The Boss's Game - Part One 0
The Boss's Game - Part One 1
The Boss's Game - Part One 2

After hours at the B & G Company, the boss calls employees Chrissy Marie and Harmony Wonder into his office. He informs the stunning duo that a recent audit has shown they've been embezzling funds from the company. They beg him not to go to the authorities, and he reveals a more bizarre plan. The boss explains that he doesn't want to lose both of them, and he only needs to turn one of them in for their crimes. So he's planned a little competiton for his sexy underlings. The game begins as Chrissy and Harmony must be gagged, however each one must select the gag for her thieving confederate. Harmony chooses a thick cleavegag for her partner, and knots it between her teeth. Chrissy picks a bit gag for the petite brunette, much to Ms. Wonder's dismay, and buckles it on her. Their perverted employer then reveals the nature of his game: whichever one of the embezzling beauties can follow directions the best will win, and the loser goes to jail. The ladies are then humiliated when he demands that they"show off the goods." First they must unbutton their blouses and display their bras and jiggle their boobs for him, and the boss remarks that Chrissy's breasts are much more impressive than he imagined. Then the gagged duo must turn around, hike up their skirts, bend over to exhibit their full-backed panties and wiggle their butts. And Harmony's booty really entices their boss, which leads to the next part of the game.