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As the story begins, we learn that security specialist Britney Amber has decided to aid the authorities in tracking down the criminals responsible for holding her captive as part of "The Secretary Scheme." To gather information, she arranges a meeting with Alex Harper, a government agent working undercover in a company connected with the criminal empire. However, Ms. Harper doesn't make it to their appointment, and we immediately see why: The sexy secretary (in a snug-fitting knit top, miniskirt, dark stockings and heels) is cleavegagged and securely bound to a tall stool that shows off her remarkably long, shapely legs. Before long her mysterious captors expose the stunning brunette's luscious breasts, and she struggles to free herself, but all her efforts are in vain.

That night, Britney Amber (dressed only in a silky white slip) is awakened by an unknown intruder. The busty blonde is quickly overpowered by The Black Hoodie, a dark and supernaturally strong villain. The gorgeous blonde is immediately gagged with a wide strip of microfoam tape, and the masked baddie uses more tape to completely restrain his frantic captive. Once she's bound hand and foot, the miscreant uses a pair of scissors to cut open Amber's slip and expose her amazing body. The Black Hoodie tapes a powerful vibrator to Britney's thigh to humiliate her. She's taped into a sort of open hogtie position on the bed, and the intruder warns her against continuing her investigation. The Black Hoodie then activates the device and leaves Amber alone to struggle. Our damsel tries her best to resist the one-note siren song of the Magic Wand, but she soon succumbs to a helpless orgasm. But will she heed the warning?

The following day at Professor Wayne Garth's laboratory, the scientist's beautiful assistant Jelena Jensen is confronted by an unknown assailant. The buxom brunette (in secretarial skirt, blouse, vest, stockings and open-toed high heels) is cleavegagged and securely bound to her chair while the unknown intruder searches the laboratory. When the burglar returns to check on his trussed-up captive, he exposes her enormous breasts. It seems Jelena's tormentor may have something else planned, and he doesn't intend to free her anytime soon!

Following a lead, Britney Amber has made an appointment with Professor Garth, and she patiently waits in the reception area. But instead of meeting with the brilliant scientist, the sexy security specialist is grabbed once again by The Black Hoodie! Ms. Amber is silenced with a stuffed cleave gag and roped into a classic position on the sofa. The villain warns her to stay out of his way, but when she's left alone, our plucky damsel energetically squirms against her bonds. The masked intruder returns and pulls Ms. Amber's blouse down to bare her considerable breasts, then leaves her again to complete his search of Professor Garth's lab. The helpless security specialist continues her futile struggles, but before she can free herself, The Black Hoodie Returns to take her away to his hideout.

Britney is next seen wearing only thigh-high stockings and tied in a classic standing position. The Black Hoodie enters and ballgags his stunning hostage, then he uses clear plastic wrap to further secure his pretty package. Knowing the resourceful lady might still be able to free herself, he then uses vinyl tape to tightly bind the busty beauty. The cruel villain then tells Amber of the dire fate he has planned for her, and he makes his exit. She squirms and writhes against the tight restraints, but only a miracle can save her from this dilemma!