The Coral Tiger Strikes Again! - Valentina Nappi 1
The Coral Tiger Strikes Again! - Valentina Nappi 2

As this scene begins, gorgeous — though bumbling — Inspector Jacqueline Cloulessa (Valentina Nappi) is tracking down the elusive "Coral Tiger" diamond. No sooner does her thorough search pay off when she's confronted by the jewel thief. The villain gets the drop on the stunning brunette, and the inept detective is next seen bound hand and foot. She defiantly claims that the ropes won't hold her, and that she's the world's greatest escape artist. Her captor quickly grows weary of her boasting, and he uses a microfoam tapegag to silence her exaggerated claims -- but he also adds more rope to her bondage in case there's any truth to them. Once the meddling beauty is completely in his power, the villain humiliates her by exposing her luscious breasts. When the thief is ready to make his escape, he strictly ropes the detective's elbows together to insure she remains helpless until someone finds her, making her defeat even worse!