots all hold tight. Before long her captor returns to check on her, and the wicked villain takes advantage of Alana's helplessness and unbuttons her blouse to reveal her perfect breasts, then he hikes up her short skirt for a better look at her pantyhose. Confident she won't get free, the bad guy leaves her to struggle while he continues his arcane mission.

As the intruder makes his way through the mansion he encounters adorable maid Harmony Wonder. The petite beauty is bound hand and foot, and she begs the villain to let her go. But instead the depraved miscreant decides to have some fun with the captive domestic. Maid Harmony is tapegagged and roped into a frogtie on a bare mattress. Her pert breasts are exposed, and a powerful vibrator has been roped to her thigh, with the head pressed up against her most intimate area. The device is switched on, and it's not long until the sexy brunette surrenders to a shuddering orgasm.Later the villain returns and binds the flexible maid's elbows together, ensuring that she remains captive despite her futile struggles.

Then the dastardly fiend finally locates Ashly Anderson and confronts her. The gorgeous brunette immediately realizes she's in serious trouble and quietly submits to the dark intruder. When we next see Ms. Anderson, she's been stripped naked, tapegagged and buckled into a leather straitjacket that leaves her considerable breasts exposed. Leather straps attach her to the headboard of the bed and secure her legs into a crossed-ankle position, with another strap holding a vibrator where it'll do the most good. The villain sends an extortion video message to Ashly's father, and then he activates the device. Ms. Anderson tries to resist the relentless hum of the Hitachi, but it's too much for her and she succumbs to an irresistible orgasm. But what does Ashly's captor have in store for her next?