The Black Hoodie Files - Part Two - Maya Kendrick 0
The Black Hoodie Files - Part Two - Maya Kendrick 1
The Black Hoodie Files - Part Two - Maya Kendrick 2

The supervillain The Black Hoodie has nabbed Gia Milania, and he uses her as a bargaining chip in exchange for covert intelligence from her boss. Gia's boss capitulates, and the black-clad menace goes on a mission to collect some valuable, secret information. He's told that agent Maya Kendrick knows the location of the Black Omega project, and so he surprises the slender beauty in her office. She tries to resist but she's hopelessly outmatched and, knowing his reputation and power, she fearfully surrenders the location of the secret project. The Black Hoodie then uses military-grade zip ties to bind the sexy redhead hand and foot, and he ballgags the terrified agent. Left alone when the villain goes to claim his prize, Maya cautiously makes her way to the floor despite the stiff, unyielding restraints. Her short skirt hikes up to expose her stocking tops and garters, and her panties. She desperately pulls out her purse in an attempt to find something to free herself but she has no luck. Then the Black Hoodie returns and he places Maya on top of her desk. He exposes her pert, perfect breasts, then uses another set of zip ties to hogtie the leggy beauty and she loses her high heels in the process. The supervillain makes his escape and Maya vainly tries to escape the merciless bonds, helpless to get loose or stop the drool flowing from behind her ballgag.